Top 10 Reasons why you should start Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is not a new term, as this act of writing for others blogs and inviting others for writing in our blog’s is quite successfully carried out these days. In simple I would define guest blogging as a symbiotic relationship between two bloggers where both benefit from each other. Sometimes guest author need not be a blogger, even those who are interested to write can also benefit from writing a guest post. In general people who promote some products like SEO, Link building, Web hosting, domain resellers etc would write a guest post to get a link back to their site.  In this post I want to discuss on the benefits of writing a guest post in other blogs. Keep your eyes open and grab the benefits of Guest blogging.


1. Grow your reach for wider and new audience:

You have successfully built a blog and you also got some quality content but as it is new you won’t be getting any organic traffic. You want your content or your articles to be read by new people or wider audience then guest posting or guest blogging comes to your aid. Sometimes your blog might have 100 regular visitors then guest blogging in a blog which has 2000 regular visitors will definitely help you in getting more exposure to your content.

2. Get Back links to your Blog:

People who allow guest blogging in their blogs give a small column called authors bio. This is the place where the guest author can place a small excerpt of themselves giving a link back to their blog. This link helps the visitors to visit the guest author’s blog and at the same time helpful for increasing Page rank. When a search engine gets to your blog through a link from a blog having higher page rank can increase the chances of increasing your page rank. You can also give a link to any of your favorite posts or link to product page in your blog. But be careful you won’t give a direct affiliate link of any of your products. You are allowed to link back only pages from your blog.

3. Make your existence known to others:

You have earned some money by flipping a website and you wrote your story on your blog which no one is reading. Now you want your success story to be known to others, in simple you want others to know who you are, then just choose a blog which allows stuff of that kind and write a guest post. People will now know who you are and how you made success. Many of the successful bloggers like Zac Johnson, Ileane of Basic Blog Tips, Rahul Kuntala of Learn Blog Tips and one of my favorites Jane Sheeba of Problogging success etc too wrote many guest posts in other blogs. The main reason behind guest posting is to make ourselves known to others on who we are and what we blog about.

4. Targeted traffic:

You can also write a guest post when you want to target a particular community or a traffic which likes the content you write. It is simple you have a blog on making money online and you want to bring in people who like to know about  more ways of making money online then you can write a guest post in a blog of making money online niche and can target them. Want to draw in people who love designing than write a guest post on designing blogs. Guest posting can be used as one of the main weapons in directing targeted traffic to your blog.

5. Building new relationships:

You want to build relationships with bloggers in your own niche or do you want to get your articles read by a top blogger of your niche then Guest blogging does the magic. You have written a guest post for a top blog of your niche and if you keep on constantly contributing your articles then the blog owner would definitely follow your blog to check your articles. Even the regular visitors start knowing who you are and they will defiantly build relationship with you via comments, tweets, likes etc. So you are growing relationships with new bloggers at the same time increasing your tweets, likes and comments to your articles. Don’t forget to reply each and every comment you get to your article it is how you can grow new relationships.

6. Write for a Change:

You have a technology blog and you want to write about how to lose weight then you could go for guest blogging. You might be an expert in various other things like you are good at a cooking recipe, you are good at giving parenting tips but you can’t post all that stuff in your technology blog. You can just search for a blog of that particular niche and you could give your tips and help that particular community. So if you want a change, means you want to write other than your parent niche, then go for guest blogging.

7. Develop your writing skills:

We all know a great saying “practice makes man perfect”. Simple tip to improve your writing skills it is to keep on practicing. Now don’t wonder how guest posting will boost your writing skills? You can well write more and more articles for your blog why to experiment and spoil others blog is what you think. Usually a guest authors articles won’t be accepted until and unless it meets some of the requirements like proper spellings, proper grammar, proper usage of the language and so on and so forth. So chances are their that the blog owner rejects your guest article asking you for coming up with even more info or error free article. You are actually  made to work and learn even more writing skills in order to get your article approved. Guest posting is actually a review of your writing skills done free of cost. You can work on the weaker areas of your write-up by knowing why your article is getting rejected may be spellings, grammar etc. So keep writing more guest articles to improve your writing skills.

Guest posting is a review of your writing skills done free of cost.

8. Earn few Bucks:

Wow is it true? Bucks! are you kidding. I know you would say those if I say you can earn bucks. I also know that you love to know how one can earn money by writing guest articles. Some blogs do pay their authors for guest posting in their blogs and the rate of approval also will be quite less as they are paying. You can also earn with some blogs which allow Adsense revenue sharing option where you can embed your own Adsense code for your article, so if you get more visitors more Adsense income. The purpose of using Adsense revenue sharing feature for guest authors is to draw quality killer content from their guest authors. So if you want to earn some cool money then you need to write a killer content article. Guest posting can also help you make some money out of your articles.

9. Get more opinions on your write-up:

Comments are one of the most desired assets for someone who has invested their time in writing an article. If you write a killer article in you blog you might get few comments but if you choose to write the article in a blog which gets some thousands of regular visitors then the chances of getting comments will also be more. So you can get to know how your articles are being treated by larger audience, this is also a kind of getting reviews on your write-up.

10. Increase your social followers:

You have a writing style that can easily attract your readers or you give something valuable which no one else gives. Then people will not only give comments or visit your blog but they start following you on your Twitter, Facebook or they will subscribe to your blog. Do you have some extra ordinary tips which will be liked by many, then go for writing in some top blogs which will boost your follower count. You might have observed a link stating “Have a tip, pitch or guest column? Tell us” in Techcrunch blog if you can write an article in such high traffic blogs regularly then your social media followers will also increase with a rocket speed.

Would you start Guest Blogging?

Now are you planning to write a guest post in other blogs? Are you already a guest blogger? Do you know more benefits apart from those which I have posted above then you can post your valuable comments. I love to hear from you people and if you love to hear more from me simply subscribe to Blog in Grace.


  1. Hi, vijesh. A very good post emphasizing on the importance of guest blogging. I have recently started doing that and I am sure the results are very good.

    We wait and wait – You always come up with a brilliant article. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree with you, Achari. Guest blogging is important for branding and for relation building. Without it, a blogger will be left alone.

      I also agree that Vijesh is slow but going great! Great work Vijesh, quality is more important than quantity! Keep it up.

  2. Hi Vijesh,
    Hmm…the issues of guest posting with its merits and demerits is one great debate which I don’t want to go there.
    I ought to stick to the subject matter.
    Vijesh, this is a great post.

  3. Not any blogger can do guest blogging. You need some writing skills, blogging beginners out of the question in my opinion.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

    • Agreed Daniel, but everything comes by practice and no body is born a writer so better keep writing till it gets approved, that not only improves the writing skill of newbies but also they know how to produce quality,

  4. Hi Vijesh,
    Yes guest blogging is awesome to build relationship and to build up reputation of our blog.
    Thanks for sharing guest blogging benefits.

  5. hi Vijesh,
    thanks for telling the importance of guest posting. It will surely help in imparting a good share of knowledge and also to make more readers for your website. I had really gained quite a lot from this article.

  6. Hi Vijesh,

    Guest blogging in one niche that I have yet to cover, because I know the potential it has – just as you mentioned in your post.

    I guess it’s been the lack of time that has been the main reason, but just as time has to be taken out for things that are important, we need to find time for guest blogging too. I think the best part of guest blogging is that get to meet so many new people and that helps to build relationships in the long run.

    Other than that, your traffic increases and so does your reach, and you make new connections in the social media too. Yes, writing skills get better, though for me, being a professional writer and blogger, I as a tis write a lot daily, so that’s no hassle, but I can understand how it helps other who perhaps don’t write as much.

    Thanks for sharing these reasons with us. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

    • Thank you Harleena,

      Guest posting does have lot of potential as you have said it increases our traffic. So I think we can see you as guest in others blogs. happy Blogging and a nice day too.

  7. Great post Vijesh,
    I have guest posted on some major sites and the traffic from there is excellent. Besides, I have come to build important relationships with these blog owners.

    Thanks for sharing these key points

  8. Hi Vijesh,

    Ah, a topic people love to cover.

    I believe that it can have it’s benefits but people also use it just for backlinks which Google has definitely made clear you do not want to do.

    That’s why I’ve chosen to have a strict policy over at my place and guest posts are by invitation only. Now I have written some guest posts but my traffic to my blog did not come from those posts. If you are an unknown then it can can really help you get more attention.

    Great points though that you’ve covered here and I think everyone should at least give it a try. Get in front of people you’d never have an opportunity to. You never know who will find you.


    • Adrienne, all of the above mentioned points may not turn fruitful, you might well not get expected traffic or expected exposure but something or the other you might get from a guest post. Sometimes unexpected things happen with a guest post you might become well known person in the blogosphere who knows.

      Thanks for the comment.

  9. Hi Vijesh,

    So my question is…where do you find blogs that you can guest post with? Do they have it there on their website advertise or what. Just recently I deleted the “WordPress Guest Post Plugin” in my blog coz I thought I would invite guest poster in my blog. But I haven’t really got the time to that, yet.


    • Hey Angela, you can have them at various blogs like they have a link write for us, tip us, give us a tip, guest writers, guest posting etc. I have mentioned about guest blogging in others blog but not inviting a guest blogger to our blog. Would share more on guest blogging in coming posts stay tuned…

      • Thank you, Vijesh. Yes. I would like to know more about this “guest poster” subject. Coz I haven’t done it and I dunno where to start. So I put this in the back burner. BUT…if I have more the “know-how-to-do-this” SURE…I’m all for this. Anyway, have a lovely weekend.


  10. Great list bro.I agree with most of your points,From my personal experience,I sent three articles to few blogs but unfortunately only one got published.I got immense response and traffic for the article which got published.

    Do these advantages apply for Tech blogs also (Guest blogging for any Tech blog) ? I doubt so.please throw some light on these perspective.

    • Guest blogging does help tech blogs a lot only the reason why tech related articles are less accepted is due to the crowd. I too wrote few reviews of electronic products but I got rejected as they could find many reviews for the product I have sent. So we need to be first to review the product when it comes to guest blogging for tech blogs.

      Writing some tech tips too helps us in increase the chances of getting approval.

  11. Hi Vijesh,
    I saw this post posted via and I decided to check it out. I believe that guest blogging is what everyone needs to build traffic and most especially building relationship with other bloggers.

    I also believe offering a good quality content is a must if you want to achieve more trust and success in your guest blogging journey.

    Thanks for sharing. Already commented via Bizsugar.

  12. yeah, Guest blogging is the best way to interact with other bloggers and to get back links, I just start it and hope for goood result.
    Thnx for sharing……..

    • Glad that you have started Guest Blogging Rupali, you can express your opinions and thoughts to the entire world irrespective of the niche.
      hope to see more of your guest posts…

  13. Really great post because guest commenting helps the website to be more attractive and google brings that website on the top of the listings. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Yes ofcourse Vijesh, I have done guest blogging once and I got many new bloggers and non blogger friends, so many backlinks, traffics increased and many more. According to me newbies are recommended to go for guest blogging as that would help them know the working environment of the blogosphere as a whole. The statistics will show them where are the loop holes and to prevent them in future.

    Very well written. A great share to read and apply more. 🙂



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