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Do to others what you would have them do to you (Blogging Strategy)

I am writing this article in continuation to one of my recent articles on 7 Sure-fire ways to get Comments to your Blog posts . In this blogosphere as a newbie there are lot of struggles to face. No blogger could taste success on the day one of staring their blogging career without any prior experience. If you remember my previous article on getting comments I said that one of the best ways to get more comments is to comment in various blogs. But there are few misconceptions on the results. Sometimes you comment in hundred blogs but you get only ten of them returning back and commenting, of course among them Harleena and Andrienne Smith would definitely be there.

In some cases you could find few people commenting in other blogs but not in your blog in spite of leaving couple of comments in their blogs. So there are chances that you develop hatred on such people who never comment in your blog but comment in some other famous blogs. This condition arises due to the fact that few people don’t comment as they don’t have time to visit your blog and read, some times they omit seeing your Alexa rank and page rank, sometimes they don’t have the habit of visiting back and commenting, most of the cases you might have commented in dormant blogs. There could be various reasons why most of the people won’t return and comment back. Even I don’t respond to comments immediately as I will be busy with things which I need to take care.

So when you face situations where people dont comment back in your blog even after you commented on ten of their posts I simply suggest you not to leave that blog but keep your love and support going on, as one day they would definitely come back and value your opinion. There might sometimes arise a situation where due to the hatred towards the other blogger they start giving negative comments and sometime they also start clicking on the ads(click bombing) to get their source of income to be disabled.


Once Saad Naeem of SEOallrounder got his adsense account banned due to a person who hated his success. Read his story here: Got My Adsense Back After Getting Banned! Here’s my story

This article is inspired from Bible, even Mahatma Gandhi learned lot of things from Bible and applied it in his personal life and he is regarded as one among great Indian personalities (Father of the Nation).

Luke 6:31 Says Do to others as you would have them do to you.

So as usual I have a small story which could well inspire you and teach you this simple blogging strategy for your Success. This story can also be applied in your personal life and don’t confine it as a blogging strategy.

This is an ancient Chinese story about a girl named Lily who was married to a handsome young man. When a girl in ancient China was married, she usually lived with and served her husband and mother-in-law. So when Lily was married she went to live with her husband and lili1-mother-in-lawmother-in-law, as days passed by she found that she could not stand the daily criticism of her mother-in-law. There was always some misunderstandings and always Lily and her mother-in-law used to quarrel. This became a big problem to Lily’s husband who couldn’t  bring peace between them.

lili3-herbalistOne day Lily decided to do something. She went to a herb store and talked to the owner of the store, who also happened to be a friend of her father. “Mr. Wong, I cannot stand my mother-in-law’s temper any more. She has driven me crazy. I wonder if you can help me secretly, as a best friend of my father, and I will pay you well.”

“What do you want me to do?” Mr. Wong replied. “I wonder if you could sell me some poison which I can use to poison my mother-in-law, and solve my problem” She asked. After a long time, Mr Wong replied “Sure, I can help you. However, you must understand two things”.

First, you cannot poison your mother-in-law in a quick way. People will notice that and realize what you have done. I must give you some herbs which will kill her slowly without being noticed. Second, in order to avoid suspicion, from now on you must control your temper, learn to respect her, love her, obey her, and serve her patiently. Do these things and nobody will suspect you once she dies.

lili4-fedingNaturally, Lily agreed with what the herbalist said and took the herbs home, mixing them into her mother-in-law’s food. She learned to control her temper, to serve her, and respect her. When she noticed the change in her daughter-in-law’s attitude, her mother-in-law also changed, and started to love her in return. She constantly told her relatives that Lily was the best daughter she could ever find. After six months, the relationship between these two women had grown to be so close they were like an actual mother and daughter.

One day, Lily came to see the herbalist and said, “Please, for heaven’slili5-advice sake, please save my mother-in- law from the poison I have been giving her for the last six months. I do not want to kill her anymore. She has become the most understanding mother-in-law that I could ever find.” Now she is like my own mother and I am like own daughter to her.

The herbalist smiled and answered, “Do not worry. I never gave you any poison. What I gave you was simply some herbs for nourishment. The poison was in your mind and now you have erased it by yourself.” You can see from this story that it is very easy to see and criticize the behavior and attitude of another person, while it can be almost impossible to see your own.

It is better to comment in other blogs without expecting them to comment back as one day you would be regarded as one of their most valuable readers and they would come back and support you. One should not feel jealous of others success and if people hate you don’t worry but in turn love them back.

Hope this strategy will take you long in the blogosphere. Most of the time there are wonderful people who would help from the bottom of their heart and very rarely we find people who harm us and the only attitude you should have is love them and do to them as you would want them do to you.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Ya, you are right ,But many times blog topic is also important , in my case i comment if i think i can suggest something about that topic ,

  2. Hi Vijesh,

    This is really interesting post regarding tactics of blogging, this article helps me a lot in learning knowledge about blogmarketing .
    Keep posting articles like this.

  3. Vijesh, you words are like an arrow piercing the mind of the dead even when they are no more. A one very good advice is worth more than ad advice; adetechblog you can take heed from the story above!

  4. Hi Vijesh,

    You are a TRUE blogger!! Coz you know you are GREAT in telling stories!! 😀

    I just love that story you just shared with us.

    You know I didn’t have a mother-in-law when I married my husband. Just a father-in-law who was a widower for a long time and he lived so far away from us. And after 18 years he remarried. And my step mother-in-law was nice. What I heard from others, *IF* my mother-in-law is still alive today…I heard she was a GREAT Christian woman who is loved by many people.

    And so I could not agree more with what you just said. It is all the ATTITUDE that needs to be changed. And in order to change others, you must change yourself FIRST. What a great lesson. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    Have a blessed weekend my friend.


  5. Hi Vijesh,

    Sorry for not being around lately as I was on a family vacation and have just reached home yesterday, and am catching up with lots of blog comments from today onwards 🙂

    I think this is indeed a timely post and you’ve mentioned it all so well through the lovely Chinese story here. I so agree with you – never stop being or doing good, even if the other person doesn’t do it – whether it’s in your thoughts or actions. This includes commenting too.

    I know most bloggers usually try commenting twice or thrice at the most, and if they don’t get any response, they tend to stop their visits, without actually trying to understand the reason or weigh out as to why it happens. You rightly mentioned – sometimes people don’t have time as they are out or with other work in hand, or they might visit your blog later, but that shouldn’t stop you from visiting their blogs. If you do, then you are typically acting in a tit-for-tat person, which isn’t good at all.

    Speaking of myself, I knew I had to go for this yearly family holiday, but I took my work along (which I shouldn’t!) because I know I’d have a tough time coping with all the things when I return as I’ve a family, kids, and other work to take care of too, so a little bit of work carried on all through. Nevertheless, I saw the comments lessen a bit because I wasn’t able to visit as many blogs myself, though I make sure to do so once I’m back. I guess sometimes people don’t understand this simple fact that we all need a break and we would eventually come over – but it all takes time and they need to be patient – isn’t it?

    Commenting should always be done when you feel and want to do it, and this happens naturally when we keep visiting each others blogs that we like and find interesting. And I think there’s always so-so much to learn from each blog we visit – I love reading so many different topics, people’s views, discussions on that topic, the interaction etc. So, comment selflessly and from your heart – not because you are forced or need to.

    Ah…thanks for the kind mention once again. And as I always say, I’ve learnt a lot myself from Adrienne, and I think she’s way beyond in building relationships and commenting 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

  6. Real friends will always come back and comment, opinions from friends always matter.

    I don’t like to read story you put it here, to be honest I read every word but when story begin I skipped. Hope you don’t mind. I’m still your reader but don’t like posts with stories. I like to read proverbs and sayings but not a story.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  7. Hello Vijesh,
    Another inspiring post with awesome story. In fact, I love to read short stories!
    Agree with your tip and I’ll follow that from the next time.
    Thanks for yet another great share.

  8. Hi Vijesh,

    Thank you for that mention, I always appreciate that.

    This is what I know about blogging. Do it because you want to, don’t do it expecting something in return. Help others because you want to, comment because you find the content interesting, don’t do it just to get comments in return.

    As I’ve mentioned numerous times on my own blog, it took me about four months before I started to get a good stream of comments showing up on my posts. You just have to put yourself out there enough so that people will start to see you everywhere. A lot of bloggers don’t respond to their comments or know that this is a great way to make those connections. I think they still have a lot of learning to do themselves. But for those that get mad and refuse to visit again because those people aren’t visiting them is not the right attitude to have.

    I started commenting on other blogs because I was taught this was a great way to get traffic. What I soon learned though was that I was being taught a lot of stuff by other bloggers so it quickly became very enjoyable for me and a wonderful learning experience. I started asking more questions so I could learn more and that’s why my comments have been so lengthy.

    Comment because you want to and don’t expect anything in return and things will eventually start to happen. My only piece of advice is to do if because you truly want to and if it comes from the heart then you’ll get results. If it comes from greed you won’t.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome story with us too Vijesh, I loved it!


  9. Hi Vijesh

    Ah I see one of your wonderful stories. I had just a while back read your comment on my blog and of course that was on storytelling.

    You have shared this wonderful story to illustrate your point. It does it so well.

    I know many bloggers who complain when people do not visit us back. It happens to everyone. It is the same in all areas of life. Not everyone is an Adrienne and so organized and consistent. We can still love them and move on if we have to.

    I learned in life long ago we get back what we give in life – but not always from the same source. Sometimes our giving is returned to us from somewhere else. I also learned never to give expecting anything. It is a good thing to remember.

    Thanks for a great message Vijesh.


  10. If the only reason someone posts a comment on someone’s blog is for a comment in return, they are doing it wrong!

    I love what Sue said above me, about you might not get back from the same source. That is beautiful.

  11. Hi Vijesh,

    I totally agree with you, it is your attitude which becomes gratitude afterwards. So, attitude is an important factor and thanks for demonstrating with small story.


  12. Hi Vijesh,

    Great Post illustrated with a great story. Love stories when used as an analogy to explain a point and your story did exactly that. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I believe that blogs should be used to connect with others and build relationships with the owners of the blogs. I just love Blog Commenting and I learn a lot from reading and commenting on other blogs and from the comments left by other bloggers on my blog and the other blog owners. And if I like a blog and I get value from it I still continue to visit it even if the owner didn’t pay me a visit and comment because at the end I learned something from their blog and we all win at the end.

    Attitude is everything and with the right attitude of giving without expecting anything in return the rest will take care of itself.

    Thanks Vijesh for sharing this great post with us. Have yourself a great rest of the week and a great weekend ahead.

    Be Blessed,


  13. A striking read as always. Getting to read good moral stories is one of the perks of being your reader. You know Vijesh, the one thing that distinct you from other “how to blog” bloggers is that you really know the game! Keep up the good work Vijesh!

  14. hi vijesh,
    You are right attiude is everything!
    and very impressive story,attiude is everything but attiude reflects your mind so your attiude is depends on your mindset.Thank you for such great words and keep growing up..!

  15. I always stress to my blog readers and other webmaster contacts that building relationships with people the same as you is always much stronger than what Google could ever offer you in terms of search listings. I feel you have summed that up also in this post. I try my best to create contacts instead of worrying too much about SEO.

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