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How to Increase the chances of getting an Approved Adsense account

There are lot of changes going now and then in the policies and TOC’s of Adsense program and it is becoming harder and harder to get an Adsense account approved in the first go. Even I had to wait almost 4 years and 5 rejections from Adsense team before I actually ended up in getting one. They have also recently rolled out a post in their Adsense official blog on April 18, 2013 regarding changes in Terms and conditions. Below is the famous Adsense mail which most of us get when we are not eligible for the Adsense program.


Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

– Copyrighted material
– Insufficient content
– Site does not comply with Google policies

The Google AdSense Team

So if you do not want to be a victim of the above mail you need to consider few things before you apply for Adsense. One thing I want to say is getting an approval is not hard at the same time not so easy. Google doesn’t give any hints or they dislike to reveal on what basis they approve a blog or a site only thing they give are the conditions. Some are lucky enough to get an approval the very first time of applying. Read the below article to get an idea on the checklist before you apply for an Adsense account.


1. Domain Name:

This is mandatory and I suggest you to buy a (dot) com domain instead of org, net, in, asia or whatever extension it is. Its not that you won’t get approved with those extensions but probability is more for (dot) com. Do not choose a domain name which contains words like crack, hack or any sort of adult terminology. Though you find people using Adsense in few sites which contain hack in their domain name, you should understand that they did not get adsense approved for that domain. Even if they did get approved, the content of the blog might not be of hacking. For people who want to apply for an account in India and China should apply only when their site is 6 months old. If you are a blogspot user do consider buying a domain before you apply for Adsense.

2. Traffic:

Do you have a decent traffic from search engines, I mean at least 1000 unique page views or 300 to 400 unique visitors per day, sometimes even though you have good traffic you are rejected. But to be on the safe side see that you get at least more than 300 unique visitors and majority from search engines. If you don’t have any traffic from search engines then drop the idea of applying for Adsense.

3. Content:

Yes, this is were many bloggers struggle. They have to create unique content before they apply for Adsense program. If you are having content which is copied from other blog’s then don’t even imagine to get approved. Your blog should not contain any copyrighted stuff. You can’t give links for downloading movies, eBooks or any of such sort. Your blog should also contain safe content which doesn’t harm the society or in simple term children friendly. You can’t even apply for an account when you write in your regional language there are only few languages which Google supports for Adsense program. You could read more in Google’s AdSense program policies.

4. Number of Posts and their length:

You need to have at least 50+ posts and the numbers vary. Sometimes even if you have 300 posts they won’t accept you and sometimes even if you have 10 posts they give a green signal. To be on the safe side you need to have 50 to 70 blog posts. The very next doubt you get in your mind is the optimum post length. A blog should usually contain articles but not tweets you can go on writing a line in a post and publish. If you have 50 articles with few words you have done a mistake again. You need to have useful articles with more than 800+ words. See that your site or blog has more content than the ads you place. In simple words the content ratio of your website should be more than the ads ratio you place.

5. Design:

You need to have a clean and good design. There is no need to go for a paid theme or framework. The blog should be user friendly with easy to navigate links. You need to have a properly organized navigation bar with links pointing to the exact keywords or labels you placed. If you have messed up with your design then consider fixing it before you actually apply.

6. Fill some missing elements:

Long back Google used to approve few sites even though they had some missing elements. But now it is not the case you need to have an about me page (As they are stressing more on Google plus+ profiles), contact us page and most important privacy policy. If you not having any of these pages then try to create them. Make sure you use your original name in the about me page so that the name in the adsense account and about me page will match.

7. Age and program Policies:

User should be 18 years or above in order to participate in the Adsense publisher program. They should strictly follow the Program policies posed by Adsense. Some of the program policies include, you should not encourage users to click on your ads or you should not click on your own ads. You should not generate traffic by some easy means like click through sites or auto surf sites(Google hates paid traffic). You should not alter the HTML code of the ad unit. You should not place their code in popup windows, Facebook or send your code in emails.

Final Checklist before you apply for Adsense:

  1. Active blog or website with a domain name. (Preferably .com and 6 months old in case of Indian and Chinese publishers)
  2. Good traffic from various sources at least 1000 unique page views (Majority should be from search engines)
  3. You should be 18 years old.
  4. You should have more than 50 quality articles (articles should contain more than 800+ words and no harmful content)
  5. No Copyrighted Stuff (Avoid posting download links of movies, software’s, eBooks etc)
  6. Clean and good design with easy to navigate links. (User friendly)
  7. Do not use other network ads till you get an approval from Adsense.
  8. Check that your site complies with their policies and Terms and Conditions. Also consider reading a beginner’s guide on Adsense Policies before you apply.

If your blog or website satisfies the above conditions then without looking back or wasting a minute go for applying one. If you have been rejected earlier concentrate on the cause of rejection. Fix the issues on what basis you were not approved and reapply. Hope this article helps people in increasing the chances of getting an approved Adsense account. This article doesn’t give any assurance of quickly getting an approval for Adsense account but it gives an idea on the requirements which are necessary to get it approved.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Great Info Vijesh, Well One should follow these steps for better and fast adsense approval. I like you post. Keep up the good work
    Thanks & Regards

    1. Thanks for the comment Ashish,
      Hope you too are having a great time with aimzo, keep blogging and keep rocking…

      Welcome to my blog.

  2. Vijesh Bhayya,

    I didn’t get approval from adsense and I did it a month ago..I thought I will wait for a while till I get some search engine traffic..

    When you say 1000 uv, is it per day, per week or per month? And I am happy that you got approval with 10 posts..!

    I will write another 20 – 30 posts and then I might apply..Is there any maximum limit to the number of times you can apply for adsense..

    1. Hi Rafi,

      You need to get 1000 Unique Page Views per Day or 300 Unique Visitors per day, page views is different from visitor count. You can apply as many times as you wish but it wont look good when they keep on rejecting.

      I did not get approved for 10 posts I actually have more blogs and I choose this niche to help newbies out. I am into blogging from long back since 2008 and I got approved during December 2011 and that blog had 200 posts at the time of applying and decent traffic 200 unique visitors per day all from search engines.

      So you need to concentrate more on search engine traffic. For now keep blogging and one day you can notice the rise in traffic don’t worry for traffic it comes as our post count increases. When you meet the above said guidelines do apply I am sure you won’t get rejected.

      Stay in touch I will keep sharing more interesting stuff. You promised me Akbar Birbal stories so don’t forget.

  3. Hi Vijesh,

    This is an excellent post!! 🙂 Thank you very much.

    You know Rob Goss…he told me that it took him 6 months before they approved of him on Adsense. But he only have it on his YouTube channel, since he doesn’t want to put any type of commercial ads on his blog. Except StudioPress “affiliate products.”

    My friend Susan O’Dea — — who is a graphic designer from Australia told me once that Adsense DO NOT like affiliate products on your blog. So if they see one they will not approve of you. And so she recommended to me to install “Pretty Link” @ nofollow. She said that the bot won’t be able to detect your affiliate products if you have some.

    You’re right. Adsense emailed me and said that I have to put the code on my website in order for them to finish the review and I have not follow thru it. When I asked Adrienne Smith about the Adsense, she said to me not to even worry about it. Coz they don’t really pay much. A cent here and there…what do you think about this?

    Anyway, I am very thankful that you posted this Adsense “walk-thru.” I am bookmarking this. Coz I might want to re-apply. Will see. Do you think it’s worth it?

    So far, I have over 300 unique visitors, over 3000 unique page views, BUT…I only have like 35 posts. My site is still pretty brand new. only started since January 2013. So it’s only 4 months old. Perhaps I should wait until it’s at least 6 months old.

    What is your advice?


    1. Hey Angela, if you are getting 300 unique visitors per day it is a good number. Are you getting majority of traffic from search engines?

      Regarding cents I believe its true we get cents but these cents will grow into dollars one day and you know sometimes we can pay off our bills like hosting and domain extension. It depends on the user they may opt or omit adsense.

      Your friend Susan O’Dea is correct and I also have mentioned it as the 7th point in the above given checklist but did not mention it as affiliate links. But after you get an approval from them you can use.

      If your traffic is US based, at times you get one dollar per click and it depends.
      If you want to give it a try there is no harm, we need not place our entire site with ads and there is a limitation of using only 3 ad units.

      But to get an approval from Adsense is the main issue. you should have placed your ads when they prompted you to place. once log into your Adsense account and see if you are already a publisher else fill in the details and apply. 6 months limit is only for India and China publishers.

      If you get an approval from Adsense first they will partly approve and ask you to place the code next they will review it and if everything goes well you would be approved permanently.

      First apply and if you get approved just mail me I will suggest you the action plan.

      1. Yes, they actually ask me to put the CODE so they can further review my site.

        However, I am also an affiliate of the following products:

        • StudioPress (Genesis framework)
        • Namecheap
        • Hostgator
        • AWeber
        • CommentLuv Premium
        • Paid Social Media Jobs

        Actually, I do have the RESOURCES page there on my menu where you can find all of my “affilaite products” and on the side bar I have 2 banners from StudioPress. What would you recommend for me to do? Take them out till I get approve on Adsense?


        1. I think its not necessary to remove those links as if a manual reviewer will check the cache of your site and if they did find that you have removed the links then they might disapprove.

          You are just having those links in a page but you are not promoting affiliate products in all of the articles so there is no need to fear just apply and see the results.

          Even if they disapprove we can reapply after few days.

  4. Hi Vijesh,

    Thanks for sharing this. I got apprproved 4th time with 12 articles about dating tips 😀 and one big article about Google products.

    Omenaija has a quick step by step guide to get approved fast with blogger, no need domain name.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  5. I’ve had my account banned and it’s just fun to be exploring other avenues.
    Even though I’ve gotten a new account I don’t think they are worth the hype.
    Chitika is great as well.

    1. There are many ways people can earn from their blogs, happy to hear that you are exploring many other new ways. Chitaka does well also try infolinks great platform to for publishers.

      Keep Blogging Emmanuel…

  6. the copyright content is something what only google can explain. It is one of the favorite reason with google why they disapprove their adsense account. And yes, it is very much true that you should have a certain amount of the search traffic before you may get any chance of approval for the google adsense!

    1. Its true that Google won’t give us any clues on what is copyrighted content in one’s blog which they had disabled.
      Thanks for your opinion Yogesh

  7. Hi Vijesh!

    I’m sure this is going to be quite a valuable post to many. 🙂

    There are somethings which I got to know the first time – like about the domain name; now, when I applied for Adsense in 2010, I had recently started my blog, and it was on Blogger – a blogspot blog. I did get my account banned as I’d by mistake clicked on a Ad on my blog, but within few days I applied using a separate email ID, and I got the Adsense approved. Maybe things have changed now, and as you say, Google has become stringent in its rules and approvals.

    I feel the traffic stats you recommend are quite high. My Adsense worked when my traffic stats were much below what you mention and I’ve seen many others who’re proudly displaying Adsense ads despite having lower traffic. Maybe it mainly depends on the content, and I agree with what you’ve written. I didn’t know earlier about the regional languages issue with Adsense.

    I think I had Adsense when my blog hosted only 5 to 10 posts. But then, those were older days I guess – three years back. And, I never had to worry about my post length. 😉

    Your post is a reminder to me to create my privacy policy. Besides, you provide a great checklist and I’d say it is a must read for a newbie blogger.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for your valuable opinion Harleena,

      Nice to hear that you got approval for an Adsense account with a blogspot blog but now a days a blogspot blog needs a custom domain. even I too got my adsense approved for my blogspot blog after I changed my blogspot to a custom domain.

      Now a days though we have valuable content and page rank 3 Google is rejecting on the basis of low content it happened to one of my friend. One more friend had the content, domain age but no traffic. So Google keeps users guessing on what basis they approve an adsense account.

  8. I am using adsense for last 2-3 years. At that time I applied it through a blogspot blog with a average content. I got approved. But once again you reminded me the basics of applying a new adsense account as my friend is looking to apply for a new one. I will refer your post.

    1. Hey Arun,
      Thanks for stopping by, even I too got an approval for a blogspot blog only. Surely these points will help your friend who is applying for an Adsense account.

  9. I love the tips on domain name 😉

    Google is getting harder these days than before. I remember I went though a very simple process some years back.

    Thanks for the tips bro

    1. Thanks a ton Enstine, I am glad that you liked my tips these are some of the mandatory points for a newbie to get approval for an Adsense account.

  10. This is just an nice info for new blogger like me .. thanx for nice post bookmarked blog..

  11. Great information sir, this information is really helpful for me, I implement your tips, whenever i apply for adsense. But now my aim is to post genuine articles. You have done great work, i like your website. Thanks once again !

    1. Glad that the information is helpful, do keep an eye on the checklist before you apply for your Adsense account. for now as you have said do concentrate on writing some cool content for your blog.

  12. Sure sir, i will take into consideration before apply for adsense. hope my website is good.
    thanks once again.

    1. Yeah I visited your blog and it is good, as you are posting MBA related stuff I advice also do post on entrepreneur and start ups it helps people a lot in choosing a career as an entrepreneur.

  13. Sure sir, I will also try to post some articles related on entrepreneur and start ups. Your opinion is good, thanks a lot.

  14. Hi Vijesh,

    This is one of the best articles I have read on this topic. I should probably say the best! Wow, I never realized that someone would have to wait as long as you did for an approval. I did not have such a problem when I applied but that was perhaps 2 years ago. I don’t use it on the site that is linked to this comment because it is a relatively new site and I want to build it up before I will apply it there.

    I have just bookmarked this post because I definitely want to curate this article and publish it on my blog. (I’ll do this sometimes next week).

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Hi Dita,
      Thanks for your encouraging comment, these days Google has become bit strict in approving accounts its glad to know that you had no problem in getting an approval.

      Once again thanks for your comment…

  15. Hi Vijesh,

    Very interesting post you have here. Google is really becoming more strict in approving Ad Sense “applicants”. It isn’t like before when I started my website. I got approved within 24 hours (2006). But then my account was disabled in 2009 and my earnings were gone. I didn’t even know why and the emaid I received just said my account was disabled and asked me to review / read the policy again. It was like guessing what I did that prompted them to stop my ad sense. I sent a ticket but it was in vain. It was painful and disappointing but what could I do? I’m glad I’ve been over it and accepted the loss.

    1. Hi Marlene,

      That happened to one of my graphic designer friends. She said that Adsense suddenly terminated her and NO REASON was given to her. And now, she’s not with Adsense anymore but promote some “affiliate products” that gave her MORE income than the Adsense. I guess Adsense is not for everyone. I think the only way I would like an Adsense on my blog is on my YouTube channel. So far they have approved some of my YouTube videos there and they have been putting advertisement there. But guess…I’m gonna have to PASS the Adsense on my blog. Coz I don’t want “advertisements” on my blog other than the approved affiliate products I am promoting now.


    2. Hey Marlene thanks for your comment.

      Its sad to hear that Google had disabled your Adsense account without any reason. You are using ads in your blog. You also have options like Smowtion, Bidvertiser, infolinks. But before you use them again try to apply for Adsense as it has been long since your account has been disabled, may be they will take your application in and approve it.


  16. Hello Vijesh,

    Now a days Adsense is the most powerful earning way for bloggers. But as you mentioned it is not easy to get. I got my Adsense account 3 years ago in my blogger site. At that time there are not so much rules. Just write some unique content then apply for adsense. In a week, your account will approve. Now things completely changed. Adsense policy are very strict now.

    You mentioned all points very clearly how to get Adsense approved. I think if we write some unique content without downloading link, have good traffic a blogger can get approved adsense account.

    1. Hi Ahsanul,

      Happy to hear that you got your Adsense account three years back with a blogspot blog. Thanks for sharing your experience. Its true that good content with good traffic without any download links will definitely help a person to get Adsense approved.

  17. Hi Vijesh

    I had no idea it was so difficult to use Adsense. Thanks for an amazingly details and easy to understand article. It seems it would be very difficult for most of us bloggers.


    1. Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comment just read an article on your blog about DIY vs DFY. You are good at affiliate marketing so you need not bother about adsense I believe. But thanks for your opinion,

  18. This means I have to wait few more months in order to get my adsense account approved. Most of conditions given here are not fulfilled by me at current position. This means I( have to work more. Thanks vijesh for alerting me 🙂 .

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Glad to know that you understood the conditions, I think you are using infolinks and chitaka in your site so before you are applying for your adsense account remove them and once you get approved you can add them back.

      Keep blogging Mahendra…

  19. Hello i have a blog..i applied for first time adsense rejected me for the issue – insufficient content and then second time i applied for adsense and they were not approved my blog with issue – site not comply with program its my request to you see my blog and give me the positive suggestion regarding adsense approval..i am waiting your positive answers..thanks…

    1. Hi Rajesh,
      Your blog does not meet the minimum requirements.
      1. You need to buy a .com domain name it costs 10$ nearly 550Rs.
      2. You need to get good search engine traffic.

      After you meet the above two requirements you can apply for adsense. One more thing don’t copy paste articles for the net else you would be rejected again.

  20. Wow, thanks for the wonder tips.
    i was wondering on how to get Adsense approved. i didn’t find the check list and the bookmarks that has to be followed. but you have pinned them very excellently.
    to be honest, you have made it very clear and simple . thanks for such a good info. surely it will help me

  21. Great post and thanks for explaining everything in brief, i just shared your post on my blog , Hope it will help our users.

  22. Hey Vijesh,

    Like many people, i am in a big trouble. Adsense for me is mandatory now. I have to pay my writers, i own All the stuff you will find on my site is self written and not copied at all from somewhere. Please check it, whats wrong with it. I have premium framework. and hosted on a good server. Everytime i apply for adsense, they reply me as “Site doesn’t comply with adsense policies”. I dunno what’s wrong. But its really annoying, My domain age is more than 8 months now.

    1. Hi Hasnain,

      I checked your website and as far as the content is concerned it is good. But you have some of the elements like about us, Privacy Policy and contact us pages missing. You also have some incomplete menu. when we click on the main menu and second menu we dont get any links so do add some links to those two buttons. So because of these missing elements they might have thought your blog to be incomplete or still under construction mode.

      At the bottom you have a small box telling

      “This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you are giving consent to cookies being used. more information.”

      When we click on more information no page is opened so you need to link your Privacy policy page to that more information.

      After you do these things apply and see. One more thing in the about us page gave the details of your full name correctly so that they know that your original name is being used in about us page.

      After you get approved come back and comment here. All the best…

  23. Hey Vijesh,
    Can you please help in solving my issue ? I’ve tried to apply for Adsense many times! But every time it gets rejected! This is my Site – TechzClub. It satisfies all the minimum requirements for approval. But still always gets rejected by the Issue – Doesn’t Comply with Policies. Could you please have a look and tell me a solution ?
    Looking forward for your reply. 🙂

  24. Well Jophin Joy

    In nowadays google is very strict and not giving any adsense account to Indian bloggers. I don’t know why google is strict, but better to apply for adsense after 6 month. Means your website should be 6 month old to apply for adsense.

    Your website is good and i check you are doing well. So please wait for sometime and then again apply for adsense.

  25. AdSense! AdSense!! AdSense !!!, Getting an approval from AdSense is not easy at all, in fact am facing the challenges even now but my faith looks up to thee, that one of this day I will receive that congratulatory message that you are welcome to AdSense after the second review and I pray that God will surely give me the power and grace to maintain it. lol

  26. Nice post about adsense.
    In my account they send me a messege that the account name is not provided. Will they accept if I resubmit?

  27. Hi Vijesh bro!
    I’m reading your blog for quite a long time if not every day but almost 2-3 times a week, I do visit your blog to find some new updates. The tips on Adsense approval you’ve provided are the reality, and that’s how Adsense moderators would check your site. It’s not hard at all getting approved if you follow this simple checklist.
    It was really helpful, thanks for your awesome tips!

    1. Hi Joe,
      Good to hear that you visit my blog now and then, I have also visited your site copiousblogger and would visit it soon to read your articles too.

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