What does it cost to start a Blog?


Blogging has grown enormously over past years and there are some millions of blogs in existence today. Though there are no schools to teach what blogging is yet many people choose it as a career opportunity leaving their 9 to 5 jobs. It’s true that people are making a live hood out of their blogs though they never knew they could actually make. Blogging is still one of the most misunderstood art for many as they keep exploring ways to make money out of it.
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There are many people who don’t know what blogging is and what actually a blogger can do with a blog. Pat Flynn, John Chow, Amit Agarwal etc are some of the living examples who inspired many people to choose blogging as a career. In India most of the bloggers who are now blogging have been inspired from Amit Agarwal who runs labnol.org.

cost-of-starting-a-blogAmit Agarwal is an IIT graduate who comfortably earns many times more than what an IIT holder who works for a Software company earns. Still there are many Indian bloggers who make quite a good income from blogs. It’s true that 99% of people in India start a blog for making a living out of it (to be honest I too am one among them). Many bloggers lack the inner science of making money out of their blogs as they think it is just an overnight business to earn as much as Amit Agarwal earns. Truth is that if we want to earn such huge income it’s not so easy at the same time not so hard. It needs proper planning and some good strategies to play around, especially during these crowded times.

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How much does it cost to start a Blog?

This could be a burning question to many newbie’s who have just heard about blogging. I believe you won’t be surprised if I say that you can start a blog free of cost. Yes, platforms like blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc gives a user chance to start their own blog completely free of cost. But there will be a lot of limitations in choosing a free service. I have earned 130$ with a free blogspot blog in three years from 2008 to 2010. Only money what I have spent was for my internet connection and my electricity bill. It is not that impossible to earn money from a free blog but it takes a lot of effort and time to earn few bucks as it took for me.

Investment option for blogger(blogspot) Blog:

If you choose blogger as a platform you can change its look by using many custom blogger templates which are freely available over the net. You need to choose a proper niche (topic) and keep writing some quality articles. Once you are getting traffic from search engines then you can buy a custom domain name.

A domain name costs 10$ on an average and varies from one provider to other. If you can get a coupon of any of the domain providers you can also get a domain as low as 1$. Next you have an opportunity to apply for an adsense account and monetize your blog accordingly.

Minimal Budget to go for a self hosted WordPress blog:

If you want to increase your income opportunities then going for a self hosted WordPress blog is recommended. It gives control over your design, SEO and many other customization options which is being limited in the free platforms.

Domain name for a Year– 10$
Web Hosting for a Year – 7$ (monthly) x 12 months – 84$
Total Investment – 94$

94$ is the maximum investment required to start a self hosted blog with WordPress for a year. It can also cost less than that only thing you need is to search for a good and reliable hosting provider, proper coupon or take guidance of webmasters who already have experience in blogging.

Right time to invest on a WordPress Blog:

After you place a landmark with your WordPress blog there are lots of investment opportunities in order to take your blog to the next level. Next question is when is the right time to start investing on a WordPress blog. I believe there is no need to wait for investing if at all you are an experienced blogger with an ability to turn tons of traffic to your blog. But as a newbie you need to wait for sometime at least till you are confident that you can get back the invested amount else you have to end your blogging journey abruptly due to increased expenditure and zero returns. If you don’t want to mess up things then I believe if you are earning 150$ a month from Adsense or any other source from your blog then you can comfortably invest on your blog.
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Where can one Invest over a WordPress blog?

Theme or Framework: There are two most loved frameworks called Genesis and Thesis which are used by many bloggers. These frameworks help a blog to give a professional look and Search Engine optimized features. WordPress frameworks gives the user liberty over the look and design of a blog. There are also many other frameworks like Gantry, Pagelines, Ashford, Hybrid, Whiteboard, Bones etc apart from Genesis and Thesis. I use an open source or free framework which is designed by rtPanel.

Template: There is also a facility to use ready-made premium templates available to give a professional look to a WordPress blog.

Premium Plugins: There are many premium plugins to choose like SEOPresser, CommentLuv etc which will help the blog to reach a new level. There are many blogs which are doing better even with free WordPress plugins available.

Newsletter Option: You can keep your users in touch with a daily, weekly or a monthly newsletter. Awber and Mailchimp are two major options for a blogger to choose among them Mailchimp offers free services for 2000 subscribers and you have to pay beyond it. Still there is an option like Feedburner which generates an automated email containing the update of your blog and also free to use. There are rumors that feedburner is going to shut down but for now it is fine and well alive.

Advertising: You can spend money in promoting your blog, if you provide services like web designing, Photoshop etc you can opt advertising your blog to gain more leads, else it is waste of money to spend on advertising.

How much did I invest on Blog in Grace:

I don’t have a credit card or PayPal account to choose hosting from Bluehost or Dreamhost. I have to go for a provider which supports offline mode of payment via bank transfer and that too an Indian provider as I live in India. So I have to choose BigRock. Something is better than nothing, so I choose BigRock as it is easy for me to deposit money in the Bank. I have bought a domain name for 249 Indian rupees which equals approximately 5$ and I choose hosting from Bigrock which costs 4700 Rs (equals 85$). So on whole I had to spend 90$, if I had a credit card this expenditure would have been even lower as I would have chosen another hosting provider. I also have the facility to add unlimited number of blogs and domains to my hosting account else investment would have been even low.

Spending 100$ over building a blog is no big deal these days. If you are passionate enough to blog and explore new horizons of blogging you could well earn more than what you have invested. From those earnings you could renew your hosting and domain for many more years. So your one time investment can turn your blog into a Gold mine in few months. Still you have any doubts or opinions over the investment you need to build a blog comment form is ready for your aid.


  1. It cost me 10 dollars to set up my blog.
    I’m using a free hosting and I’m obviously facing it consequences.
    I don’t possess a credit card and paypal isn’t supported in my country as well.
    Libertyreserve is my answer but hostgator doesn’t support it.

    • Great that you genuinely confessed what you are going through. Sometimes I too saw your blog being down for few minutes but still you managed to maintain the blog with free hosting is great. There should be some alternative to go for paid hosting.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by Emmanuel…

  2. Quite a detailed and impressive post bro
    Some people use to think it will cost them a leg to setup a blog. $94 is almost nothing for an investment. However, I encourage bloggers to put in money (like in some of the factors you mentioned) for faster growth

    I hope this helps many readers

  3. Nice info Vijesh . You have covered all the major aspects of the Blogging. I would suggest every new blogger to start their blog on purchased platform. Blogspot is not a wise choice,
    There are many bloggers who regret that they choose blogspot for starting their blogging carrier.

    • Thanks for your valuable comment Ashish,
      Its better to choose WordPress if you want to do something big but if you want to test and learn new things then blogger is good to play with.

      Who are the editorial staff in Aimzo apart from you and Ritul?

  4. Very bad to hear you don’t have a credit card my friend. I wonder why you don’t pay to get one?

    To be honest this is my second credit card, here in my country I spent only $15 and I have my own visa credit card, I pay internet bill from home. I buy hosting, domains when I want, my parents work in Spain, they can send me money directly on my credit card 😀

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. Hi Vijesh,
    Most people starting out don’t know about the differences between a free blog and a self hosted so you have provided some valuable information for the newbie.
    Thanks for sharing this information.
    Have a great weekend,

    • Thanks for your visit and an encouraging comment Tonya.

      This article will definitely help newbies out there who are searching for a self hosted blog.

      Have a great weekend too…

  6. hi Vijesh,
    I think you still had invested too much on hosting as there are many options available for an indian blogs also. There are many hosting websites having cheaper plans than bigrock!

    • Hi Yogesh,

      Its true that I had invested more on hosting because at that time i really had very little knowledge, that is the reason why I mentioned “take suggestions from webmasters who are already having some experience in blogging” in the above article. BTW which hosting service do you use?

      Thanks for dropping by…

      • currently I am using the hosting from indiahost.com
        there was a promotional offer available at that time which cost me the whole hosting package for around 2800 rupees.

  7. I am glad that I found this article just as when I was looking to migrate to WordPress. Investing is a must if you want some money from your blog. There is no such thing as free blogging.

    • I am also glad that you have understood one of the greatest secret for a successful blogging Journey. Don’t waste your time and energy with a blogspot blog if you want to make it big. Take little time and jump into WordPress.

      Thanks for the Visit Rahul…

        • 2 Months is not at all a waste. Installing WordPress is one of the easiest thing you can ever do.

          1. You need to buy domain and hosting. (If you already have a domain name you need to link that to your hosting.)
          2, Download WordPress files from WordPress.org
          3. Install a FTP Client (Filezilla will do it)
          4. Upload your WordPress files using Filezilla.
          5. Install and it is ready.

          If you want to migrate blogger to WordPress then it takes some time. But I wont advise this migration as lot of problems like many broken links and images wont get uploaded properly and so.

          There are many people who install WordPress for free provided you buy hosting under there affiliate link. But for migration services they charge some amount. (So its up to you whether you hire some one). I did all by myself I felt it very easy though I am not used to WordPress earlier, there is nothing much to worry…

  8. Honestly, my friend purchased the domain and hosting for me. Because of my age, I can’t get these credit cards and I’m scared to invest on a blog.

    My blog is also hosted on Bigrock.

    Coming to the post, after coming to know the basics and importance of blogging, one should migrate their blogs to self hosted WordPress.

    Great post and I hope this post will help newbies a lot 🙂

    • Wow, glad to hear that your friend helped you, what is your age Sriram?
      Happy yo know that your blog too is hosted on Bigrock.
      Its good if people choose WordPress if they really want to sustain as a blogger.

      Thanks for your valuable comment Sriram…

  9. Hi Vijesh,

    To tell you the truth, blogging wasn’t one of my plans when I came back online. And so I was taking the RT (respiratory therapy) program…decided wasn’t my cup of tea, quit it. And when I decided I was going to start doing graphic design again, I took several classes…then it was like starting OVER again. What my original plan was create only a website which I can show my portfolio and my resume….next thing I knew I was creating a blog.

    Remember I said I wasn’t new to blogging, I did it in the year 2000-2008 in Livejournal but after the Russians took over its ownership, I have deleted all my blog. And NEVER AGAIN I will use a third party if I will ever blog again. As I mentioned in the past, it was Paid Social Media Jobs that made me started blogging. At first, I was interested in becoming a Social Media Manager, but found out it takes more than twitting a job, it wasn’t THAT easy at all.

    So…my expertise is in graphic designs and so I might as well stick to what I know. When I started my blog I PSMJ taught me which company to use for hosting and which company to get my domain and so that was all set. Glad I took all these webinars from them because from doing that I had a good start on blogging. While I heard some people got hacked….so glad that I started on a solid ground blogging. Well it cost me a little more hosting on Hostgator but I’m pretty happy with them, they never turned me down they always help me with all of my WordPress problem, installations, and whatnot. Namecheap is pretty good and so I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out. Anyhoo, just wanna say that this ADVICE you gave to newbies are all GOOD.

    Have a fabulous weekend my friend.


    • Hey Angela good to see you so soon, hope you are doing well. Thanks for the wonderful comment which always encourages me to give more and more to my valuable readers.

      Have a great weekend too.
      God Bless you…

    • Hey Adrian,
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting here. i saw your blog and it doesn’t look like a newbies work you are more than a newbie.

      Happy blogging…

  10. Hi Vijesh,

    Thanks for sharing too much information about the cost to start a blog and your personal experience. I start my blog on wordpress, which i think is the best hostgator.

    • Thanks a lot Rupali for your comment,

      Nice to hear that you have your hosting with hostgator one of the best hosting providers in the market.

      Keep Blogging without looking back….

  11. Hi Vijesh, you have done a real great job by sharing your knowledge about the investment in a blog. Many new bloggers are going to find this information really useful. I really appreciate that you have made things very clear and talked about every minor point associated with the spending in blogging.

    • Thanks for your comment Suhas,
      Its a burning question every newbie blogger would like to know so I threw some light based on my personal experience. Glad you liked it…

  12. $100 is optimum to start blogging….I remember borrowing Rs.700 from my friend to buy domain name and run blog on blogspot…For that I had to show my blogging plan and return of investment..he didn’t insisted that but I did to ensure that I can pay him back.

    Thank God, Adsense Worked for me at that time and within 6 months I paid twice the money to my friend.

    Money will never interfere with your aim and confidence.

    • Happy to know your starting days of blogging…
      Its interesting that you showed your blogging plan and promised for a investment return, glad to know you returned twice the amount you borrowed.
      Thanks for the comment Vivek…

  13. Hi Vijesh – sorry for the delay in coming over – though I’m glad am here now 🙂

    This is great information for new bloggers!

    You’ve literally spilled and spelled out everything for them. I wish I had this knowledge with me when I started blogging. I chose the free bloggers platform, and really did lose out on some comments, the social media count were brought to zero, and I lost on the Alexa rank too. However, I did gain on the Alexa rank, but changing blog platforms can really be a pain and problem, so I suggest the newbie bloggers to make a thorough research and then make the choice.

    I think you’re pretty much right about the costs, and you can always add more to it with time, like CommentLuv premium, which sure does help develop a network faster. I believe there is some investment that you need to make without waiting to earn $150 per month, which isn’t an easy target to achieve.

    I’ve tried both, the themes and the frameworks but couldn’t see much difference in my rankings or other aspects. In WordPress, you also have the option of using free plugins for newsletters.

    That was a bit of my experience Thanks again for creating this valuable resource of the new bloggers. 🙂

    • Thanks for your opinion Harleena,

      I always find something valuable to learn in your lengthy comments you comments add value to my blog. Every blogger initially choose blogger as it helps a lot in learning about blogging. That experience with blogger ha helped you in building this awesome and lovely aha-now site…

  14. I always prefer Self hosted WordPress blog with paid hosting. So I don’t need to worry about server downtime. Here are some local hosting places from where we get at cheap rate.

    You pointed all things very clearly for a new blogger. I saw lots of bloggers confused how to start. Your article will be a guide line for them

    • Hi Ahsan,
      It is a wise decision one can take as to set up their blog in a self hosting rather than going for free hosting as paid hosting pays you the effort you invested in building your blog…

  15. Very well written post by Vijesh on :How much cost is involved while doing Blogging but yes the magic of blogging is knpown by every one that’s why more and more people are joining in the race

    • Hi Siddharth,
      Thanks for dropping by and expressing your valuable opinion, its true that there is lot of potential in blogging that is the reason why many people are choosing it as a profession and joining the race…

  16. Starting a blog requires many things to put into consideration, the time, stress,money involved, sleepless night, research and aall the like but still blogging is one of the best way to earn online no matter how small it is.


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