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7 ways people make six figure income through blogging

Earning six figure income is not as easy as one thinks or reads. It has lot of hardwork, several stages of research, many failed attempts and several months of blogging. Most people end up their blogging career because they never know the fact that blogging is not an overnight business. People who now earn six figure income through there blogs were once one dollar earners, they never made such huge income within a day or month of their blogging career. In this post I have summed up few top working methods on how people make six figure income through blogging. I have also mentioned quotes of the six figure earners under each category to show as examples.


1. Affiliate Marketing:

This method of earning income is gaining its popularity day by day. This is one of the most successful and most proven methods used by many successful internet marketers. Most of the bloggers who post income reports have their major sources of income from their affiliate marketing. Though this is one of the most misunderstood art yet it reaps millions of dollars at the comfort of one’s home.

I’ve joined and have had success with over the years… some of which I have been making money with for nearly 10 years now. With over $2 million in referred earnings to these networks, it proves that recommending only the best networks, works out not only for myself… but also for the affiliates and networks involved. – Zac Johnson’s interview on income dairy.

I never focused on Adsense as my main source of online income. I have earned more with Affiliate marketing, services, and till the date: Adsense is just a small part of my online income. – Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud has been my main stream of income since the last 9 months with more than $20.000 of income so far, you can say that this website can draw a smile on my face every morning; – Hesham Zebida (Famous Bloggers)

2. Selling Products or Services:

People also make a decent amount of money by selling a product or offering a service. Products can be a eBook, plugin or selling a complete blog itself (website flipping). You might have heard of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, a top selling eBook from Darren Rowse it earned him a lot and it is still one of the hottest blogging product in the net.

In my first year of University I sold a blog for almost $20,000 after only eight months work. It was then that I realized that making money online was something I … – Ramsay Taplin (Blog Tyrant)

My business is really “me”. I do what I like doing: blogging, reviewing sites, developing plugins for myself or for companies, optimizing sites. – Joost De Valk (Yoast Plugin)

3. Freelance Writing:

I never thought people would make some money sorry huge money from freelance writing but fact is that people do earn a lot by writing for other blogs. Some well known blogs like income dairy pays you when you write a guest post. Many people who have the skill of writing can earn a lot from freelance writing. Most of the bloggers turn as copy writers just for the fact that they earn 50 to 500$ by just writing an article for some blogs.

I worked only 524 hours freelance writing. I grossed $26,850, but had $8692 in expenses. So net was only $18,158. Very different from my 2010, which was a 100K year! But, look at it this way, I still made $34/ hr average in my freelance work. – Allena Tapia (Freelance writer)

If you’re wanting to mention to me that the economy kept right on sucking in 2011…yes, I noticed. Still, the freelance-writing market is so large that if you really go after it, you can still find plenty of business and earn well. – Carol Tice (Made 6 Figures as a Freelance Writer in 2011)

4. Sponsored Posts or Reviews:

People who have good traffic and page rank to their blog write some sponsored posts in their blog and earn huge. People directly approach for a sponsored post or else there are some third party services like My likes, we reward, Pay per post etc which help in getting some sponsored posts onto one’s blog. Some bloggers who blog on technology related products get free products to their home in order to write a review on the product.

 I did a few more sponsored reviews (this time direct purchased, not from ReviewMe, so I get 100% of the revenue, although some of it goes to people who help write the reviews),  – Yaro Starak

5. Sponsor Links:

People can sell some space in their blog directly to the advertisers to earn some bucks. People can post their banner ads or text links as per the space provided by the blog owner. Even some of the sites like buy sell ads can help in utilizing the space provided by a blog and turn it into cash. I like the income report of Dollars and Roses, as they make more than 700$(on average) a month with direct advertising. Now most of them have dropped this idea of direct advertising as such sites are being affected by panda for selling traffic.

Even though Adsense took a drastic hit, I was able to supplement some of the income loss with some direct marketing opportunities (text links, sponsored posts, etc). – Jeff Rose (Dollars and Roses)

6. Amazon Associates:

Amazon is world’s top online shopping website and its affiliate market place is one of the most widely used service by many bloggers. Though this service also comes under affiliate marketing I made it into a separate category because of the potential and earnings it gives to some of its affiliate’s. It is quite impressive to hear that people make thousands of dollars just from amazon alone.

Amazon’s affiliate program has been one of my big movers in the last 12 months. I used to make a few odd dollars from it – however in recent times it has become a significant earner for me (in fact it’s now earned me over $100,000 since I started using it). – Darren Rowse (Make Money Blogging)

Be honest, US $11,000 after tax is not much to me. I’m just thankful to make some extra money for my family and I could re-invest thousands into this business. – Kent Chow ($11,000 Amazon Associates Income)

7. PPC Advertisements:

Pay per click in short PPC is one of the most widely used method of monetizing a blog. There is nothing to do with these ads as one has to just join a program offering third party ads and embed their code in a blog. One of the most famous advertising platform(offers incentives on clicks) is Adsense, there are many bloggers who solely depend on Adsense income and still comfortably entered into the six figure income mark. Apart from Adsense there are also several other networks like Infolinks, Smowtion, Adonion, Bidvertiser etc which can add some extra bucks to one’s income report. These networks pay as per clicks generated or even pay them for the impressions generated. But off all the available networks Adsense always gives a decent income for full time bloggers.

With my Adsense income and advertiser income, I was earning about $1,500.00 per month, which equates to $18,000/year. Still not where I would like to be, but not bad considering. It was like working for minimum wage – but the cool part is that I wasn’t working at all, it was all hands-free income. – Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income)

A majority of monthly income is from Google AdSense but I do make some extra money from direct advertising, IDG and BlogAds. – Amit agarwal (


This post is just an informer on how most of the six figure income earners have done, though there are still many methods by which people can earn online I stressed only those which are widely employed by most of the successful bloggers. Some bloggers earn income as an aggregate of above mentioned methods and some solely depend on one or two sources yet earn six figure income comfortably. You are free to experiment on all the methods mentioned above as they are genuine and legit ways of earning money.

Do you know any more methods on how bloggers earn 6 figure income? Do share your thoughts as a valuable comment below.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Hi Vijesh,

    Great post. Good share. *applause*

    I have been blogging since January 2013 and I haven’t earn anything, not even a cent. It can be discouraging at times. But I need to reassure myself that I’ve just started. Now if I’ve been blogging for 4-years and still no money coming in then I would really question my marketing strategy or what. LOL!!!

    Writing an eBook is one of the dream of mine. And someday I will write an eBook. Just dunno what it’s gonna be but it’ll come to me in time. Writing is really not my expertise but I can always hire someone to write my eBook for me. Steve Scott (6-figure man) hires people to write for him. And I thought he wrote it all.

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge!


    1. Hello Angela,

      You can count me in, my friend..I too started blogging in Nov 2012. However have not earned a single penny out of it so far…

      Having said that I thought I will let you know a few benefits I have had which might help you as well.

      1. I have been able to build a network with some awesome bloggers like Neil Patel, Ileane Page, Rahul Kuntala, Harleena Singh, Henrik Edberg, Vijesh Cormaty and YOU.

      2. Build a brand for me around my blog and people have started liking my writing style.

      3. Improved my writing skills and learned the basics of SEO, SMO etc.

      4. And yes, I will be receiving my first dollar in hand soon..A client has agreed to do a sponsored review on my site..!

      5. The final lesson I learned..Patience, patience and patience…! In a report I read recently it said – There are nearly 3 million bloggers in US alone and out of that nearly 81% don’t even earn $100..So blogging is tough, challenging and you need to learn the art of building relationship with bloggers and your readers to succeed..

      Angela, please feel free to ask me if you need any help with SMO, SEO, Blogging or life in general.


      1. Hi Rafi,

        Thanks for that great advice.

        You’re right. It takes patience…patience…patience…and I’m afraid this is not the area I’m good at. *LOL* that’s prolly why God is teaching me, building my character coz I’m not a waiter at all. But I have only been blogging (literally) since January 2013. And I’ve been getting quality traffic and so I must be doing something right.

        Going to your blog now to read more about you. Hoping I can get to know you better as a blogger friend.


    2. Thank You Angela,

      I wish to read your eBook in near future. As far as earnings are concerned you need not focus much as it requires little bit of expertise and you will surely earn big in near future.

      @ Rafi, Thank You Rafi for mentioning my name in that bloggers list. You are a true inspiration for many, hope I work with you soon.

  2. before blogging, i am a freelance writer by profession but i never earned around $26K within 524 of freelance writing… i really wonder where she writes for..

    1. Hello Marilyn,

      I echo your sentiments even though I haven’t stepped my foot into the world of freelance writing..

      For me the crux is the expense…If we dig a little deep into the expense she has had then you and me would be able to make that kind of sum..

      Would you be willing to reveal how much you earn through freelance writing in a month.


  3. That was interesting Vijesh and there really are so many different ways you can make money online and once you start and get the ball rolling you can make the big money like these you’ve mentioned above.

    I will tell you that when I first started doing affiliate marketing I was told I might not make anything for the first six months. I thought, okay well then I’ll just keep at it. Imagine my surprise when I made money within the first three days and by the end of the week not only did I pay for the product I bought that taught me how to do that but made a profit. All the methods I was using were free including my blogs. That was about four years ago, back when those methods worked well. But it’s still fun testing the waters.

    Thanks for sharing how others are making it so I’ll wish everyone the best of luck.


    1. Great to hear Adrienne that you made your first affiliate sale within 3 days. Your recent article on Blog income by Guest Dan Sumner to was eye opening a must read article. Keep bringing such guests love to learn more of such stuff.

  4. Hello Vijesh,
    I also want to add ‘Hire Me’ page. Creating a hire me page brings in cool bucks also. I do know bloggers raking in some cool cash through that.
    All in all, this is a great motivational post.

    1. Hey Emmanuel,

      Hire me page is same as that of freelance writing. People who are freelance writers do have this hire me page on their blogs. Thank you for your comment.

  5. Hello Vijesh,

    My recommendation for all of those who started blogging and after several months didn’t made a single dollar is this:

    1. Check the guide to see if you skip any step (this is just in case you don’t have regrets)

    2. Stop blogging and move on (this is in case you wanna make money online, so you’ve got to try other things, try to make money with clickbank for example)

    3. Get an offline job, (be normal, my father says this all the time, definitely disagree with him)

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

  6. Nice share Daniel,

    I like the third point you mentioned be normal. Offline job is good but not all the times if we love doing a offline job we can but for money it is not worthy compared to online jobs.

    Parents do ask children to go for a good white collar job rather than a online job because they don’t know the actual potential online jobs contain.

  7. Hi Vijesh,
    You have a lovely blog, love the design.
    This is a wonderful post. I have been blogging for around 5 months. I have been making money ever since, through contracts, friends, Google adsense and affiliates. My success -hardwork, advertising my blog on big blogs and writing quality articles.
    Oh yes, my Google page rank is also PR3 with Alexa around 71k. I have over 200 articles on the blog so far…
    It is easy, bloggers that little bit of hard work.

    1. Hi Oluwaseun,

      That is quite impressive. I took a peak on your website just to check and see. From articles of “Video Good Married Women Sleep Around These Days” to switching it to a different topic of “Rihanna Gets Dirty Barbados Photos” to “6 Foods That Boost Your S*x Life”…I mean you are talking all about different niches here and yet Google gave you PR3. That’s pretty amazing. So now…

      I am on your website reading your articles trying to find your secrets.


  8. Great post Vijesh! This post is a motivator for those just thinking to put their efforts in blogging……specially the examples are great! I’m familiar with most of the methods you’ve discussed here. I’m interested in sponsored posts and I want to go for it but apparently there has been a lot of talks on its defects. So, I’m a bit skeptical about sponsored posts. Can you please throw some light on it? Do sponsored posts have negative effects on search engines?

  9. Excellent share,

    Well i consider affiliates are the top method to earn six figure income easily. While its very hard to achieve that figure income. It needs hard work and patience to get the profitable success.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Truly Sarvesh, if you are having a decent traffic and a loyal follower base affiliate marketing really does wonders. As you said patience is must but smart work instead of hard work.

      Appreciate your comment.

  10. Nice post, Vijesh, Its not so easy to earn online and i feel it. you have to put your full efforts.
    And required a lot of patience
    yeah, affialiated market is the best way to make money online.

    Thnx for sharing !!!!!

    1. Yeah Enstine, I’ve mentioned in the article itself that these methods I mentioned are being affected by Panda. These where the methods adapted by most of the six figure earners. Still you want to earn with those methods you can earn but see that you are good at Yahoo, Bing and ask search engines.

  11. Your blog is addiction as I am unable to skip any post specially this one.

    Very good write and informative.

    This post remind me of one dialogue from movie 3 idiots by aamir Khan.

    Follow excellence, Money and Fame will follow u !

    Keep it up

    1. Yes Arun, thanks for reminding me of Amir’s dialogues its an inspirational movie. This is the second comment I got about comparing my blog with 3 idiots movie. Before you I got a comment for one of my previous posts.

  12. Hey Vijesh,
    I really like what you’re doing here indeed, please keep it up. Those are really the ways most pros are making their $$$$$ online and it works.

    The ones i like most are Creating my own products, Affiliate marketing and Direct advertising.

    Thanks a lot for sharing man.

  13. Really wish to earn that but the truth is that i have not reached to 4 digits even until now…..6 digit is like a dream….however everyone should keep experimenting and should see what type of readers he have and should show that type of ads…. if you don’t have readers who will really buy your affliate products then it’s totally waste….if you don’t have readers who use amazon in that case too show you should be careful regarding what type of ads you are showing….

    1. Thanks for your comment Prathap,
      If you work hard and bring out useful posts you will definitely reach 4 5 6 and sometimes 7 figures too so all the best for your blogging Journey…

  14. Every blogger has a dream to become a successful blogger and make some decent money online.
    Thanks Vijesh to share such valuable and more informative plus inspirational post .Here you have covered a good point as well as given successful blogger Authors website.

  15. Hi Vijesh,

    This is hot! We just have to understand the fact that making money from blog doesn’t come overnight but gradually. Larger percentage of bloggers depend solely on Google AdSense being the best PPC while some just used it as an addictive means of making money online. Just planing to either start freelance or advertising on my blog but I have not gotten to a conclusion yet. This is really wonderful and encouraging buddy.

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