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Stories of 3 Tech Bloggers on how they made it in just 3 Months

Today I want to give some meat for my regular visitors. Yes, I have got three tech bloggers who have been with their blogs from past five to six months and have rewritten the history by taking their blogs to good positions in just three months. Of course all three of them have some previous experience on blogging with which they achieved this feat in as less as just three months. If you are planning to start a blog on technology niche or you are already a tech blogger then their strategies might be helpful for you. Common thing among these three youngsters are they have not even crossed their teens and all the three are still studying. Now without wasting your time I serve my three dishes of three different flavors.

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1. Saurabh Saha of TechGYD

To start with I introduce Saurabh Saha who has a blog which is in the list of top 30 most visited Indian blogs. Below you can know more about him and his blog in his own words.

Name: Saurabh Saha Saurabh Saha of Tech GYD
Age: 18 years
Place:New Delhi, INDIA
Education: Pursuing graduation from Keshav Mahavidyalaya (UNIVERSITY OF DELHI) in Computer Science Honors
Expertise: Blogging, software tweaks, won certificate in creating computer viruses
Started on: December 2012
Alexa Rank: 17K
Traffic: 60,000+ Unique Visitors & 100,000+ Page views Per Month
Social Networking: Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and  LinkedIn

1. Hi Saurabh, its pleasure introducing you to my audience just say hi and tell few words about yourself.
Hello friends, I am Saurabh Saha, 18 years old blogger from Delhi. I am doing B.Sc Computer Science (Hons.) from University of Delhi. I have great interest in learning new things on Information Technology and this passion attracted me to blogging. After researching upon the wide scope of Blogging, I started my blog TechGYD ‘professionally’ where I generally post articles related to consumer technology.

2. What are your previous experiences with blogging before TechGYD, and what were those mistakes you did not repeat with TechGYD?
I started TechGYD as a “Blogging” Niche blog but then I started  posting Technology Stuffs on Android Apps, Software and other related Tips & Tricks and now I have widened the scope of  TechGYD further by introducing Showcases and articles related to  Design and Creativity. Summing it all, TechGYD contains all fields of interest for Tech People now.

Before TechGYD, I was having a blog Though, my blogging experience with that blog was not so good but it helped me a lot to understand “How to blog” and how strategies work to make a blog successful. Most importantly, InfoIncrement helped me to clarifying on actual field of interest to blog upon.

Yeah, there are a lot of mistakes that I did on InfoIncrement, because I was just a newbie at that time. The mistakes of  InfoIncerement that I never did on TechGYD are:

1. Falling in Unfair means to get success.
I was very eager to make my first blog successful and that too very fast. Also, I was just a newbie so, many times I got trapped in fake services that promised to boost traffic or build lots of backlinks within 24 hours.

2. Clarifying my Objective
With my first blog, I was not getting much traffic so, I just started posting on a number of fields including Gadgets, Smartphones, Cars/Bikes Reviews, Blogging, Movies Reviews etc. to get good web traffic. But after doing that, I just messed up the blog.

Although these experiments never drive good traffic to InfoIncremnent but it helped me to find the field upon which I was passionate to blog about.

3. Make Money Fast
My first blog didn’t gained much popularity but still I started applying ways to make money like selling links, excess advertisements, etc  which further hampered its quality.

3. To take a tech blog to such an extent with an Alexa rank of 17K, page rank of 4, actively growing subscribers of 1500+ and huge traffic within 3 months is a great deal. How do you explain this success in terms of few tips on what you did to make it the latest internet Flick?
Firstly, readers trust you if they find you trustworthy and your content helpful. So when I started TechGYD, before posting any article, I first made Important Pages like About Us, Privacy, Disclaimer, FAQ.

Secondly, I started posting stuffs that are experimental, innovative and useful. I am passionate to do experiments, try new tricks on my blog and sharing it with readers. When readers found my blog’s stuffs different and better than traditionally spreaded content on Internet, they started following my blog updates and became my regular readers.

Then social media sharing, following professional blogging niche blogs like SEJ, QuickSprout, Problogger, contacting with other bloggers and knowing there tricks also helped me a lot.

4. What would be your suggestions for newbie’s planning to start a tech blog and for already existing tech bloggers?
For other existing Tech bloggers, I just wanted to say, you know all the basic stuffs of blogging, the features, the tools etc. The only thing that lacks is Innovation and Creativity. Many bloggers posts similar topics again and again on their blogs like “5 Tips To Drive  Traffic”, “10 Tips To Drive Huge Traffic”. These type of articles may help you to sustain the traffic you are getting but if you really want to increase web traffic then post something useful, somewhat new and innovative stuffs.

For Newbies, You need to learn really a lot of things here. So don’t fall into scams like increase web traffic instantly, make 1000’s of backlinks within few days, etc.

Keep following your niche blogs and authority blogs like SearchEngineLand, SEJ, MattCutts to get essential tips, tricks and advices for your blogs.
Get in contact with other successful bloggers. Observe their strategies to drive traffic, social virality, etc. Learn their tricks and take care of their advices.
Lastly, don’t try to make money from your baby blog. Keep patience and let it grow up to a considerable height of popularity. Because, trying to make money at the early days will force you to use cheap ways to make money and will never let your blog to grow at that height of success that you dream.

5. What are your future plans do you want to stay with blogging or go for a 9to5 job. If it is with blogging then do you have plans like hiring employees, content writers and moderators and make Techgyd like Techcrunch(India is short of such big blogs)?
I just love blogging field because here, there is no boss over your head to give you orders or any higher authority. I am free to research new things, try new experiments on my own Brand. Its pleasure to get noticed by big brands when they contact me for deals regarding their products and services. So most probably, I’ll stay here to do blog. Though, I didn’t yet plan for hiring employees, content writers and other staffs for making TechGYD a really big brand but as the popularity of TechGYD is increasing rapidly, work load is also increasing over there. So, I might need to hire employees for my blog in near future. 🙂

2.Sidharth Puthiyakuniyil of TechBii

Coming to my next guest it’s Sid (Sidharth) who blogs from a Smartphone and had shown people that if you are determined to take the success route then no hurdles in the way can stop you.

Name: Sidharth PuthiyakuniyilSidharth Techbii
Age: 17
Place:  Kerala, India
Education: Doing Engineering
Expertise: CyanogenMod( Contributor and junior script developer), Ethical hacking, blogging, Android ROM Development
Started on: January 21st 2013
Alexa Rank: 36K
Traffic: 10-15k daily page views with 7-10k unique visits daily
Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus.

1. Hi Sid (Sidharth) you have been so active around in FaceBook sharing your everyday experiences with TechBii and glad you recovered from your hosting issue within 3 hours, though people know you could you introduce yourself.
First of all, thanks Vijesh for featuring me in your awesome blog. This is Sidharth, a simple 17 old teenager from Kerala, currently pursuing engineering. I was much inclined to technology and gadgets from my childhood and hence I’m here. I started blogging when I was in 10th grade and built 2 blogs before TechBii, unfortunately both of them are not alive. But those blogs taught me so many things regarding SEO, competitive ranking, making money from blogs etc. As you said, I’m active in Facebook and used to share my personal as well as official experiences through it and loving it.

2. You are the rising tech blogger and you just rose to such a height in just 3 months, how could you explain this success? What did you actually do, is there any strategy working behind?
Haha. Glad to hear that people recognize me as a tech blogger. I started TechBii in January and much satisfied about its spontaneous growth. All credit goes to my friends who helped me a lot in several occasions and of course, I thank God for the blessings. I recently bought an expensive gadget from my own earnings and currently blogging through it. No, it’s not a laptop, it’s my beloved Samsung Galaxy S4. I don’t keep any secret strategy while blogging but I try my level best to give maximum output. As TechBii is a tech blog, I do optimize my posts as maximum as possible with basic SEO methodologies and that’s all, not at all using any keyword research tools or SEO plugins. There’s so much hard work behind every post in my blog mainly because I don’t (can’t actually) use computer. But I’m enjoying it as most of those posts are ranking well in search engines and brings consistent organic traffic.

3. What would you suggest a newbie or a person who is interested in starting a tech blog?
This is indeed a tough question to answer. We can see that most of the newbies (including me) start their blog with tech niche and end up with great hesitation. Either they can’t rank well or they fail to earn money. Whatever it is, the most interesting fact is that, being in tech niche, you have to compete with international giants like Mashable, TechCrunch, TechRadar etc and dominating over them is not at all a sweet piece of cake. You have to work hard to provide unique contents (literally) consistently through your blog in order to make a stand out there. Almost 60 % blogs are tech related. So branding your blog within a short span of time is the key to success according to me. Still many people start tech blogs and very few of them create wonders, yeah Success. 😀 But, worry not, it’s never too late to start a tech blog. Just go on and grab the success mantra.

4. You have a good FaceBook following how did you actually build such a good community? Are you planning any surprises for your FB friends as they are the ones who actively share, suggest and interact with you a lot?
Having social presence is very essential nowadays as most of the search engines started to give importance to such social activities on blog posts, in short Social Referred Traffic. So, I often share my posts on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter and could receive handsome traffic from it. What matters is authority. Building authority in social sites is not an easy task and it requires time and knowledge. I have lots of friends in FB and 80 % of them are bloggers. I usually send friend requests to kind niche bloggers and hence I built such a good community. Also, I love to take part in webmasters discussions as it’s the most effective way to gain knowledge. If you use those events wisely by giving suggestions, contributions etc, you can get much attention as a blogger as well. I get lots of messages and emails daily related to Android, Make money online etc and I try my maximum to respond each and every pings. This could be the reason for that interactions in my Facebook updates.

As of now I believe every experience I post on my timeline is a surprise to my friends and FB followers as I share what ever I learn that day without keeping it to my self. If you are asking about giveaways then there are few giveaways in my blog and I will also have few of them in coming future. So all my surprises would be in my blog rather than my FB page.

5.  What are your future plans with TechBii like changing its design and any new monetization methods? When would you come back to a desktop or laptop from your Smart phone people are missing your comments.
I have a bunch of future plans about TechBii. My ultimate goal is to re-brand it with a stylish customized theme. For this, I have already contacted one theme developer named Vivek (WPStuffs) and he is working on it. Hope it will be implemented very soon. When it comes to monetization, I have lots of things to discuss. I’m currently earning from Sponsored posts, AdSense, Direct Ads, Paid Rooting services, Infolinks etc. I miss so much paid post requests monthly just because of the lack of time and resources. Hence, I choose relevant and highest paying ones. By God’s grace, my last month earnings merely touched to 4 figure (USD) and I work very hard to get it continuously. If my predictions are true, I’m gonna cross the last month’s earnings in this month as I got 10 days to work on PC (Holidays). Hope I can use a computer very soon and if so, I’m sure that I can work more often than this and also to multiple my income. Dreaming of that awesome moment. 😀

3. Prabhat Royal of iEatTraffic

The third tech blogger is Prabat who has a habit of eating traffic but presently he is busy with his exams and he too has a story to say. He posted his income and traffic report in the third month of starting his blog.

Full Name: Prabhat Royal
Age: 21
Place: Rishikesh (India)
Education: Btech Student pursuing Electronics and Communication
engineering from BTKIT
Expertise: C, C++, Java, .php and HTML
Started on: 3 December 2012
Alexa Rank: 64000
Traffic: 60000-90000 UV/month
Social Nertworks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter

1. Hi Prabhat, glad if you could say few words to describe yourself.
Thank You Vijesh for giving me this opportunity. Well, talking about myself, I am Prabhat Royal an ordinary guy who belongs to Rishikesh (India). I am a B.Tech 3rd year engineering student and a part time blogger.

2. I eat traffic and you are really eating it, share some of the best traffic strategies you employee for your blog.
I think I was lucky because iEatTraffic started getting search traffic from very first day. My main source of traffic is Google. Then direct traffic and social media. I am not too much into social networks. I hardly share my posts because I have a tight schedule (9AM – 5PM College + 5PM – 7PM blogging+ studies).

3. You started your blog somewhere in the first week of December 2012 and from then it has been 5 months now and you posted your traffic and income report of March 2013 means it was just 3 months then. What are your past blogging experiences and how did you apply them for iEatTraffic?
Well as you said I started my blog on Dec 2012 but I seriously started working on iEatTrafic from last week of January.  My first blog was not a failure but it wasn’t a success either, so I sold it. I did make some mistakes like – focusing too much on articles and leaving SEO behind, ignoring Webmaster tools and analytics, indexing tags and categories which resulted in duplicate content etc. So I did not get huge search traffic. Then I founded iEatTraffic and started learning about SEO and now I know the importance of SEO. If you want to survive in this blogging world then having basic SEO skills is must because there is too much competition out there.

4. What according to you are the best monetization methods for a newbie with a tech blog? I heard you are so positive with Yahoo ads, what made you think so? Could you share your experiences with Yahoo ads?
My main source of income is AdSense and AdSense is undoubtedly the best monetization method for me because I have reached as high as $200 a day with AdSense. Then affiliate marketing (I have tried Amazon and seen some good results) and paid reviews. But nothing beats AdSense. I was quite impressed with Yahoo ads until they started giving me almost 0.00 RPM. This is happening with all publishers so I am thinking about removing it. Earlier they were giving more than $8 RPM but things have changed now.

5. If a kid walked up to you and asked for your advice on starting a tech blog and you only had a few minutes to give him your best tips, what would they be?

Tech is a competitive niche now but writing posts about android and iOS can make you good profit. Following are some tips for newbies.

  1. First advice – Write good content and apply SEO (don’t ignore it).
  2. Second advice – Monetize you blog as soon as you can (some people might say the opposite) because no one knows when you are going to rank at 1st position on Google.
  3. Third advice – “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, because panda and penguin are out there to ruin your business”. So don’t be dependent upon one website/blog only.
  4. Fourth and best advice – Give tips to others but NEVER share your BEST IDEA with anyone. If you do so, you are destroying your own business.

This is all for now I think it was a long article but it does have some information to learn. I made this post for tech bloggers who are lacking in their success and for newbies who are interested to start a tech blog. I personally thank Saurabh, Sid and Prabhat who have took there valuable time and answered those questions.


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Arpan, three of them are really good bloggers really made it big in three months that’s the reason why I shared there interviews.

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    awesome work , you have collected a great blogger list… which is really full of inspiration. keep it going.

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    Apart from just a interview you have presented us a excellent case study.But you missed to mention your findings and suggestions at the end.Apart from that great piece of content.

    I thank Sid for mentioning my name publicly.

    1. Yeah Vivek, I did some ground work you know that as I keep sharing some facts now and then. I could have wrote my findings but already the post is 3000+ so may be in future articles I would discuss.

      So Sid is busy with you!

  4. Thanks Vijesh for inspiring us. All these three bloggers are masterpiece. Really inspiring story. Prabhat rightly said “Give tips to others but NEVER share your BEST IDEA with anyone” .i am agree with him. This is actually a secret to win the blogging race. 🙂

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    Beat them man 😀

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

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    what a surpriz, You got interview from Prbhat. nice article and really inspire me as newbie. thank you so much.

  8. Awesome interview with awesome young Indian tech bloggers 😀 Nice questions and nice answers.
    The interviews always inspire me.
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  9. I have been a regular visitor to all these blogs Vrijesh. As they say, smart work always pays off.

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    Reading interview of these new successful bloggers gives a lot of inspiration to others.They have been successful in such a short span of time – really inspiring.But there is one catch here – they all were previous bloggers who learned from their mistakes and this shows that bloggers need to have lot of patience……..

    1. You’re correct Karnal. Success isn’t a factor which comes in a overnight. It takes time and there would be lots of bitter as well as sweet experiences behind every person, who stands the top now. Learn from our own mistakes and listen to other’s suggestions, but never follow them, fix your own destiny and keep working. All the best. 😀

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    I would like to thank you for arranging the interview of the successful Bloggers and How they are able to do it in within 3 months. It simply amazed me and also provided me lots of guidance to me.
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      I am surprised to see you here, I am a regular reader of Income Dairy, I just couldn’t believe that you have commented in my blog. I have learned many of blogging techniques from Income Dairy. Thanks a lot for your comment.

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