How to Calculate the Estimated Adsense Income of a Website


Adsense is one of the major used income source by most of the Indian bloggers and website owners. If Adsense releases a list on most Adsense publishers then India would be no doubt in the top 10 list. There is always a quest among many people to know how much a blogger or a website owner earns through Adsense. Affiliate marketing does take an upper hand over adsense income. Yet it is most preferred method liked by many online users especially bloggers. So this post is helpful for those who like to calculate estimated adsense income of a website or a blog.

estimated adsense income

People say Google never encourages its publishers to reveal any of their income figures, Google AdSense ID, CPC, CTR and eCPM figures publicly. You are not supposed to post screenshots of your adsense earning page. But to calculate the exact income from adsense we need to know any of the above mentioned details. So to get the exact figure it is bit hard but there is a way to calculate the estimated adsense income based on the traffic.

Disclaimer: The income calculated by the method discussed below is just for an idea but should not be considered as accurate or an exact figure. There may be slight or some times major variations in the income generated originally and the estimated income calculated.

Google Adsense Calculator:

1. First, enter your “Daily Page Impressions” on the first box provided. This determines the number of instances for which ads are shown per page.

2. Next, provide the “CTR in %”. CTR refers to your Click Through Rate or the number of ad clicks per ad impressions. Check your Adsense stats page to get the details of your CTR.

3. Then, include the “CPC” or Cost Per Click. This is the amount you will earn whenever a visitor clicks on your advertisement but such amount is determined by the advertisers. To compute your average CPC, simply divide your total revenue by the total number of clicks.

How to calculate the estimated Adsense income:

To calculate the estimated adsense income of a website or a blog you need to know the traffic it gets per day or per month.

Amit Bhawani one of the top tech bloggers from India gave a simple formula to calculate it as follows
No of Ad units x Total page impressions per month x 1$[CPM] / 1000

If a user uses 3 ad units and gets 10000 impressions per day and has estimated CPM of 1$ then his income would be calculated as follows

3x10000x1/1000= 30$ per month
If you want it for a year then multiply it with 12 which comes around 360$ (30×12=360)

Amit Agarwal gave few stats of some adsense earners in his site which he collected from washingtonpost which is published way back in 2006.

Andrew Leyden of receives nearly a million hits and makes around $30,000 to $40,000.

SeatGuru sites get 700,000 visitors a month and makes about $10,000 to $20,000 a month from Adsense alone.

Assume seat guru uses 2 ad units
This site gets 700000 visitors per month
I have assumed CPM to be as 10 and have calculated his income as follows


How to know the monthly visitors count:

To include the total page impressions in the formula you need to know the total unique visitors or page impressions per month and to know this there is a simple tool in fact a website which gives you an estimation of total number of unique page views a site gets in a month. Google has a website called ad planner which is a planning tool for advertisers to know the traffic of a website and plan their ad accordingly. You can visit the site and type the web address of the site of which you want the total unique visitors per month.

Google Ad Planner

Estimated adsense income of Amit Agarwal

Most of the Indian bloggers are very much interested in knowing the adsense income of Amit Agarwal. But he never reveals and always leaves a guessing work to his visitors. He said he gets nearly 1.25 million page views a month and most of his income is through Adsense. He uses 3 ad units one above the post one below the post and one on his sidebar. If we assume his CPM as 5$ on an average as he is a adsense premier publisher lets see how much he earns by substituting these numbers in the above formula.

3x1250000x5/1000=18750$ per month

So Amit Agarwal earns 18750$ through adsense from his top technology blog Labnol. I have calculated this estimated income from his traffic report which he himself revealed in 2006. So now the figures might have changed a lot.

Adsense Income of ShoutMeLoud:

Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud has recently revealed his four years of adsense income as 27,228$. He earned this income from a small ad unit which he places just below the title of his post. He does not concentrate more on his adsense income as he makes quite a good amount through his affiliate products. Mostly his blog has many guest posts. His blog also has revenue sharing feature enabled which gives other users to share the adsense income. So if ShoutMeLoud had not been a revenue sharing blog it could have earned even more adsense income. I also heard few people get some descent income from their guests posts in ShoutMeLoud.

Recently Harsh took a professional blogging break and went to Goa on a holiday. After coming back he said that though he left his earnings on auto pilot he comfortably made 100$ a day on an average which is far low than his actual income. This figure again keeps us guessing if he makes 100$ a day then he would be making 3000$ per month which is far low means we can guess some good numbers. This income has most of them coming from affiliates.

Tools to calculate estimated adsense income:

I was searching for tools on calculating an estimated adsense income and I was hit by a tool which calculated the income with just a small difference in cents apart from it I can say it helps a bit in calculating estimated adsense income provided you give values like page views, CTR and no of clicks.

Google Adsense Calculator

Interested in Calculating estimated Adsense income?

By now you might have got an idea on calculating estimated adsense income which is not an accurate figure but still can come very near to the actual income figure. Though I advice not to take these methods for granted as most of the times the estimated income would be far low than the actual income. Also while taking traffic into consideration avoid using Alexa ranking as we cant rely on the numbers shown by alexa. Do you have any other methods to calculate the estimated adsense income then I am waiting to listen from you.


  1. Hi Vijesh,

    This was really great post in order to understand How one could easily easily the Adsense Income. But I would like to say it would fluctuate highly as the Google ads are Context based.
    And I would like to add on more thing , the Income of Amit Agarwal is more than US$70000 per month just alone through Adsense i.e. combined income coming through Blog + Youtube videos.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • Hi Siddharth,
      As you said Amit Agarwal earns a lot of money but the estimated income I calculated was in 2006 and i mentioned it in the article. If I get that income annually I think I would hire few employes and make my blog even big.
      Thanks for your comment and valuable information…

    • Hey Daniel,
      Thanks for your wishes in future I will surely touch some good figures. I also wish you could also do it big with your forums.

      • Hope God hear what you say man 😀

        By the way I’m thinking to make the forum on .net domain and the .com should be used for niche blogging about making money online and big affiliate programs monetized with Adsense,

        The forum which will be on the .net domain will be advertised via pay to click sites and traffic exchange, means I will not be able to put Adsense over there, But I can go with ClickBank products, which worth something. I’m about to rely on this guys looking for referrals for their pay to click sites every day, their activity on my forum will increase the chances to make the forum big, faster but as I said no Adsense ads because traffic is paid.

        Should I go like this or with .com forum about making money online + Adense as monetization? (here things will go slow I guess)

        Is there a chance to get baned becasue .net domain is getting paid traffic from ptc sites? Natural fact is that the .com will receive traffic due to curiosity of visitors and mistake, .com is most used.

        Best regards from I. C. Daniel

        • Hey Daniel,

          Its ok if you go with ,net or .com but forget about adsense as it doesn’t work with the traffic method you choose as Google does not like those kind of paid traffic sites. I think click bank or any other affiliate products will be a good way to monetize. But don’t be too quick brother take some time and in everything do proper research before you invest. I know few people who have rapidly invested in the sites like you have mentioned and once they are out of funds they couldn’t invest more and there would see a steep decrease in the traffic. They left there sites so be patient, I know you are planning it big but its just a friendly advice…


          • Okey man. You right. I need to know more things before invest money. I’m not hurry!

            Thanks for advice. Really apreciate it!

            PS: I don’t want to create any pay to click site where peope click ads to earn few cents, I want to create a forum where people can learn how to make money online, Traffic to this forum will be from pay to click sites, paid traffic, I think best advertising network is AdHitz, many pay to click site use it, I guess this is an option too. However I’m thinking ClickBank products will be best.

            Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  2. Many blogers shows fake info about other bloggers earning like they earn in lakhs per months, is that correct , or they are just spreading fake info

    • Hi Vishnu,
      As far as I know I haven’t seen fake income reports till now but yes I heard that there are few people who spread fake income reports. But we can find out easily from their Alexa ranking if they are speaking truth or just faking around. But my suggestion is to concentrate on our income rather than others income. As we feel inspired seeing others income reports but we personally didn’t earn them.

  3. nice article on adsense income and enjoy reading and bro when will you gonna share your blog stats like your adsnese income and traffic etc . i think every one here wanted to know, 🙂

  4. hi vijesh if really earn more than adsense why u have not exposed your stats becoz im new to blogging it will encourage me to work on blogging i know it is private but expose your monthly adsense revenue on comments………waiting for your comment.

  5. hi vijesh iam waiting for you why dont u expose your stats becoz iam new blogger it will encourage me i have earned through elance but not through website iam begining in this u can also visit the website becoz i have not placed any ads on my website…..

  6. Indian visits doesnt pay much.. I may serve 800 uv a day with 2000 page visits but its in cents for me in adsense due to most of the traffic is Indian..

  7. Hey Vijesh,
    Amit Agarwal is the only professional blogger in India. He won MVP awards for 5 years and he is very professional with his work . He has a small office in his home and works really hard. He never reveals his income.
    I am in contact with Harsh , He is such a nice person and he is down to earth. Well he used to revel his income in early blogging years but now he does not share it. He has a big blog network and he is becoming dependent on affiliate.
    I also pay attention to affiliate because Adsense is very brutal, You never knw when it get vanished from your hand.
    Zac Johnson lost his 10 year old account just like that.
    BTW nice share. Keep up the good work
    Regards 🙂

  8. hi vijesh this is really helpful article for me but I did not understand one thing that is how can I calculate income of an article website I mean to say that few days ago I was thinking to open an article website but my friend said that article website is not good for Google ad sense income so please tell me how much can i earn from Article website.

  9. Thanks a ton for this useful piece of information. I was searching for a method through which one can estimate their earning with monthly impressions. I hope you become famous and reach to the point where everyone will ask you about your adsense earnings 🙂


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