Why Establishing a Brand should be First Step In Your Blogging Strategy


I hope many of you reading this post might have known or heard this word ‘Brand’ somewhere or you might be using this word quite often in your daily usage. Now when it comes to blogging many bloggers might just skip of this word and do all the other things. But if you really want to make some thing big with your blog then the first step you need to do is establish your blog as a Brand.


Why should we establish a Brand?

You might ask me a question what is the necessary of establishing our blog as a Brand?. To answer this I will give you a live example which happened in one of my friends life. Once my friend thought of doing a business in one of the famous malls of our city where the rent and other expenses are very high. He planned to start a chocolate fountain business, he went through all legal formalities and also completed the agreement with the mall for his business.

He started his business from scratch, I mean he did not have any name or trust in the market. He simply named his business as Sabroso Chocolate fountains which no one has ever heard. Sabroso means tasty in french which many of them might not know. Just few stalls away from his stall are some stalls like Subway, Coca Cola etc. People who visit the store are visiting Subway or any other branded store but not visiting his chocolate fountains though it looks beautiful. Where as the other branded stores even though are selling their products at higher price are being sold nicely compared to his chocolates.

So what made the difference here? BTW I am sorry to inform that my friend is already out of this business as he understood people look out for a brand rather than a local store without a proper brand.

So what he should have done is instead of investing so huge and competing with huge brands he should have established his business in a less popular area where people would have noticed his new business. Then he should have advertised it and should have planned some good promotional campaigns with some popular celebrities. By doing these , his business might have been know to many and people would have visited his store to check out what actually he sells.

Same is the case in blogging, there are some billions of blogs and yet only few are recognized. People love to read Techcrunch but not your tech blog which you started recently. Here Techcrunch is a blog which has established it self as a brand, where as many bloggers simply focus on technology blogs as a source of money.

Case Study on how Branding helps:

Do you know any such blog which came very recently and had given it tough for Techcrunch? Yes there is a blog by name The Verge which is loved by many people and its not new to many of you. It is one of the famous Tech blogs which has grown in leaps and bounds in these recent times. If you have known its story you would wonder on how it went on loss for a year in order to establish itself as a brand.

The Verge is a top American technology news and media network operated by Vox Media with offices in Manhattan, New York. This blog was started by Joshua Topolsky who once was the Chief editor for Engadget. After Engadget was acquired by AOL there were some small issues with Tech crunch founder Michael Arrington who made several public remarks disparaging Engadget and Topolsky.

Topolsky and up to eight of Engadget’s most prominent writers and editors left the company between March and April 2011 to found a new gadget site that would become The Verge. The team which joined Topolsky were managing editor Nilay Patel and staffers Paul Miller, Ross Miller, Joanna Stern, Chris Ziegler, Justin Glow, and Dan Chilton. Topolsky partnered with SB Nation and has launched The Verge on November 1st 2011, along with announcement of his parent company Vox media.

On their launch the company started off with 4 million unique visitors and 20 million page views. Engadget used to have 14 million unique visitors when Topolsky left it and within a year The Verge started to get 15 million unique visitors. The Verge had 12 former Engadget staff working at the time of launch with Topolsky.

What to learn from the above Case Study?

We have many things to learn here. First and foremost though people played major role in establishing a Brand it was Brand that was rescuing people.

Engadget was a brand when Topolsky along with some of its good writers left the company. Yet Engadget did not suffer any loss in its traffic as it is already an established brand. It is growing strong and strong and is still in competition as it was earlier.

Topolsky did generate 4 million unique visitors on the launch of Verge because he is recognized as former editor of Engadget. So this brand Endgadget played a role in bringing some traffic to The Verge. So a brand played a role in establishing another Brand.

Though The Verge established itself as a new brand it did not alter any stats of its rival blogs like Tech Crunch or Engadget but it just stood as one among them. So once you establish your blog as a brand it is hard to stop people visiting it or making it think as a crap.

My Advice:

Since you are reading this article I know you are serious about establishing your Blog as a brand. So first and foremost thing to do is keep an action plan on how to deliver the quality and quantity to your blog. Try to move your blog with a team rather than doing it all by yourself. Stop focusing on making money on the very first day of launch as even The Verge was not in profits till the first year after it was launched.

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So I think you might have understood the importance of establishing a blog as a brand. Are you a blogger desperate enough to get noticed then do you believe that it is brand image that makes your blog popular? If you have any suggestions we have a beautiful comment form waiting for you at the bottom to listen to your opinion.


    • Thanks for your correction Vivek,
      Fact is “The Verge” is officially launched on 1st Nov 2011, so it would have completed its 1st year on 1st Nov 2012 and it will celebrate its 2nd birthday on 1st November 2013 which is just a week after. So they will officially enter into third year after 1st Nov 2013. If these facts are true then they started making profits in their second year not in their third as they are still in the last days of their second year.

  1. Yeah with a team you have a bigger chance to build a brand.

    Vijesh you said you have another blog/website working on, can you share it, maybe I like the topics being discussed and I subscribe.

    Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

    • Its true Team work always pays. Regarding my other blog may be I will write a post on it but still you can visit it by searching for Mobiada in Google.

      Thanks for your comment Daniel…

  2. This is another food for thought Mr. Vijesh! This has left me thinking with respect to whether the name kabenlah is becoming the brand I want it to be or not.

    Thank you and I assure you that I have learnt my lessons.

    • Your comment does make my blog special Emmanuel. Your name is already branded, your style is unique among present day bloggers keep that uniqueness alive always…

  3. Hi Vijesh. This is really nice knowledge and thanks for the share. You know what bothers many of us when we start a blog or a website is how to make ourselves known and this is one of the ways. ~ Anetta

    • Rightly said Anetta, its true that in the beginning stages it is hard to establish ourselves as a brand but once it is established then you can boost your traffic like anything…

      Thanks for your valuable comment…

  4. Hi Vijesh,

    It’s nice to know the history of Patel…Techcrunch…I’ve heard of his name so much. And so as this company. Anyway, it sounds like you are going more and more to “your team” company. That’s what I get from this post. Am I right? Mobiada is doing pretty good and so why not. What is your vision of Mobiada in the next 5 years? *just curious*


    • …you know you don’t have to answer my question here. if you feel more comfortable you can answer it via email. reason why I said I didn’t make a comment here is because I really dunno what to say and not sure if I can contribute any more to this post. but I am interested in where are you heading as far as your business online is concerned. okay, talk more later….

      • Hi Angela,
        Concerning mobiada, we will go like this for 3 months later if we have the same traffic then we are going to start funding on it. We are in plans to hire some good writers and it would be like a team work. One thing we lack now is the funds to invest on it. For now we will be moving bit slow. We have got one writer as of now who keeps the blog updated. Regarding my other plans I will mail you in future.

  5. Yes i agree with your mentioned points regarding the brand and it’s importance. Establishing a brand is really important to gain trust from the readers and making them to loyal readers which may be convert them into buyers.

    Thanks for the share,

  6. Hi Vijesh,

    I haven’t looked at blogging this way! You have given me much food for thought in this post. When I first started blogging I had a very loose idea of my “brand” but now, learning through my journey, my brand is more clear to me.

    Thanks for making me think!



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