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Income Reports of Indian bloggers to get inspiration

Long back in 2008 when I bought my new computer I used it mostly for playing games. I was studying my graduation and I was simply a game addict. I used to play many games like Total Overdose, Hitman, SIMS, Vice City, Prince of Persia and many more games all day long, sometimes even till night 1:00 A.M. Within couple of months I had got my internet connection but my love for games never ended. I used internet for mostly Orkut (famous those days) and for my college notes.

One day I accidentally started my first blog in blogger and that too freely without spending any money. I learnt the basics very soon. I also use to search for genuine ways of making money as many people do it everyday even today. That time I learnt about Adsense which was present as a option in blogger dashboard. As usual as most of them I too got sweet news that I am not eligible for Adsense. Later I searched for alternative and I got Adbrite though it was not a great amount I still earned some money.

Sorry for wasting your time with the above two paragraphs. But be thankful as I am going to answer few burning questions with my 5 years of online presence. Means I am going to save 5 years of your valuable time which I have invested to know about few questions I have posted below.

How to make some money with internet?
How can I earn online income?
What are the genuine and trusted ways to make money online?
Is making money online real or fake?
How do people make six figures income online?
How much can one earn being online?
Can we depend solely on online income without going for 9 to 5 Jobs?

Income-reportIf you are a newbie to internet and are searching for ways to make money then listen anyone can make money but only thing is you need to know the correct way. Below are income reports of few Indian bloggers posted in their blogs. There are many bloggers who earn more than or exactly like them which are posted below. Most of them do it with Adsense as their primary stream or as one of their source of income.

So below is the list of few Indian bloggers who boldly shared their income reports. I have just shared it as it might be an inspiration for starters.

Blog Name



Main Source

Amit Bhawani



Harsh Agarwal


Affliate Sales

Jaspal Singh



Keith Dsouza



Vijayraj Reddy



Anil Agarwal


Affliate Sales

Radha Krishna





Direct Ads

Devesh Sharma


Affilate Sales

 Income report of Amit Bhawani:

Amit Bhwani is a Hyderabad based blogger. He started his blogging journey way back in 2005 and he gained some good traffic and reputation within few months of his blogging journey. He now has 45 plus blogs generating him lot of income via Adsense and affiliate links. His two blogs namely and are two blogs from which major sources of income would come.

He now successfully runs a SEO firm with few employees and content writers to support his blogs. His income report in June 2010 created waves in the blogosphere. When converted to Indian currency the amount equals annual income of a software employee who works for some MNC’s. He also insists to take blogging as a serious career opportunity rather than going for a day job.

How much does Amit Agarwal earn?

Amit Agarwal is not a new name in blogosphere. In India when it comes to blogging the only name you can hear is Amit of Labnol. He was an IIT graduate who worked for some good companies and later became India’s first professional blogger. He inspired many to start their own blogs. If I would not mention this guy in this post then I wouldn’t have justified this post.

Coming to the interesting part how much does Amit Agarwal make out of his blog (Labnol). Unlike Amit Bhawani he does not have multiple blogs but he runs few sites but most of his income is from labnol. His story was featured in Google Adsense blog as a case study unveiling the potential of a blogger. He hasn’t revealed his income report but gave hints on how much he earns in one of his posts.

When asked about income Amit Agarwal did keep it private but still gave some guessing works for his visitors. Many people have calculated his estimated monthly income to be in between 50,000 $ to 70,000 $. Though it is hard to achieve such figures for a newbie bloggers attaining 500$ a month is also a great achievement.

Are there more Bloggers who earn money from blogging?

Still there are many bloggers apart for those posted above like Arun Prabhudesai of, Ashish sinha of pluggd which now is renamed as Nextbigwhat, Varun Krishnan of fonearena, Raju of tech PP, Chandra of QOT(Quick online tips), Srinivas Tamada of 9lessons, Pradeep Kumar of HBB (HellBound Bloggers), Rahul Bansal, Amit Shaw of iTechcode, Sushant Risodkar of smartbloggerz etc. If I keep on naming the list would not end. Once Rohit Langde of Blogsolute was also about to reveal his income report, and I was closely following him but he changed his mind as people would be jealous of his income. So like Amit Agarwal he too gave a guessing work of his income report. Now just imagine how much Rohit might be earning he simply said people would be jealous means he makes quite a decent amount of money.


So at last if you are a newbie or established blogger who haven’t earned any money than I think this post might have inspired you. Now don’t ask me how much I make because you won’t be jealous but you would laugh. I have started this blog to unveil the potential of blogging and this post suits the tagline of my blog. Hope you loved this article and got the answers of the questions which I have posted above.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Hi Vijesh,

    This was very inspirational post and it’s really good to hear stories of Indian bloggers being successful online. It gives us all hope. I don’t too much about AdSense. I’m going to look more into it to see how I could use it on my blog.

    Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comment Hiten,
      I think for you there is no need of Adsense as your e-books are good sellers, you are a inspiring writer but still give Adsense a try.

  2. WOW, Great work buddy.

    It’s good to see some of my friends in above list like Amit, Harsh , Imran And Dev!

    All are doing good job.

    You should consider adding more blogger’s income report in your next post. What say?

    1. Hopefully Ammar, but these above mentioned bloggers are the only one’s who boldly revealed their income reports. Though I know income of few other bloggers I don’t have a proper proof to support so for now this is the list, If any other bloggers reveal their income then the list will have more names.

      I also wish to post income reports of few Pakistan bloggers too so that you too will be featured in the next list. 🙂

  3. I would like to thanks all these bloggers for revealing their secrets in pubic because it provide great insights how to move forward to earn money online and also we came to know new programs.

    Thanks Vijesh

    1. Amit Bhawani doesn’t update his blog regularly but he is pretty active at twitter and his android advices blog. He is a great blogger though, Coming to Amit Agarwal many have a desire to know his income report but he hasn’t revealed it to anyone may be in near future we might know how much he earns per month.
      Thanks for your comment Oluwaseun

  4. Surely these persons are inspiration to younger generation of India…The Big Fish,Amit Agarwal hasn’t revealed his income.otherwise he might have made to top of the list.

    Glad to see Devesh in the list and I like to see many more success stories of bloggers other than Tech bloggers and bloggers who blogs about blogging.

    Nice read bro,Great work

    1. Thanks for the Comment Vivek,

      If Amit Agarwal reveals his income report I bet there will be a raise in bloggers and no wonder many people will choose blogging as there career opportunity, May be blogging would also be introduced as one of the subject in schools and colleges.

    1. Its a pleasure Anil to include you in the list, Thanks for the comment and I wish you earn more and more and be an inspiration for newbie bloggers.

  5. Hello Vijesh,
    Really nice of you for so much inspiring post. I am a new comer in this field and really want to achieve big. 🙂
    Good luck. 🙂

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Welcome to Blogosphere, the secret of success lies in the determined mind set, Don’t leave blogging until you have achieved the set goals. Remember it is patience that pays at the end, I wish you a great success ahead. But don’t for to give party after you succeed.


  6. Hi Vijesh,
    Thnx for sharing so much about these great bloggers. This post is a good inspiration for new bloggers like me.


  7. Hello Vijesh,

    Its so heartening to see the kind of amount these bloggers are earning.

    Seeing this may youngsters plunge into blogging thinking that its so easy to make such kind of money. However, it needs dedication, patience, persistence, networking skills and marketing skills to make money out of blogging. If I ask you a personal question, how much have you made out of blogging so far, Vijesh?

    And are you willing to sacrifice your day job and get into blogging?

    1. Hi Rafi,

      Its patience, persistence and skills that help us make money above all from my personal experience it is Search engine traffic which is the main reason behind the income we earn.

      In my post at the end I said you would laugh at my income so don’t ask but even then if you want to know I would reveal it through email.

      We can sacrifice day job when we have a stable income out of our blog and that too from 3 or more sources we can’t rely on one single source.

  8. Seriously what a man he is, Amit Agarwal.. I just love reading his blog… He is really inspiring lots of beginners,like me, to get up to their blogs..

    1. Rightly said Harpreet truly he is a man of inspiration behind many bloggers now, I believe he tapped the blogosphere at a right time where as now it takes lot of time to make it as big as labnol.

  9. Income reports are such a great way to get inspired. I often make contacts with these brilliant bloggers except Amit Agarwal and Bhawani. I think already labnol has high risk of hacking attempts and that must be reason why he doesn’t show his incomes publically. Being an IIT student, I always wonder about his guts to quit his job and continue with blogging. Anyway, he’s earning much more than the MNC’s payments and most importantly, he’s his own boss. Btw, Vijesh, you’ve penned an awesome work and worked hard to compile this. Great job.

    1. Thanks Siddarth for your valuable comment. Recently Vivek of Wpstuffs was telling about your story on how you made page rank 5 blogspot blog. I am due in reading your story I will definitely read your story. I know if you have also posted your income report you would also have been in the above list. Anyways thanks a lot for giving your comment. Stay in touch..

  10. Hey Vijesh,
    great idea to inspire some of your readers by rolling out the inspirational people.
    Thanks a lot and Good luck 🙂

  11. Hello vijesh,

    It feels very inspiring to read about the successful bloggers and to know about their income. Well it is necessary to get inspired that would make us work hard on blogging.

    Thanks for sharing awesome post!

  12. in now days India is the country whose growth rate in every field is increasing enormously
    that the basic cause that Indian’s are developing with the great rate
    so income increased
    thanks for motivation by showing this reports

  13. Very inspirational income report for a new blogger like me. I heard Pro bloggers never share their income reports. Just like to know from where u have collected those reports.

    1. I have collected those income reports from their own blogs, when you click on their site name it will direct you to their webpage containing income report.

      All the Best Bhanu for your blogging journey and thanks for the comment.

  14. Wow. I never there are lots of successful bloggers from India. From the table above, I only familiar with shoutmeloud and wpkube. The rest, maybe I had visited their website once while I never heard some of the others.

    1. Thnak you Rudd for your visit and comment,
      Hope you loved the income reports of Indian bloggers who boldly shared for inspiring people to take up blogging seriously. BTW your WordPress tips are sweet and simple.

    1. Welcome Radha, its a honor for me to include you in the list, Though it was shared long back it has got the essence which can still ignite fire in newbie bloggers. I was expecting you to comment and at last I got you. Comment cheyyakapothe mail pampe vadine.

  15. I for the first time came to know about blogging from an article titled “New Kids In The Block” in the Times of India newspaper (Paper Copy) in 2008. The news was about Amit Agarwal’s and an another blogger’s blogging success. I immediately decided to know and learn more about blogging and start one in future. I started my blog almost four years later!

    My small story is a real proof that they do inspire a lot!!!!

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Wow nice to hear Mukesh that you too were inspired from a successful blogger, even I was also one among them who got inspired from Amit Agarwal’s story. One more coincidence is that I too started blogging in 2008.

  16. Earning such kinds of cash goes along with perseverance and hardwork!
    Hopefully earning 20,000 dollars online this year is the goal but not through my blogs.
    I’ll be discussing how I did that when everything works out successfully.

  17. I never played such games on my computer. I bought this new computer with only 600 dollars especialy not for games.

    I have no video card :)), I have processor i5-3570, RAM 4GB and HDD 1TB. Means that games harm in my opinion (harm in so many ways).

    Good to know how you started blogging. Good luck man.

    Best regards from I.C. Daniel

  18. Hi Vijesh,
    This list is a great compilation and really serves the cause as specified in the title itself. Income is a great inspiration for bloggers but I can really say that to earn money blogging is as hard as doing any other difficult thing that pays. I do not mean to demoralize bloggers in any way but just can share my small experience with all of us. I really appreciate the engagement you have created for your blog and feel that this is a right approach. I also can say that you should have included “Amit Agarwal” from in this list. He is the senior most and most successful blogger in India.

    1. Hi Suhas,
      I have not mentioned Amit Agarwal in the list because he hasn’t publicly shared his income report. But I have mentioned about him in a separate paragraph, Thanks for the comment Suhas

  19. A very interesting and detailed post Vijesh,
    Who said there is no money to be made blogging? In my opinion, there is a lot of money to be made here but, the problem is that most newbies are not ready and don’t have the patience to wait for the money to start coming.

    They are all looking for the magic button. When i started blogging last year, i always have those moments when i feel as if nothing is working and wanted to give up but, we all need to be finding ways to keep ourselves motivated.

    Then, i started reading Pat Flynn’s income reports and that really boosted my strength to keep on with it knowing that soon, i will start reaping the rewards of my efforts. Blogging is never easy neither is it a rocket science.

    I think its something anyone can do once you’ve made up your mind.

    A very informative post Vijesh, thanks for sharing.

    BTW: Thanks for visiting my blog, really appreciate that. I also like your blog and i will definitely come back, happy to connect with you…… Lets succeed together

    1. Thanks Theodore,
      I liked the Phrase “Lets succeed together”

      You have the guts to blog man, you did not give up blogging even when Adsense turned you down. That’s what a blogger needs to be in the blogosphere. Blogging is never a rocket science as you have said at the same time not so easy…

      Love to connect with you too…

  20. Hey Vijesh, first time on your blog – like what I see so far. Thanks for sending me this way through your comments on my blog.

    Those are definitely inspiring income reports from Indian bloggers, and you’ll be one of them soon.


    1. Thanks Enstine, not only the above mentioned guys but there are many who are doing great but these where the only one who shared them publicly to inspire others.

      Once again thanks for the comment Enstine.

  21. I am happy to announce here that i doearn more than some of the listed bloggers. These are really inspirational vijesh. Thanks for posting this list.

    1. Glad to hear you earn more than the people listed. There are many bloggers who earn more than the people I have listed, but very few share them online. The list is about those who boldly shared their income reports.

      Amit Agarwal too left a guessing work. Nice to get your comment Rakesh. Hope you too inspire more bloggers…

  22. They are earning a lot whereas I am not earning 1% of them but still I’ll continue in hope that I will earn something but blogging is my passion.

    1. Hi Pratap,
      It takes some time to start earning with our blog, So patiently keep blogging till the right time knowing all kinds of strategies that work to earn money, one day you will also earn good amount from blogging.

  23. Thanks for the inspiration. Normally, I read tables of great bloggers making hundreds of thousands per month.
    It’s good to see another side of the coin, which is where I’m really stuck at the moment. Time tor ead some blogs!

  24. There is some new info because other bloggers publish this kind of article which contains 1. Labnol, 2. Amitbhawani and 3. Shoutmeloud. This list is must for some bloggers when I here is something new info. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sudip,
      This list is not about estimated earnings as you see in the web around but this list is about Indian bloggers who have shared their income reports to give their readers inspiration,

      Thanks for your opinion Sudip…

  25. Highly motivational post dude! I even bookmarked your page.Happy to see some success stories.Apart from posting this,you had done a something really awesome.I would love to share this post on my fb wall because it’s highly inspirational for newbies.

  26. Hi your list of bloggers earn from blogging is awesome. You’ve mentioned some wonderful people in this blogging industry. Thanks.

  27. These people are inspiration for new bloggers and anyone who wants to become a full time blogger. It proves that you can make huge money if you concentrate on a particular thing. Thank you for sharing this list dude.

  28. Wow! I am amazed to see such $$ figures. The essence of the post being ‘Hardwork’ and passion.
    Thanks a lot! It was indeed helpful. I have made a bookmark of this site. Really helpful!

  29. Hi ! Impressive content. People are still not sure what particular steps to take. Now, I think your initiative is well understood to target those to learn the basics. Thanks sharing.

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