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How I Built Mobiada Blog which generated 2000+ Unique visitors a day

All those who have been my regular readers here at Blog in Grace missed my updates from past few months. To be precise I have been not very active from the month of January. There are several reasons for my inactivity and the major reason is I have been working on a start up of mine. Yes you heard it right I took a different direction from a regular 9 to 5 job. Before that I have been working on a blog by name Mobiada. Here in this post I submit complete case study of mobiada which had started in July 15th 2013.

I have been a blogger from quite a long time (almost 5 Year+), I have few blogs to my name which does generate few bucks which are enough for my hosting and pocket money. I have always longed to be a technology blogger but I never stepped into writing due to fright that I cannot write technology related articles. I knew a fact that most of the technology bloggers earn good Adsense income because the CPC for technology blogs is good compared to any other niches.

So that quest of mine has been quenched very lately in the month of July 2013 when I happened to start a blog by name Mobiada along with one of my earliest online friend Vivek. Vivek was already a technology blogger and was technically strong in WordPress, he has been my friend from the day one of me starting Blog in Grace. Actually he was the one who insisted me to start a blog in WordPress, so came the presence of BIG (Blog in Grace). The main reason I got into Mobiada is my love for technology and the original fact is to increase my income from a technology blog. Now latest update is both Vivek and I have been working on our own projects so mobiada is now currently being managed by one of our online friend Tashreef.

What is Mobiada?

Mobiada is a technology blog which is focused purely on mobiles, smartphones and tablets. This blog was built to deal with any issue’s regarding these devices. It might range from iOS to Android news and tips. We focused our articles purely related to mobiles, smart phones, tablets so that we can justify the name we kept for our blog.

Why we named it Mobiada?

I and Vivek thought of a good name which should be short and easy to remember at the same time should relate to the niche of our blog. After brainstorming over few names we held on to mobiada and the name too is not registered with anyone. We also gave our blog a good tagline “imbibing mobile culture”. If you are also in a process to start a new blog and thinking of a good domain name then read: 7 deadly mistakes to avoid when choosing your domain name

What we did before we started Mobiada?

Before we started Mobiada I and Vivek took few blogs related to our niche and did research on those blogs on how they write and the number of articles they put in everyday. We also had a close look on the number or authors who had been behind those successful blogs. I don’t know if any of the newbie bloggers do all these before they start a new blog. But I personally suggest newbies to go through the blogs of their interest and look forth on why those blogs are successful and what defects those blogs have.

So coming to our research we could understand that most of the successful blogs are being run by a panel of writers and they put in almost 5+ articles every day. So we thought to divide our works, I took up the task of writing in 5 useful and worthy articles every day and I gave up the work of designing and writing few articles to Vivek.

How were the initial days?

It was really fun working with Vivek, I had been writing and writing at one end and at the other end Vivek had been working on designing a good template, SEO and working on traffic. Vivek used to write some tutorials now and then but most of the articles were written by me in the initial days.

What about the traffic, did it work as expected?

We were after the traffic from the day 1 of starting our blog and our blog ended up with 25 Visitors on the first day. Second day we had almost 165 visitors and third day we had 185 visitors, on the fourth day we had 355 visitors. We got 355 visitors on the third day cos we wrote an news article on Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which was being released then which was the reason for a sudden hike in the traffic. You can see the screenshot of the traffic report in the starting days.

Mobiada 1

The traffic remained bit low the next day but afterwards we had a steep decrease cos news articles are good only two or three days but they are not good all the time. We kept on writing regularly and been waiting for an increase in traffic. We started our blog on 15th of June 2013 and we added it to google analytics on 17th of June. We had got a positive response on June 6th with a traffic of 85 unique visitors. And from then we had seen a gradual growth every day like 92, 125, 130 and it kept on increasing day by day and we had been writing every day continuously without a pause.  We got 352 unique visitors on July 15th which you can see in the below screenshot, but then the site recorded bit low traffic for two days after that.

Mobiada 2Later we recorded some good results and this time traffic started to double and we could record 1090 unique visitors on July 26th 2013 which is just 40 days from the day we started Mobiada. You can see the increase in traffic in the below screenshot.

Mobiada 3Later the traffic did not seem to get down but it had started to grow and grow. Our main source of traffic was from Google. We had been ranking well for most of the articles we have written. We touched 4049 Unique visitors on August 19th which is just 94 days from when we started Mobiada(i.e on June 15th). Of course the traffic did not stay there but Mobiada had been generating 2000 to 3000+ unique visitors on an average from then on. Just take a look at the screenshot below which I have took from google analytics.

Mobiada 4

Later on their was a decrease in the traffic but it was not much, those effects may be due to Google algorithm changes yet mobiada was generating traffic of more than 1500+ unique visitors a day throughout the year 2013. You can look at a screenshot below on how the traffic was maintained through out the year.

Mobiada 5

Did mobiada stand as a good income source?

Now this could be an interesting question for those who have been looking to know if technology blogs earn well. We had a chance of testing few advertising platforms other than Adsense. We tested Infolinks, Kontera, Qadabra, and smowtion ads with mobiada. We recorded low performance in all the above used advertising platforms. We earned 10$ with Qadabra, 10$ with Kontera, 3$ with Smowtion and infolinks did not show up so we did not earn anything from infolinks. We made $500+ from adsense till date. We did not get any direct advertisers if not we would have made even more bucks.

So my conclusion is technology blog may earn well but not with adsense or any other third party ad publishing sites but it might be only with sponsored review articles and direct advertising. We also had to shell down few bucks on hosting and our domain name which accounted to about $200+. We had to move our site to VPS cos the hike in traffic made our site go down very often. So we took Linode hosting for which we had to pay 20$ per month.

These days due to rise in bloggers, technology blogs which have seen glorious days in 2008 to 2011 season are also earning too low due to decrease in traffic in their blogs and also increase in competitor blogs. So if you are also in a move to start a technology blog think thrice cos these days are not like those good old days where people used to get lots of money. If you are into starting a technology blog it should be done with a panel of writers and should be well established like a business but it cannot achieve good results with only a single person writing all day long.

Who writes for mobiada?

Starting days it was I who used to write most of the part for mobiada along with Vivek. I have written 378 articles for mobiada but now I have ceased from writing as I have to look after the startup which I had started in February 2014. Even Vivek too does not write for mobiada as he too is busy with his startup. So we have a good writer by name Tashreef Shareef who is the active content writer in Mobiada. We also have few guest contributors who write for mobiada now and then. Below is a screenshot of who are behind mobiada and for Privacy sake I have to hide their emails.

Mobiada 6

Some important Stats of Mobiada

Coming to some of the important statistics of mobiada.

We have 1000+ Facebook Followers, 100+ Google Plus Followers, 4,07,281 Unique Vistors who visited mobiada till date, 500+ dollars earned and 200+ dollars spent, Page rank 2 and alexa rank 231,726. 


So if you are into blogging and are looking forward for creating a blog with some good traffic only key is writing articles continuously everyday. But make sure you don’t copy paste articles or re-write already existing articles. It is a tough job to write new articles everyday but only niche which can help us write new and unique articles every day is the News niche, it may be technology news or world wide news. But don’t think starting and writing for a news blog is that easy because there are some big blogs which will never give their spot to you in Google search. Hope you have gained much knowledge on what strategies work well in creating a blog with 2000+ unique visitors.

Update: has now been changed to, All that which has been shared in this article is about which is now not active.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Good to See you site traffic report Vijesh . I am also a Tech blogger and blog on same niche as you . I have my tech blog from one year and I also got good amount of traffic and revenue . But the problem is competition . This niche is very competitive so you have to do hard work to stable you as a tech blogger .

  2. Good to See you site traffic report Vijesh . I am also a Tech blogger and blog on same niche as you . I have my tech blog from one year and I also got good amount of traffic and revenue . But the problem is competition . This niche is very competitive so you have to do hard work to stable you as a tech blogger . Niche you choose is not so easy . To make you blog famous you have to work regularly like you job and keed updated your readers about every updates and launches

  3. I blogged for a long time too. It’s a tough racket with low ROI in the short term.

    Nice post!

    Random side note… Right now, I’m focused on generating traffic. Do you use any strategies other than content marketing? Just curious.


  4. Hello Mr. Vijesh,

    With all sincerity, I thought you have stopped blogging. I once wrote an article dubbed,’Some Bloggers I can’t and won’t ever forget’ and the name Vijesh couldn’t be left out.

    It is really a great thing that I can now hook up with you on Mobiada!

  5. I am pleased to see your new blog has taken off in such a good way, I’d love to know what techniques you used to gain so much traffic in such a short amount of time though. 🙂

  6. Hi Vijesh,

    Thanks for coming back so long and all the best for the traffic increasing of Mobiada. I like the report and for sure I am going to act upon your advice which I think is awesome. I am non-techo it is not my cup of tea but I am focusing on this niche as well. But my first love is always a writing tips and blogging.

    Thnks for shaaring your progress report which can help many.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and posting your valuable comment Shiwangi. Even though we are non tech bloggers one key to success is to keep writing useful stuff continuously…

  7. Thats really good to know about your new venture. I guess “Mobiada” is really great branded name and I wish you best of luck.

    1. Its true Harpal, we really need to write worthy articles and keep our blog active with regular updates in order to get some good traffic to our blog.

  8. Hello Vijesh, I knew you were up to something and now i can see that it’s something wonderful. Mobiada looks very professional and would definitely refer it for my mobile appetite. Wish you all the best and look forward for your articles in here at Bloginrace too 🙂 Have a good day mate.

    1. Hi Varshan,
      Good to see you here, I will definitely write more posts here at Blogingrace. Thanks for your compliment Mobiada does look professional all credits to Vivek.

  9. Success and money are going to come from now on, $500 is nothing, you’ll earn this amount weekly, keep publishing updates, evolve your link building strategy and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

  10. Hi Vijesh,
    very encouraging post…You have nicely written the whole process you went through in making your new venture successful….There is so much to learn from your experience ….Thanks for this educative post…

  11. Hello Vijesh,
    Just gone through your article…
    Wonderful experience you shared with us.
    Thanks a lot !!!
    All the best for your “Mobiada”

  12. All the Best for your new Start up,There is tough competition between the tech blogs but still the market is growing and there is still enough space for new tech blogs.

  13. Hi,

    This is a kinda of good information. Thanks for sharing this content with us. This is very good and informative content that is very helpful to anyone. 🙂


  14. Hi vijesh thank you for sharing your site success. I have visited your mobiada site. The site design looks beautiful.

  15. Hi Vijesh

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring case study and also congratulations for your blog’s traffic growth.

    I am completely agree with you and I personally believe that publishing fresh content or regular basis can help you to improve the traffic of your blog.

    I can remember those days when I was working on a website and I also did the same as you, I used to publish 7-8 articles on daily basis and did this continuously till 30-40 days and after few days, the traffic of my blog also started growing.

    I did also noticed that the ranking of my articles were improving day by day.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    Have a nice weekend. 🙂

  16. Mine is a spiritual blog .thanks for the post .3000 unique visitors in 3 months .i am at 300 in the second month

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