5 Reasons why now is the Perfect Time to start a Blog


Already many of you are bloggers, few blog for fun, few blog for money and few blog out of passion. I want to share a small story before I give reasons on why one should start a blog now or why one should take blogging serious.


Once upon a time there were three Arab merchants who were crossing a dry river bed after finishing their two months of business trip at a near by town. As I said this story is a once upon a time story, there were no street lights to show them the path. That night was a moonless night and they didn’t even know that they were walking on a dry river bed.

The three merchants were so exhausted that they were planning to sleep after walking for few minutes. But suddenly in that dark moonless night they were startled by a voice. It said “I will only say this once. Just listen and do as I say, pick up the stones and continue your journey, morning you will be both happy and sad. Heed my words and continue on.”. So out of fright they obeyed the voice and took few stones from the river bed tied them in a cloth and continued their journey little further and they slept for the morning to arrive.

As the day was about to break one of them got up and woke his other two friends. Three of them eagerly opened the cloth containing stones and to their surprise they found that the stones they picked up in the night were not just stones but precious stones.

They remembered the words which they heard, that they would be both happy and sad. They were happy because they are having precious stones they were sad because they have picked up only few.

Like the story above I too took blogging just for fun. I am also both happy and sad, happy because I have bit of experience in blogging and I make some money too. Sad because if at all I took blogging seriously from the day I actually started I would have been a professional blogger by now. Anyhow still nothing has gone worse still I have a lot to go. So now it is the time to share why now is the right time to blog.

Five reasons why now is the right time to Blog:

1.    Your voice can be heard online:

Did you ever thought of having an online presence in terms of your own website which can be accessed world wide? You have some great opinions which you thought should be reached to different people of the world. Then blogging is the perfect solution to take you online. Some people who have been blogging have gained celebrity status too. Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, Michael Arrington, Perez Hilton, Arianna Huffington etc are online celebrities who became famous through their blogs. Not only these people but many bloggers had got recognition through their blogs. So your voice also can be reached to many people through out the world through a small blog.

2.    Pick up Writing Skill:

People can write their experiences and to show case their work they need a platform and a blog serves the necessity. You can learn the skill of writing, anyone can write but not all have that impressive write up or uniqueness. It is through a blog you can develop your writing skills and if you have a unique style and quality content people start reading your stuff. After all blogging is nothing but writing.

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3.    Blog is not so hard to build as a Website:

You would be surprised that to start a blog it takes just 5 to 10 minutes. To build a website it takes couple of days. You have many platforms to start a blog like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr etc and that too free of cost with a sub domain. You can also go for paid self hosted blogs with your own domain which costs you not more than 50$ to 100$ depending on your budget. You also need no web developer or web designer to start your blog if you have some basic knowledge. But for a website you need days of hard work, web designer who designs, domain and hosting. You would be surprised when you install WordPress in your hosting. After you upload the WordPress files to your hosting and install the very first step it says “WordPress has been installed. Were you expecting more steps? Sorry to disappoint.” This shows the ease of starting a new blog.

4.    Solve others Problems:

You can solve many problems of other people through your articles. One day you might have gone through several stages of hardship without knowing the proper direction at last you got the solution. Share your experiences it might be useful to others. Many bloggers post solutions of various problems like what to do when something goes wrong with your mobile or any other electronic device. People love to follow those who try to solve there problems. So you could be a problem solver through your blog.

5.    You can earn a living:

This is the reason why many blogs are growing day by day, if you are good at blogging and generating traffic then you can earn some money. Though there are many ways on how people use there blog for making money it all depends on the traffic you get. As I said we can earn living out of a blog there are many people who left there jobs for the sake of blogging because at times blogging pays you more than you could actually earn through a day job.

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If not Now then Never:

There are many reasons on why one should start a blog, the above discussed reasons are only a few of them. It’s not too late to start a blog just jump and start your blogging journey today. People regret that they should have started one when they first heard about it but they never took it that serious. There is a saying which says

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone”.

So if you are rejecting to start a blog today then one day you would definitely regret why you haven’t started one. So it’s all up to you whether you are starting a blog or simply quitting.


    • Yes Emmanuel, blogging does give us liberty, we can also meet lot of new people there are lot of benefits which we will get to know in long run.

      Thanks for dropping Emmanuel…

  1. I”m not really blogging but I use wordpress platform. Thanks for sharing this Vijesh.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    • Thanks for your comment Daniel,

      Great to hear that you too use WordPress platform but try to take blogging seriously you can also let your opinion to be heard to many people.


  2. Hi Vijesh,

    I enjoyed reading your story!

    Me too, I have been blogging since the year of 2000 in Livejournal. Back then, I didn’t take blogging seriously. I was blogging from day to day of life. What’s happening at home, with my husband, with my kids, and whatnot. I used to have 1,000 friends on my Friends List, then when the CEO sold Livejournal, all kinds of rumors went on. And that, how do they know that they have “free of speech” now that the Russians took over! And so from then on, 2000-2008 I have been blogging and used to get 40-70 comments a day!

    Have I continued blogging…I would have not vain regrets.

    I stopped my graphic design career in the year 2002-2012, because I was taking the Respiratory Therapy program. I wanted to stir my career into a different direction. But lo and behold, God has another plan for me. I cannot tell you the real reason why I stopped the RT program. It’s very personal. But the bottom line is, the medical field wasn’t really my passion. And that my passion relies on working on my computer and social media.

    I have passion to connect and create new network relationships with others.

    I’m thinking…if I just continued my blogging then, I would have been making money by now. But because of the recession/depression…sometimes you have 2nd thoughts about yourself if you are still marketable. I wanted the 9-5 job that will give me SECURITY. But the fact of the matter is, there is NO secure job in this world. The bible said, we ought to work till the day we die. The “retirement” word is a human invention. There is no such thing. Except everybody thinks that by the time you’re 65 you should retire!

    WordPress only came out 2003. And at that time I wasn’t even doing anything in the computer but concentrating on getting another degree in Respiratory Therapy. And so though I have experience blogging and been on the Internet this long, WordPress is still pretty new to me…specially SEO’s and stuff. This is way different from blogging my personal stuff then. This is more of “helping others” giving tips & hints to everyone in your niche.

    Anyway, thanks so much for sharing this experience. I know that I am sitting on a gold mine. And I’m glad that I’m back online blogging and doing what I love most doing, what I’m passionate about. 🙂


    • You too have a good story Angela, I think you are still confused over your career. God definitely has a plan for every one of us and to know that we need to depend on him every moment of our life. I think I have read about your medical field and all in your about page of your blog. Your husband encouraged you to take that direction but you love to be with computers.

      Regarding security its only in Jesus Christ we have.

      Do not work for food that spoils, but for food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. – John 6:27

      Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. – Luke 12: 7

      God will definitely keep some ability in us and if we realize that, we can succeed. If you believe in Him he will bless you in everything you do. Even if you commit something wrong He would turn it out good for you provided you trust in Him with all your heart.

      Believe and move ahead you have great days ahead.

  3. Vijesh Bhayya,

    Please add your social share buttons at the top of your blog post as well..Moreover, I feel you can do a little more SMO to get your amazing articles online..!

    Thank you once again for mentioning my blog in your previous post too..It means a lot to me.

    • Seriously now I have to concentrate on SMO, it was Rahul Kuntala who first said, next Harleena, next Adrienne, next Angela and now you all where telling to place social sharing buttons. Truth is that I seldom use social networks but from now on I will use it more and I too will learn to tweet and like stuff.

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion Rafi, it counts…

  4. Hi Vijesh,
    You have unique style of writing as you have mentioned it in your about page. Well many people are joining blogging as their carrier and it is good to be the part of it. I started as hobby and never though of money.
    With this I have learned many thing and it is all because of my passion to blogging. You seems to be a great guy and I wish you great luck for your upcoming plans 🙂
    Keep it up and keep sharing these information with us.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ashish Kumar

    • Hey Ashish Thanks for your visit,

      Keep visiting I will make you feel it like you are at home.
      Thanks for your wishes and I wish you also learn many things your passion for blogging will definitely not let you down.

      By the way is Blogging your career now? Are you a full time blogger?

  5. a very inspiring story it was. Yes, many a times we think that something is good and we should give it a try but we just fail to initialize and the idea is lost after some time. At first, what we should have is the faith in us and then the determination and patience are also the essential ingredients to sustain.

    • Thanks for your support Yogesh,
      Your words really encourage me to bring out more useful posts to the readers in future.
      Have a nice time… 🙂

      • Hi vijesh…
        it was good to know that my words had that effect!
        but your work was really a praise to do.
        Telling stories associated with the article helps a reader associate to the real life events.

  6. Wow! The story is indeed inspiring.
    I personally feel that anytime is perfect to start a blog. The only aspect that makes the difference is the enthusiasm and passion towards blogging.
    All the points mentioned by you are very true!

    • Thanks for the visit and an encouraging comment Pawan.
      Enthusiasm and passion towards blogging are the only things which keep a blogger going.

  7. Another great story that could wipe the doubts of those who are hesitant. Wonderful, Vijesh!

    Your story is similar to mine. I started blogging in 2008 but with blogger. I did not try to do that seriously. I was just posting some random stuff. And in 201, I left it completely. But in May 2012, I came to know that some young students were blogging and making some bucks. I wanted to know how. They told me all about wordpress and other things. Only then did I take blogging seriously despite the fact that I had no knowledge of installing wordpress.

    My first wordpress blog (Ready Info Here started on May 18, 2012) is exactly one year old now.I have learnt a lot.

    Vijesh, as you said, we should not wait for things, rather, we should move on and learn things. What I feel now is, I wasted 4 valuable years that could have given me a lot of experience. So it’s never too late.

    Once again, thanks for the wonderful post.

    • Thanks for your comment Achari,

      Its true that we neglect some of the beautiful opportunities which come our way. I knew about WordPress and Adsense few years back but I didn’t jump into it but I suggested to one of my friend. You know what within a year he has earned more than a lakh and I was still earning peanuts out of my blogspot blog. I even didn’t try to start one even after knowing that he gets good Adsense checks.

      If at all I have just took a dare step those days I would have been on a Pro list…

      Anyways still nothing is lost as long as some wonderful people like you keep on encouraging with such comments.

      Few strategies that worked during those days are not working these days but still I love this struggle for blogging. reminds me of a English lesson “Struggle for an Education”

  8. Procastination is a thief of time, better start now than never: it really takes time to dominaating blogosphere so,it’s better to start now than later


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