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Building dofollow Backlinks the Ethical Way

Google is now due to roll out its next page rank update. People especially backlink providers are busy in making some easy cash. Bloggers and webmasters are biting their nails as what could be their next page rank. Now I believe it is the time to share few facts and give some insight into Backlinks. A backlink is simply a link that is linked from an external website pointing to your website or blog. The main purpose of a backlink is to provide traffic, more the backlinks more the traffic. This is a simple story but after the advent of page rank the backlinks are being used as a factor which determines a sites page rank. Page Rank which is named after Larry Page (Google Co-founder) is used to rank a website or individual pages with numbers 0 to 10. If a site has more page rank then it will have top SERP (search engine results page) means pages with good page rank will be shown first over pages with a less page rank.

Google want the backlinks to be as natural as possible serving as a means to drive traffic to a site. But webmasters are making some huge backlinks to get a good page rank. Fact is that Google hasn’t given an exact requirement or exact factors on which it assigns a page rank. It still kept its users guessing over how they assign a pagerank to a site. Backlinks does play a good role in determining page rank, if a site gets backlinks from sites having higher PR then it has the chances of getting a good Page rank. But I have seen instances where some of the sites which have got very few dofollow backlinks got a PR of 3 and sites which had lots of dofollow backlinks got PR of 1.

Now Google wants a fair play it has been tweaking its algorithms such a way that sites which are having backlinks which are built in unethical ways are going to be penalized. Paid backlinks, building backlinks very fast, triangular linking scheme (people mutually exchange links between a network of sites), playing with bad neighborhood etc are some of the methods to be avoided to be good in the eyes of Google.


So in order to be safe and get rewarded well, you need to build dofollow backlinks in an ethical way rather than following black hat techniques. So below are few genuine ways on how one can build safe dofollow backlinks to your blogs or sites.

1. Guest Blogging:

This is one of the best methods to build backlinks. Choose a blog with good page rank which is relevant to your niche and that which accepts guest posts. Try to guest post in as many blogs as possible which are relevant to your niche. It is always better to guest post in several blogs rather than guest posting in a single blog. Keep in mind you choose a blog which is relevant to your niche. I have given a list of few blogs which accept guest blogging related to blogging niche below. There are many blogs but I choose only few to give an idea. Similarly make a list of tech blogs if yours is a tech oriented niche. Read: Top 10 Reasons why you should start Guest Blogging

Copyblogger – PR7
Problogger -PR6
Comluv -PR5
Basic Blog Tips -PR5
Shoutmeloud -PR4
We Blog Better -PR4
Famousbloggers -PR4
ProbloggingSuccess -PR3

2. Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites are better way to promote articles as well as to get some quality backlinks. There are many social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit etc which accepts your articles to be shared in their sites. I have also given few sites related to blogging niche in the list below. If you want news related articles to be bookmarked sites like thinmarker, humsurfer, vevin can come to your aid.

Bizsugar – PR6
Blogengage -PR4
Blokube -PR4

3. Commenting:

Easiest way of all to get backlinks is to comment on blogs which allow dofollow backlinks. Be selective in choosing blogs related to your niche which are having good page rank. Also search for blogs which have CommentLuv installed to their comment system they act as great channels to drive traffic as well as give you a back link.
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4. Forums:

Participating in forums related to your niche is one more way to build backlinks. Forums like digitalpoint, warriorforum are some of the good forums to participate. And if you have good reputation and standings in such forums you can link your site as your signature under every post of yours, getting backlink as well as drive some traffic to your site.

5. Article Marketing:

There are some sites like sqidoo, makeuseof, triond, ezinearticles etc where you have a chance to submit quality articles. It is one of the best ways to get some good backlinks as most of the sites are having Page rank more than 5. This method should be carefully applied where you are not supposed to post already existing articles and be selective in choosing such sites. Google regards article marketing as a gray hat technique or a means to manipulate search engines. But if your article is of high quality then you are acceptable but just for the sake of backlink if you publish an already existing or poor quality articles then you are off. If you don’t know how to go about with article marketing then dropping this idea is better a move.

6. Social Media:

Sites like Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest come under this category. Twitter and Facebook are having good page ranks but unfortunately they are no follow links so you only can get traffic from them. But you get a dofollow link from Pinterest, so go for an account now if you still don’t have one. Also update your G+ profile and fill the contributor links.

7. Directories:

Submitting you blog in suitable web directories can also give some quality backlinks. Sites like DMOZ, Technorati, yahoo etc are some of the good directories which have listings of various blogs. There are also many directories which are also niche oriented like blogarama, bloghints, bloggingfusion, blogflux etc which are having Page rank 5 or 6.

Tips for Building Good Backlinks:

  1. Getting 5 backlinks from relevant niche is far better than getting 100 backlinks from an irrelevant niche.
  2. Backlinks from many high quality sites are better than getting multiple links from a single domain.
  3. Building backlinks very fast will make your method look unnatural to Google.
  4. Backlinks from higher PR sites is better than links from lower PR sites.
  5. Having nofollow links for irrelevant sites from your blog is better
  6. Avoid buying dofollow backlinks especially from sites like fivver instead try to build them on your own.

Read: When to Use Nofollow attribute to External Links

Getting Ready for Next Page Rank?

So are you getting ready for next page rank update and are interested to get a good page rank then follow the above mentioned methods. Also be careful not to buy paid links for the sake of back links it penalizes your blog very badly and see that the link building will look natural.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. I have heard that Pagerank update will be updated on the midst of June. And this post come handy πŸ˜€

    And I seen this on a blog that Pagerank Value = Pagerank of page linking out/number of outgoing links on the Page. It means that if a blog have PR5 and if there are 5 dofollow links on it’s post, the external links will gain 1 PR.

    Pagerank is also an factor that attracts advertisers to advertise on blogs.

    Thanks for sharing the useful post πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Sriram,
      Thanks for the information on backlinks, hope you are ready for the next page rank update. Its true that advertisers and guest authors look for page rank.
      Thanks for the comment buddy.

  2. Nowadays blogs like copyblogger and Problogger doesn’t accept guest articles and you need to wait for a log time to get posted into Basic blog TIps and shoutmealoud..,So Guest blogging is not a good way for new bloggers.

    1. Its true Vivek those blogs are not accepting guest posts as many people are just writing an article for the sake of a backlink. Even Basic blog tips and SML too are bit slow in approving a guest post.
      May be commenting can help a lot for new bloggers.

  3. Hi Vijesh,

    Ah…everyone’s eyes seem to be set on the next PageRank I guess πŸ™‚

    However, I really don’t worry much about the pageranks and recent animal updates etc, because I know I’m following the simple, straight, and honest way, and what has to happen will happen. Yes, work for it by following the tips you mentioned, and leave the rest in His hands. More over, I prefer when the content is shared naturally by those who like your work, which happens, rather than us trying to pay others or adapt the wrong methods for it.

    I really had no idea about paid backlinks, until I read about it quite recently somewhere! So, there might be many people who are doing such things to get a good rank – news to me. I think if your content is good, and you are able to share it on the relevant social medias and platforms, or if you get enough comments and shares from the readers of your blog, you should be safe and happy. Now, whether you are really interested that all of this should increase your PageRank or not and you try different tactics to do that, is a personal choice I feel. I wouldn’t I think – that being the reason I’ve yet to start with guest posts, for which honestly speaking, I’ve no time as yet and I just don’t want to write guest posts that aren’t as good, only to get backlinks – as I’ve seen some bloggers doing that.

    Similarly, forums, article marketing, and directories are areas I’ve never touched, though I know they have their own potential and reach. I guess again it’s the time factor to be at ALL these place all the time, which isn’t possible, not for me at least. But I know many bloggers doing this and it does have a good affect on their blog.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Harleena,
      I know that you won’t care much about page rank, no follow and Alexa ranking. You get them all in genuine ways because you concentrate on readership rather than just mere ranking factors. I also know you won’t have time for guest articles as you yourself post long and lengthy articles and I personally know the efforts in writing articles.
      Anyways thanks for sharing your valuable opinion.
      God Bless…

  4. I agree with guest blogging and commenting and social bookmarking and forum posting , but google is now giving more value to quality content, there are now very few social bookmarking sites , i have used many times but not other website.

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      Thanks for drooping by your valuable comment, glad to know that you use vevin for social bookmarking, it will be easy to be on the top with such new sites rather than bookmarking in big bookmarking sites.

  5. Hello Vijesh

    I was looking for this post only basically looking where one could go and develop the backlinks. You give me great idea.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    1. Hi Siddhartha,
      Thanks for your comment and hope you build some quality back links to your new blog. Try to comment in as many blogs as possible it increases your traffic and also back links.
      Happy Blogging…

  6. Waiting for the next PR update? I care less of Google and their Pagerank thing.
    Making people to remember my blog by name is what I’m working upon without relying on Google.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Great you are not among those who run after Google. People do remember you buddy for your entertaining articles in your blog…

  7. Wow Vijesh…you are posting everyday now? Dang. You’re a hard working man. Proud of you. No wonder you have not enough time. LOL. Anyway, great tips you’ve given here.

    I know squidoo and warriorforum but I’ve never got myself involve with them. I posted a couple of articles on ezinearticles when I was blogging @ Health Matters and in fact I have my own page with them. In fact, Health Matters got into PR1…knowing I stopped putting this on 100 search engines and stopped the blog updates. It still getting traffic.

    BTW, if you want additional backlinks to post to here are 153 more:

    Night nite my friend. It’s night time here and going to read my Kindle till I fall asleep.

    Oh, before I forget I bought this eBook @ Amazon for $4.99 entitled “SEO For Bloggers”, learn how to rank your blog at the top of Google’s Search, learn the post panda & penguin blog ranking SEO secrets. So, I should learn MORE from this. The copyright is 2013. And so it’s very recent.

    Okay…night nite.


    1. Hi Angela,
      Thanks for your comment and list of 123 high page rank blogs. glad you are enjoying your SEO for bloggers book.

  8. Thanks for sharing this Vijesh. I’ll focus to get backlinks from niche related sites to see if I get any pagerank increase.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  9. Hello Vijesh,

    For bloggers it is the month of Page Rank :). Yes.. you right. Now all webmasters are busy to get higher PR. Mainly PR is given by seeing the site is linked to which site. If the site has better PR, the site who linked has better chance to get high PR.

    There are lots of process to build backlinks. According to me, the best way are commenting to same niche site, Guest post, forum posting.

    Lets wish every blogger get good PR. Happy blogging πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Ahsan,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion, its true that commenting in related niche does help in increasing our page rank but we can comment in other blogs to as it would not look like as if we are building to our blog.
      Happy Blogging…

  10. I doesn’t put backlink as a priority in my first blog and it got suck not untill I read about some bloggers who made their way in blogosphere within 90 days and I discovered backlink from high page rank website or blog must have been the reason behind thier prime success.

    Backlink via comment is the best thing I love doing most now adays even more than post article everyday.

  11. Thanks for this info on back links, I don’t have an Google page rank yet, will try most of the tips provided here and wait for next Google PR update….

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