Factors which influence Adsense CPC and inturn affect your earnings


There have been lot of questions regarding how to increase Adsense CPC for their websites flooding my mail inbox daily. So, I have been compelled to write this post to explain how one’s earnings might differ based on some factors which I have written below. Most of the time I receive mails from Indian Bloggers who have been running a blog on education niche. To be more precise, I get mails from bloggers who have blogs on Latest Job Notifications, Latest Exam Results, Government jobs etc. So I prefer to take few of those queries and answer it here so that it would be useful to all those who have the same questions in their mind.
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1. Niche:

Niche plays a prominent role in determining your Adsense CPC which in turn will affect your earnings. I want to share a scenario happening here in India, if you are among those who are running a blog on education then you will notice that CPC for this niche is very less. Now if we go in depth on this niche there is a micro niche which pays well. If you have your blog focused on writing resumes, types of resumes etc which focuses mainly on resumes then this micro niche under education category can pay you well. On the other hand if you choose a niche on posting latest notifications, government jobs, results etc then your CPC will be very low. There is also a blind belief among many bloggers that technology blogs have good CPC but this is not the case in the present times, this was so few months ago.

Compared to any other niche technology niche does pay well but it is not so high as it used to be 3 or 2 years back. You might be in a hurry to start a technology blog but if it were 3 years back then you might have earned nice. Now since there are many technology blogs the traffic is being shared and blogs which had seen glorious days 2 or 3 years back are suffering a loss in their earnings. If you focus on a micro niche then you can also increase your Adsense CPC. If you want to write on technology then focus purely on jail breaking guides, Cisco routers etc then you might see some good earnings even with less traffic. But generalized tech articles and how to articles can bring in huge traffic but less earnings.

2. Geographical Traffic:

If you are an adsense publisher you might have noticed that if you get clicks from US, UK, Australia etc you will see some good CPC rates. But when you get clicks from India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Malasia etc you will find low CPC this is simply due to a fact that advertisers here in India or other countries mentioned buy adwords in Indian rupees or in their currency which on conversion to dollars might end you up with a CPC of 0.01 to 0.5 but when it comes to US or UK they pay in Dollars or pounds so when a person of that area clicks on a ad you will get a higher CPC value.

Google Adsense algorithm has an intelligence of showing the ads relevant to a specific area. If a person from US visits your blog they get US ads being shown there and if an Indian visitor enters your blog they see Indian ads. In this context if you have more traffic from countries like US or Australia you will get higher CPC. But some times even Indian ads too have some good CPC but it will not be as good as US. So see that you write articles which are helpful for all people on the globe.

A top technology site by name The Verge has made an adjustment to their adsense ads to increase their revenue. They had made adsense ads to appear only to some specified countries. If you are a resident of India you won’t find ads shown in The Verge but a US visitor can see the ad. This is done so that they maintain a high CPC value for each and every click.

3. Ad Units:

Sometimes Ad units also play an important role in determining your CPC. People say 336 x 288 ad units have higher CPC, its true but there is a new ad unit 300 x 600 which came recently and it has even more CPC and even CTR also increases as it occupies more space than any other adunits. Initially there was no much increase in earnings when users used 300 x 600 ad unit but now it is not the case. if you have not tried this ad unit just place it and make a note of the difference in your CPC.

There are certain positions where you need to position your ad units to get good CTR value. Usually ad units placed on the sidebar will get less clicks than those ad units placed in between the post or below the post title. So be sensible in placing your ad units and see that you don’t violate any of the Adsense policies or its TOS. Try to place 300 x 600 ad unit on the sidebar as chances of people clicking on the ads will be more when it is placed on Sidebar.

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Disclaimer: All the facts written above are purely based on my observations and personal experiences. There is nothing to be taken for granted as these facts may vary with person to person. There were days when I saw 0.08$ CPC for US and 4.5$ CPC for China and some time it looks like CPC depends purely on luck.

Do you have any wired experiences with your Adsense CPC then why don’t you share it as your valuable comment or if you have experimented on any methods to increase your adsense earnings then do share with us. Hope this article might have cleared many doubts of bloggers who are facing this issue of low adsense CPC.


  1. Great share my friend. Indeed CPC varies due to niche, visitor country and so on.

    I think you forgot to put an “0” here when you said “….TOS. Try to place 300 x 60 ad unit…”

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    PS: Dear friend I don’t know if you remember but I once told you I’ll start my own forum, well for 3 weeks by now this project is in developing faze and I’m asking lots of friends to give me suggestions so I can improve. I have create with attention categories and forums, I have changed colors to meet my needs, I put some ads in sidebar to see how it look like, I wait a professional logo from a designer, he said will be done by tomorrow, I’m not hurry because forum launch is on January 2014. Till than all must be set up as I planned.

    If you have a minute FREE and like to give me suggestion would be awesome. Kind regards!

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for your correction and I also remember your idea on forum. I visited your forum and it looks pretty good. Waiting to see it soon with a pretty LOGO and register button.

      The colors look dull and neat which just gives an advantage for the ads to appear more apparent and that’s good to increase your conversions. I have seen the categories too looks like you have made it from long research also if you desire add case studies and success stories as one among the categories. But overall its nice, all the very best for your new venture…

      • Thank you so muh for your suggestion. I’ll keep in mind and see what should I do, I don’t want to make the forum to big because doesn’t need to be like that.

        My logo designer said he will give me the logo soon, I don’t know how soon, I was thinking today however I see I have no reply from him, in fact is a girl, anyway I’m sure she will finish when she can. I’m not hurry.

        About registration button, there will not be a registration button in near future, not even in the launch day, you see my friend forum from this niche are subject to risk of spam, some kids or even mans trying to spam all over the forums with some sneaky ideas of making money, I cannot let that happen in my forum, so there will be minimum requirements to become a member, for example blog owners like you have free access, and only those who pass min requirements will be given an account.

        I’m trying to make a quality community, even will be few members at start will be those kind of people able to help each other for free. I’m building quality not quantity!

        I hope you come and claim your account in the launch day. I’ll be more than happy to give it for you!

        I wonder why you don’t post often in this blog, anyway see you next time bro’. Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

        • Welcome Daniel,

          Thanks for your invitation I would love to be there at your launching event, I really appreciate your motto behind this forum “Quality not Quantity” I also saw this phrase in your profile in the forum. Its true that many spammers enter forums just to spoil the product.

          I have been not active in this blog as I have been writing for another blog and have been working on a local business. I got few mails to write for this blog so I started writing, I have no plans to kill this blog as more of my experience will be shared here in future.

  2. Great article Vijesh. Geographic locations matters a lot. While Ad units also matters becuase advertisers bids popular ad sizes high to appear. 🙂

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      So long since I wrote a post and got your comment. Just heading to your blog to see what you have written these days. Thanks for stopping by and taking some time to comment.

  3. Vijesh,

    Well, you have taught me a valuable lesson with this post. I had an AHA moment because I didn’t consider the effect of different countries when it comes to this.

    Now I know how the different Geographical locations matter so much when using Adsense. This is why I just love reading blogs.

    Thanks so much,

  4. Well i believe niche is the main factor to get more CPC and that would affect earning. And as you’ve mentioned keywords also has importance which could bring more earnings.

    Additionally as we all know the location from where the click comes is also important like US and UK.



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