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21 confessions to make before you write a great article

Great article! What is it? How to write one? God has given every human being a creative side deep within them, but only few realize and tap into their creative side and are successful. Everyone can write but only few excel in reaching the top. A great article need not be an article which is liked by millions but an article which motivates at least one person.

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Bill Cosby an US comedian & television actor has once said

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.

I like the way he quoted if you keep on trying to please everyone around then you would not be pleased by yourself. A great article is one which is liked by you yourself but not any other person. If a celebrity starts a blog and writes an article they get millions of traffic, thousands of shares, likes and tweets. But when a person who is not known to anyone writes an extraordinary piece of information no one cares. So leave about others when it is your article first keep loving your articles and one day surely somebody will notice your potential. Are you on a way to write a great article then stop worrying about traffic, bots(search engine robots), SEO, keywords, etc.

Just see that you write a unique article which doesn’t exist on the net. How I got 29,000 subscribers in a week or 1000 twitter followers in a month and so on and so forth is a great post for someone else but not you, never ever try to copy such eye catchy articles which won’t work all the time. Write how I got 5 genuine twitter followers who always re-tweet my tweets is definitely a great article to write. I believe you understood what I am trying to say. In simple I tried to say that every article you write with all your efforts and ideas are great articles.

21 Confessions to do before writing an article:

1. I am a unique creation of God and I am going to release my creative side which is buried deep within me.

2. Whatever I am going to write is always a great article and it always stands away from the crowd.

3. Whenever I use quotes of other people I would not forget to mention the name of the person who quoted it.

4. I am an extraordinary article writer and when I write I write for people but not for bots, search engines or traffic which just bounces.

5. I will take time and do proper research before I am going to write.

6. I will not copy paste articles. If I have to use any piece of information or images from other site or blog I would see that I would give full credits to the owner.

7. I am an influential writer so when I write I see that my article is stuffed with only positiveness in it. You can read Imparting positive attitude to your blog readers.

8. I will not brag or boast about my greatness. I shall see that I will not be moved by my prosperity but I will help my fellow bloggers how I tasted success through my articles.

9. I will see that I am not going to write bad or anything odd about other bloggers, community, caste, religion or others beliefs. I would respect every individual and groups opinions or beliefs.

10. I would not procrastinate but try to maintain the quality of my post without getting distracted from the main theme of the title I use for my post.

11. I will frame proper subheadings wherever I feel it is necessary.

12. If at all I want to share tips for my users I would prefer writing them in points rather than lengthy paragraphs.

13. I would make sure that my article contains no spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, repeated words or hard vocabulary.

14. I would not try to mimic writing style of any other blogger but try to maintain my own unique style.

15. I would see that my article is content, quality and knowledge rich as it acts like oasis in a desert.

16. I would better share more of my personal experiences in an article rather than other’s experiences after all it is my blog. It would be better if it is more about me at the same time not everything about me.

17. I would not measure the success of my post with the traffic I get rather I would measure it with the engagement and the conversion it makes. Even if my article inspires one then I am successful, because most of the time people just come and go but they won’t implement.

18.  I am a professional blogger(though you are not think this way and confess) so whatever I write would be definitely professional. People might not recognize me as a professional but I recognize myself as a professional and one day every one would.

19. I write articles to inspire my loyal readers to become royal readers so I will be careful while giving any advice. I would first experiment and  if I am successful then I would straight away share with my readers. You can read Three E’s for Blogging Success.

20. I would try to write more about facts rather than stressing more about myths. Facts often do well but whereas myths do create confusion among readers. So I would check for genuine facts before I include it in my post.

21. I would concentrate more on my niche rather than writing off beat articles which doesn’t suit my niche. I would not dilute my articles but rather write articles which strictly comply to my niche.

Now that if you have confessed that you are an awesome writer then you would definitely write great articles. You are not the same old person but a new person who writes off really great articles. I believe that your articles will definitely stand away from the crowd if you have really believed and follow everything you confessed in the above article.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Vijesh I must appreciate ur style of writing in this article, I felt like reading a bible of blogging. As u mentioned I only bother about comments of few people like u when I publish a new post. ur blog is becoming day by day..keep rocking

    1. Thank You Vivek, I actually started my commenting in WPStuffs before that I never used to comment in any blogs, I used to read the articles and bounce. But I now understood the power of commenting, it not only lifts a person in writing a great article but also helps them feel satisfied over the content they write. BTW ur CSS skills are growing day by day, I liked the colour combination of Yellow and Black in WPStuffs.

  2. Hi Vijesh,
    I want to acknowledge that this is a lovely post.
    Being unique and standing out frow the crowd must be a priority.

    1. Yes Emmanuel, what you said is absolutely correct being unique and standing out of the crowd is a must priority to get a unique recognition.

  3. Nice article Vijesh,
    To be a successful writer, its essential to follow these instructions. Uniqueness and creativity always demanding.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hey Vijesh,

    Well I’ll have to disagree with you when you said if you’re a nobody and write a post like how I got 29,000 subscribers in a week or 1000 twitter followers in a month that no one will read it. That’s not true because those types of numbers are very impressive and people are searching for that kind of information. It has to be true though and you really did do that. You’re telling people how you did it then that will definitely gain attention. It’s the deceiving part that won’t.

    I definitely believe in positive affirmations but the rest of what you shared is just as good. Stay true to yourself but take action and get yourself out in front of people and they will eventually find you. That’s when all the fun starts.


    1. Thanks for dropping by Adrienne,

      Your thoughts are awesome, I really don’t have an insight on how to make 1000 twitter followers in a month or 10000 in 10 months but I know if a celebrity opens a twitter account within a day or two they gain millions of followers and if such a person writes how I gained 1000 followers in one hour then I too need to be a super star or rock star before starting a twitter account. That’s what I wanted to say that posts of that kind won’t help a newbie may be even if you disagree I am happy you have unique way of expressing your own thoughts.

      Once again its great to get your comment.

  5. Dear Vijesh,

    How are you and trust you are relieved from your busy exam schedules..

    Your article is unique because you have written from your heart as always and it is a gem for everyone who are in the initial stages of the blogging career..


  6. Hi Vijesh,

    It’s great to be at your blog and certainly enjoyed reading your post about 21 confessions to make before writing a great article. What I liked in particular about your article, was how you explained the importance of self-belief in ourselves and what we stand for, how we should be true to our beliefs and our view points, and only then go on to writing high quality articles.

    Thank you.

  7. Hello Vijesh, Nice write up and you’ve seem to covered some very good point. Thanks so much for the share.

  8. Hi Vijesh,

    I must say that your blog is one of my favorite blog to read. That’s why I subscribed to your blog. You are always insightful and knowledgable. I am thankful to God that I have met you and become my friend too.

    You are so right. I could not agree more with your post. Don’t copy anyone but write what you have experience or what you thought about. Sometimes my mind just overflows with full of ideas, I have to write them down. Sometimes if I read someone’s blog, this create ideas and another brainstorm for me to write next.

    These 20 positive statements are very informative and insightful. You are very bright, Vijesh. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I hope you have a great week and weekend. God bless…


    1. May I make a suggestion? I cannot find any “social share buttons” on your blog. I have to “cut and paste” your URL and enter your Twitter username at the end. Perhaps put a social media buttons so we can SHARE your posts with ease? -Angela

      1. Thanks for your support and encouragement it enables to write and help more. I am also glad that I have a nice graphic designer as my friend.

        I would try to place social sharing buttons, thank you Angela for your suggestions and thanks a lot for sharing them with others.

        God bless you and your family abundantly. Have a great week ahead.

    2. Hi Angela,

      Glad to know that you like my blog. Its true that every human being is made unique and they have there own style of writing, walking or whatever work they do, If you recognize what you are created for then you could truly excel.

      Pray to God and ask for his revelation and guidance on choosing the path for what we are made for else it makes us loose our time as you took in deciding that RT program is not right for you. Sometimes experience too counts, me too wasted lot of time in some of the programs which were not meant for me but I realized very soon and learned whatever lesson I should learn from those expereinces.

  9. Great points which prove to be helpful guidelines for writing any post. And yes, creativity- the first point is rightly mentioned first of all. It all comes through passion, hard-work and a wish to help out visitors. Otherwise, an article sucks and cannot have any interest of users.

    1. Thanks a lot for your comment Jignesh,
      Glad that you liked these points mentioned in the post, are you busy these days because you haven’t updated your blog in this month at all. Hope to see your posts soon…

      1. Thanks Vrijesh! WOW! Glad to know that you really care about my absence! Loved that. Yes I have been busy in a project and also buying a new home.
        Please keep going with your blog. I will take time to read and comment on your latest posts! Talk to you soon.

          1. Its ok Jignesh,
            Thanks for a fast reply and concentrate on your project and also all the very best for your new home…

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