How to Choose Best Google Adsense Alternatives for your Blog


Choosing a Best Google Adsense alternative to get highest pay from your blog is an art. You cannot go with any network which promises high returns for your traffic. As I said in the earlier post you need to have some basic requirements before you start monetizing your blog. Most of the times it is proven that Adsense is the best advertising network available. Only very few are fortunate enough to earn money and only few are happy to get an account from this network. So there is a need to choose a Best Google Adsense Alternative for your blog when Google says no to their network or has banned your account from using your account for further earnings.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives

This post helps you on how to choose the Best Google Adsense Alternative for your blog and maintain the same level of earnings as a Google Adsense publisher makes.  But earning good amount using a adsense alternative publishers never turn fruitful. There are several reasons for it so just dive in the post below and find some facts which can help you in choosing the best Google Adsense alternative for your blog.

What should one check in the advertising network:

1. Check for Brand:

You need to check the Brand, if it is established for quite a long time and running successfully. Sometimes companies scam you after you reach the minimum payment threshold. They won’t respond to your emails or they won’t even care to pay you the amount. So its wise that you always choose a genuine company else you would be scammed. Sometimes they even keep on increasing your payment threshold, first they say $10 as your payment threshold but once you reach the specified amount you will be said that payment threshold has been increased to $50.

Sometimes it happens that you earn $30 dollars and suddenly you will get a mail saying your earnings where adjusted due to some errors in the system and you will have $8 in your dashboard. This actually happened with one of my accounts but I won’t reveal the name of the network. Only thing I would say is check the about page, Alexa rank and other details and see if the advertising network is having good standings in the market. Also check if anyone has faced any problems with these advertising networks earliear.

2. eCPM rate:

Next thing you need to see is the eCPM the advertising network offers. eCPM is the effective cost per thousand ad impressions on your blog. Higher the eCPM higher will be your earnings. Not all advertising networks offer a good eCPM and most of the time eCPM value differs from niche to niche. For example infolinks earns $30 to $40 for a particular niche while it pays $0.02 to $0.50 for a other niche in a single day.

There is a niche for which each and every advertising network offers high eCPM rates. If you choose Kontera it helps you in earning some good money if you have a technology blog. Infolinks will help you with some weight loss or health blogs. Vibrant Media helps you if your traffic is from Europe or the US else for Indian traffic using Vibrant Media is waste of time. So always keep an eye on the eCPM rate for your blog. If your earnings are good then stick with the network if it not drop.

3. Minimum payment threshold:

This is an important aspect to be considered before you choose an adverting network. Few networks offer payment from as low as $1 and some have a threshold limit of as high as $100. Choosing a minimum payment threshold advertising networks helps you to get your earned money soon. If you are planing for a switch you will not have to wait long before it reaches the minimum. Some times you get struck at $78 and then Google slapped your site. You find it hard to get the remaining $22 to reach the minimum for payout. If at all you had a network which could pay you even when your payment is as low as $10 then you wont have to sacrifice those dollars.

4. Identifying your Niche:

Amazon Affiliates is also one of the best Google Adsense alternative but it won’t work for any kind of site or any kind of traffic. Same is the case with affiliate products. If you have a tech site you can’t promote Hosting products. If yours is a blogging site you won’t be able to sell smartphones through your Amazon affiliates. So if you want to monetize your site with Amazon affiliates then you need to focus on those products which you blog mostly on. This just increases the chances of sales on your blog. So recognize your niche and monetize it accordingly with Amazon affiliates or your desired affiliate product.

5. Payment Method:

You have  an advertising network which gives payments only in PayPal and the worst thing is you don’t have a PayPal account then you are struck. Its OK if you haven’t got a PayPal account as you can make it no time. What if you had got your PayPal account banned and you have some money in your advertising network which only offers you to pay in PayPal. Choose a network which can pay you in check or western union or any other payment method. If one fails other method will always come to your aid. Some networks even give you a debit card and pay you through it. Wireless transfers have replaced old payment methods these days.

6. More advertising methods:

Sometimes you have huge traffic but less CTR (click through rate) then you need to have some different kind of approach for your monetization method. Most of the advertising networks offer variety of options like inline text ads, pop ups, full page ads, slider ads etc. So you can choose some of these methods to monetize the traffic and increase your earnings. If you have ever wondered on how one can make more money on bidvertiser then the best method is by enabling popups. Other methods of monetization through this network earns you less amount compared to popups.

7. Best Support Team:

You face some problems with your ad network and if you don’t have people to solve your queries then there are chances that you might miss your earnings too. Once I had an issue with an advertising network, I did not deposit my check in the Bank before its expiry so I have sent them a mail that I missed to deposit my check and to void the expired check and add the earnings in the next check. I received a mail from support team within 24 hours and they have also resolved the issue.

Sometimes you can also mail the support team over suggestions for proper monetizing methods for your blog. They will also suggest you with what ad units to use and where to place the ad units. Some times they will help you to create some custom ad units which they don’t offer to everyone. So choosing an advertising network with best support team will help you earn more.

So these are all what you need to keep in mind before choosing an advertising network and be among those who have selected the Best Google Adsense Alternative for their blog.


  1. Hi Vijesh, nice guidelines to choose best google adsense alternatives, because we cannot trust google adsense as suddenly they banned it without any intimation………… Thanks dude for such a nice informative article.

  2. nice post
    hi vijesh, i think Google absence is best option for tech blog and when you will see absence income of tech blog then you will get know that it is opinion is Google absence is fine with blue host affiliate program.

  3. hi Vijesh

    I feel what you’re saying, and here’s why…

    I’ve made an important decision to go from AdSense to product review niche sites long time ago… you won’t believe the power of residual income when you promote products people are searching for online… the market is incredible large, and growing by the day

    Health is my industry, and I was able to build a small empire of 300+ aged domains/niche sites for the past years…

    If any of you guys are interested to hear more about my approach to niche site building and SEO/affiliate marketing, you could check out the free PDF report I share with subscribers…

    • Hi John,

      Glad to hear you after a long time. I completely agree with you as I know what potential a micro niche site holds in promoting some good affiliate products. I to will soon jump into this kind of building micro niche sites to grow my residual income. I built 2 sites of which one did sell some amazon goods and I have 2 micro niche’s pending which I need to work in future.

      Thanks for stopping by and I would definitely learn some tips from you as you are already established in this field.

  4. Hello,

    Well no doubt google adsense is the great way to monetize our blog and ear good income but it’s approval is really hard day by day. So finding alternative is the choice.

    thanks for the tips.

  5. Hi Vijesh,
    It has obviously being quite a while. I hope you’re doing great?
    Now back to the issue on board, you’ve obviously raised some interesting points. I’ve being hi by Adsense and I’m doing great with Yahoo Ads!

  6. Hi Vijesh,

    Thanks for sharing above tips, i was not aware about some of these. I like the tips like choosing add network according to your niche, payment method etc.

  7. Hi Vijesh,
    I am a first time visitor to your blog, but I am enjoying reading some of the articles.
    This is another brilliant one!
    You have rightly pointed out about the need to keep CPC, CTR and CPM in mind before choosing the monetisation method for a blog.
    Depending only upon adsense is stupidity.

  8. Hi Vijesh,

    Google AdSense still stand out to be the best amongst advertisers but the fact remain getting into AdSense this day is becoming tougher every minutes even the chance of maintaining the account after approval is thin. Many bloggers don’t really depend on AdSense as their source of their online imcome despite the fact it is the best, rather they moved into affiliated and I believed these are what they first put into consideration before they finally take the decision about affilliated product they should join.

  9. Hi Vijesh,

    Maybe I’m an advocate of Adsense. I still don’t think they are the BEST to monetize your website. But I could be wrong. In my observation, others have made more money on DIRECT advertising rather than relying on a few cents of here and there hits for every 1000 impression. Imagine, you are sending all of your traffic to them. Those hard earned traffic. Just to earn a few cents. Plus, they are so punitive and penalize you for every little thing. So, guess I’m out.

    You know Steve Scott, the 6-figure income man…I bought one of his ebook, my very first one. And this one cost me like $47. The book is “Affiliate Marketing Without the Bullsh**t”. I have probably told you about this already. But you know, he NEVER recommended Adsense to use to monetize your site. But he instead recommended the best ones to use are: Clickbank, Commission Junction (which I hate…so forget this), Share-A-Sale, and a few others I forgot.

    I have put aside this book for awhile due to after I purchased his book, I have 24+ book now on my Kindle. 90% are Steve Scott’s. And so here I am still learning, taking notes day-by-day…sure I made a few commission on my affiliate products but THIS is not my main goal. My main goal is to SELL my own product someday (i.e. my own eBook).

    Anyway, I’m not here to go against with what you have to say. I just don’t like Adsense and their RULES. Nothing to do with you. You have done a fine job explaining the pros and cons here.


  10. I am currently using something called Publicity Clerks which offer a fixed price per 30 days. I am testing it after a friend told me about his ongoing development of that site. I thought I would give it a shot and see how it works for me.

  11. Great tips Vijesh! Ad provider selection is very important. Bad selection can result in ‘badware’ and malware attacks. Your guidelines are very useful for bloggers who are looking for guidance related to ads.

  12. I am to start using Adsense on my blog but am glad to have come across this article since am preparing to start using it.

  13. Firstly Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and article with us.
    This will help me very much. Actually I wanted to start earning with
    AdSense, but I’m afraid, if I apply and if they reject me, then what
    will happen? I don’t have enough money to buy/create many site. Is
    there anyway to be sure that my application will be approved?

  14. To be very honest, Infolinks is not good for small publishers. I am not earning a single penny from them. But Bidvertisers and Adhexa are paying me more than $0.50 for 1000 views. They are best for small traffic websites or blogs. But if you have 1000+ daily visits from UK and USA then you should apply for they are paying much batter to Adsense. You can also apply for MadAdsMedia they are also paying good amount.


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