7 Mistakes to avoid when choosing your domain name


Choosing a right domain name for your Blog, website or your online business should be done in a right manner so as to taste success without any problems. People always prefer to read the title of the cover before they actually end up in reading the whole book. So is the same case for a domain name, its the very first impression a person gets about your business or blog you write. So there are some mandatory things to keep in mind before you choose a domain name.

If you are going with some free sub domains provided by blogger or any other free service it is always advisable to switch to your own custom domain name as it costs not more than $10 and if possible you can also have it as low as $3 with some coupons. A custom domain will always have an advantage over a free sub domain like yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogspot.com. Sometimes your name would be bought by someone else and you might find it difficult to get your desired name. So be quick in buying your desired domain name before anyone else picks it up.

mistakes happen

I have just made a list of 7 deadly mistakes one makes while choosing their domain name which might end them in some problems in long run. So its better to avoid these mistakes in the initial stages and get a real value for the $ 10 you spend on your domain name.

1. Picking a Lengthy name:

First and foremost point is when ever you planed to select a domain name it is so difficult to get your desired domain name as people would have already picked up those small names. So you might be thinking to choose a lengthy domain name which might just lower your chances of getting huge traffic. People always find it easy to type a smaller name rather than a lengthy name.

These days it has been a trend for those micro niche bloggers to choose a long tail domain name to get a top position in the search result. It might work good for micro niche but Google is tweaking its algorithm to keep a hold to such micro niche blogs and probably the latest Hummingbird algorithm update might bring in some changes to such sites. So not sure if lengthy domain names for micro niche blogs would do well in near future.

2. Choosing hardly Spelled words:

Whenever you spell a domain name it should be not too tough.For example you have a word ‘elucubrate’ in your domain there are chances that the users will type this name wrong as many times as possible and at the end they do not feel like typing it again. If you are in need to visitors who end up in your site by typing the domain name see that you use a easily spelled domain name rather than a hardly spelled one.

3. Choosing other than (dot)com extensions:

You might know that there are many domain name extensions other than dot com like .net, .asia, .uk, .org, .uk etc. Here you can choose the other domain extensions when you are having a specified function for your website. If you run a social service or trust like websites then you need to choose .org extension. If you are having a website which requires only a country specific traffic then you can use .in for Indian traffic, .us for US traffic, .uk for UK traffic, .asia for asian traffic etc. Other than any of such reasons it is always preferable to use a .com which does have advantage as many people would first try to type a domain name with a .com rather than .org or .net apart from that there is not major SEO advantage for such other extensions.

4. Sounds like some others domain:

Never plan a domain name which sounds or pronounces like other domain name. It you are in plans to have a tech in your domain name don’t choose techbrunch or techmunch as it sounds somewhat like Techcrunch. People will visit Techcrunch but not your techbrunch or techmunch. So avoid buying bluffingtonpost or endgadgets as they are already famous blogs.

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself.” ― Bill Gates

5. Avoid using hyphens:

You may not get the required name as it might have already been taken by some one else, you might have though of using a hyphen in between the words. It might work out if you really have a team of expert writers who bring in quality work to your Blog or site. pocket-lint is one such blog which does pretty well with quality it brings in for the people. But if you are just experimenting on writing the blog all for yourself then its good you avoid taking a domain name with hyphen in between. People never ever like to hit Shift and hyphen button to visit your new blog so its better you brainstorm for another domain name.

6. Going out of your Blog’s Niche:

You are planning to write a blog on technology and you cant select a domain name which contains entertainment, sports or latest news like keywords. Try to select a domain name which can at least tell what your blog is about or what actually your blog contains. As face is the index of mind, domain is the index of ones website or blog.

7. Buying a domain name without searching:

Last but not least and one of the most important mistake you need to avoid is buying a domain name without first checking it in a search engine. As soon as you select a domain name head over to Google or Bing and search for what appears when you type your domain if some irrelevant search results appear then you can be confident to buy your new domain but if results appear which are exactly same as your keywords then it takes bit struggle for you to rank on the top when some one searches your domain name because first those blogs will appear pushing your blog to second or third position. This happened to one of my blogs even till now I don’t get my domain name as a first result.

I hope this article will help you choose a unique, beautiful and excellent domain name which would be recognized as one of the world famous brand in near future. Do you have any more suggestions then do let me know so that it can be shared to others.


  1. hi Vijesh,

    wao, such a great post, will definitely help in choosing a right domain name, all these 7 points are recognizable while choosing a domain name.

    keep sharing such a great articls.

  2. Awesome post mate !
    I always follow these tips when i register a new domain name for me.Choosing the right domain name requires to follow the best tips like the one’s you’ve mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.


    • Thanks for your comment Pramod,

      Its true that a domain name does play lot of role in determining our future success. A good domain does help us in many ways in driving traffic and also to make it as one among recognizable brands.

  3. I have already made a lot such mistakes.
    But one must also be careful where he or she buys his domains as well.

    I am sometimes tempted to read your blog’s name as ‘Blogging Grace’

  4. Hi Vijesh,

    You have given such great information here on choosing a name. I started long ago with the word “tribe” after my name. It was from Seth Godin’s book whereby a bunch of people working together can form a “tribe.”
    Now my blog is about personal development and internet marketing….wow that covers a lot now a days doesn’t it? But to me, it is all about working with people so tribe still applies after my name.
    I see too many niche blogs with long tails and I’m sure hummingbird is going to catch up with them eventually.
    I too have some niche blogs, but are only used for the purpose of selling and it is named after the product.
    So, all and all, I think I’m ok for now!

    • Hi Donna,
      when you have chosen the word “tribe” it can include a wide range of products in that category, so it might not be a problem for you when you explore multi-niche under this domain name. Google changes its algorithms, sometimes it also does some advantages rather than disadvantages, lets hope not many sites fall as a prey to hummingbird.
      Anyways thanks for stopping by and spending your valuable time in commenting at BIG.
      Have a great week…

  5. Hi Vijesh,

    .com is definitely the number one choice of all the extension. Second is the .net. Anyway, I was trying to renew my .net on angelamccall domain but guess the renewal was past due and Network Solutions wanted about $40 for the renewal for 1 year and so I said forget it.

    From reading Lisa Irby’s book “Niche Website Success” she recommended that buying the .net after you have bought the .com…she thought is a GOOD idea. Sometimes some people like to compete with you if they ever bought the .net…so it’s better to buy that too. Just roll over the .net to .com and should be okay to keep the two together. Oh well…guess I was too late to buy angelamccall.net. NS haven’t released this in the market coz I know this domain is available anywhere and I don’t wanna get it from them.

    Anyway…You have nailed everything down here when it comes to getting your own domain. This is a very good advice for a newbie. Great advice!! Will talk to you more later. Enjoy the rest of the week.


    • Hi Angela,

      Usually I don’t answer your comment in the first go cos, I always think of taking some time when I want to reply you. So when I answer your comment it won’t be a comment done for formality sake but it would be a comment after taking some time in what to comment. So if you did not gt replies to any of your previous comments it means I thought to reply some genuine words but failed due to lack of time. Any how you have my mail id where you are free to get any help faster than any other means you can ever imagine,

      Buying a .net extension is a good move in fact for big business they need to buy all the extensions cos some one or the other will try a different extension sometimes.

      Happy weekend…

  6. Hello,

    Well i think the first mistake for choosing a domain name is lengthy name or irrelevant to niche, Since domain is the domain factor for a blog, we have to choose it carefully.


    • You are true Sohail, lengthy names does mess ones blog by lowering the visitors who come by typing the domain name, but if it is a brand even longer names do well.

      Thanks for stopping by,,,

    • Hi Reginald,
      Thanks for dropping by you r valuable comment, choosing a lengthy domain name does drop our visitors a bit until we don’t provide quality content apart from that in rare cases lengthy domain names to rule the blogosphere.

  7. Hello Vijesh,
    The main problem is the lengthy name most website/ blog owner use. Many visitors love name they can memorize and at the same time funky. When i started blogging newly, i never had the problem of picking a suitable domain name .
    I love all your points for they are spot on. Thanks and have a wonderful week and a lovely weekend start 🙂

    • Hi Babanature,
      Its true that lengthy names do cause a bit problem as visitors won’t love to type a lenghty name unless it is huffingtonpost or some other famous blog. but they love to type small names like google, twitter or yahoo. Thanks for dropping by your valuable comment.

  8. Whenever i decide to purchase a new domain i’ll always make sure of 3 things, namely

    1. Catchy
    2. relevant to my niche
    3. No special characters

    I think the domain is the backbone of the blog which should be picked very carefully.


    • Hi Anirudh,
      Its true that we need to choose a good domain for our business as it is a backbone for all future transactions.
      Thanks for dropping your valuable comment…

  9. Vijesh- I couldn’t agree with you more about domain names. I started my business in the early nineties. I should have given more thought to the name of my company and then using it for a domain name.. My website is http://www.garrettspecialties.com. It is too long, most people misspell it and hard to remember. I can’t change it today but hopefully others will take your advice.

    • Hi Arleen,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience, it’s true people may spell the words wrongly but still if we provide valuable content they try to visit again and again.

  10. Hi Vijesh,
    I love the quote you have cited here, we always try to compare and match with others and forget who we really are.
    You have a very good checklist here that should be really handy for someone who is on the verge of choosing a domain name. Thanks for the great post, keep sharing more. Have a good day.

    • Hi Varshan,

      So at last you are here, thanks for spending your valuable time in responding to this post via a comment. In fact i have lost a beautiful domain name in my initial days of my blogging which I regret but still I thought my experience might help out some one so made a list of points which one should keep in mind before they choose their domain name.
      Have a good weekend buddy…
      See you soon at artic post…

  11. You forgot to mention “Avoid domains containing Trademarks, if you make the mistake to register a domain that contain a TM, than you invest money on that project sooner or later the company which TM belongs will take action against you and you’ll lose the domain because you break the law.

  12. It’s really difficult to get a short domain name of 5-6 words,best go for .net or .org domains.
    However i don’t think anyone should avoid adding letters or numbers to domain just chose those letter or numbers carefully you can’t get a perfect domain anymore.
    Or the best one is “Coin your own Word” everyone else does it or you can choose a word from local language.

  13. I am worst at choosing domain names. I chose my first domain as techtricksworld which is so lengthy but as everyone knows it already so it seems fine. Later I took 2012onwards, it was also not good but Stoogles was really good as I liked it.

    anyway the tips you have shared about choosing domain name is must and I suggest never go in hurry to get domain. Domain reflects the brand and so that we should invest time to think of a good brandable domain name.

  14. Hi Vijesh, Thanks for sharing nice catchlines about selecting domain name. Infact I shed lot of time in choosing my domain name. I remember time when I tried Atish patience for checking the availability of domain names I suggested. The same process was going for two to three days only but I irritated him badly.

    Indeed domain name represents your website.

  15. Your last point Buying a domain without searching, that was something new i have heard about this article. Any ways thanks for sharing this valuable information with us all.

  16. “Going out of your Blog’s Niche” this point is don’t forget or avoid at the time of domain choosing
    Your all points are very nice for choosing domain name time

  17. While I was picking domain names for my blog I was very precise about the thing that domain names must not be having “Dash” say for example “xyz-abc.com” because that domain becomes too difficult to be optimized and SEO is equally tough for that domain name.

  18. Read a right post in time, very helpful points for choosing a domain name. the 4th point is very true.
    We often start with very less knowledge while creating a blog and regret later after having spent so much time on it, It is better to take blogging as a strategy even though one creates it for their hobby, coz you never knew when you could turn serious and it shouldnt be too late then to change your blog adress!


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