Flipkart’s co-founders Sachin and Binny Bansal debut on Forbes list

The Famous Indian eCommerce site Flipkart has at last got its founders to debut on Forbes Billionaire list. Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal who have been business partners from the time they have met...

How I Built Mobiada Blog which generated 2000+ Unique visitors a day

All those who have been my regular readers here at Blog in Grace missed my updates from past few months. To be precise I have been not very active from the month of January....

Fix these missing elements before you publish your eBook

After the advent of iPad, kindle and tablets, growth of writers planning their own eBooks have taken a leap. These days few top notch bloggers are in need of Freelance writers who could write...

8 Types of posts to Make your Readers Love your Blog

Why do people love only some blogs? Why most of the newbie bloggers who thought to blog end up their journey so quickly? Its obvious that we expect results once we publish our epic blog post. Most...

14 Free WordPress theme frameworks to spice your Blog’s Look in 2014

Blogging took a completely new direction in 2013, now I predict it is going to take an even bigger leap this year. 2014 is not going to be a dull year as the competition...

This year my blog flopped badly, It’s time to plan for 2014

Being a successful blogger is tough. Having your blog make it past year one is even more so and generating revenue can at times seem next to impossible. So, for those blogs that have...
mistakes happen

7 Mistakes to avoid when choosing your domain name

Choosing a right domain name for your Blog, website or your online business should be done in a right manner so as to taste success without any problems. People always prefer to read the...

Why Establishing a Brand should be First Step In Your Blogging Strategy

I hope many of you reading this post might have known or heard this word 'Brand' somewhere or you might be using this word quite often in your daily usage. Now when it comes...

Factors which influence Adsense CPC and inturn affect your earnings

There have been lot of questions regarding how to increase Adsense CPC for their websites flooding my mail inbox daily. So, I have been compelled to write this post to explain how one's earnings...

How to Put Adsense Below Post Title in Blogger with New Template Editor

Placing an Adsense ad unit under Post title in Blogger has become confusing these days after blogger had changed to a new template editor. Initially we can directly search for the code in the...