Three E’s for Blogging Success


three-keys-blogging-successYes, you read it right it is not three keys but three E’s for blogging success. I am not a blogger by origin, may be you too are not a blogger by nature, then is success only for professional bloggers? We always hear this word professional blogger for a person who has tasted success through his blog in terms of subscribers, social networking followers and making huge money. If a full-time blogger who is successful is called a Pro blogger then a blogger who hasn’t tasted success is definitely called a failed blogger. I summarized three steps oh sorry three E’s for attaining success in one’s blogging career. So here goes my list…


Exploring depths of seaFirst and foremost step to build a successful blog is to search for hidden truths. I mean sometimes we need to go to the depths of few facts. Some of the peripheral facts which most people read before starting a blog will be as follows.

Pat Flynn makes 50,000 dollars a month with his Smart passive income blog. Michael Dunlop made $5000 in the first month of starting his Blog.

This is where most people end up after searching for ways to make money online. They came to a conclusion after many days of research that one can make millions from blog’s. Even it takes few months for a newbie to end with such peripheral facts which I shared above. But the story didn’t end with those facts in fact actual and real story starts from here.

Next level of research is to excavate or explore on how Michael Dunlop earned 5000 dollars in the very first month of his blog and How does Patt Flynn make 50,000 dollars through his blog?

Initially Micheal Dunlop had 1000 visitors for his blog and once he wrote a killer content article which was a list of Top Earning Young Entrepreneurs. From that day forth his traffic increased enormously and became 50,000 visitors within short time and kept on growing which he converted into money then captured them as leads by introducing a killer Call to Action message which says 23-year-old kid is giving away his best blogging tactic.

Story of Patt Flynn goes like this after loosing his Job wrote a blog on how to pass LEED exam which later turned as an eBook and he earned 8,000 dollars on very first month of its launch. It took nearly 3 years for him to touch the 50,000 mark. In his journey he started affiliate marketing and he now has 25+ sources of income which on summing up makes 50K dollars.

Now as a noob what would you decide? Don’t say I will start learning tips to pass LEED exam and write an e-book or copy Michael’s tactics. Instead plan a way more unique than what these guys actually did. I shared only two stories but if you do research you will find bunch of them waiting for increasing your knowledge.

Making six figure income overnight through a blog requires time, patience and proper planning. Not all blogs reach this level within short span. So learn more and more before you actually start to blog.

2. Experiment:

the-great-experimentI think there is no one who might have never heard of Thomas Alva Edison. He is the one who created first working electric bulb.

Do you know that Thomas Alva Edison created more than eight hundred light globes before he made one that finally worked?

Yes there is a great lesson to be learned from the experiments of Edison. After learning various tactics’s on how various people blog or earn money the next step you need to practice is experimenting. Now experiment on your own don’t take others experiment’s for yours. A blogger might say he earns more money through affiliate marketing rather than his Adsense income or buy sell ads. Don’t start affiliate marketing on a large-scale immediately but start experimenting on affiliate links one after the other. And keep experimenting until you end up in getting the exact results.

You might have read an article that converts your traffic to subscribers. The very first step is to keep on writing until you achieve what you have read, sometimes it fails but then know the reason for failure and keep on tweaking and writing for a better result. Who knows one day you too might turn your traffic from 1K to 50K.

Try your own experiments think of a plan and start implementing. If it turns out to be good continue if it turns out bad then tweak it if it turns worse then learn something from it. I suggest write write and write until you actually get a post which actually converts.

Experimenting doesn’t waste your time but it might end up in producing something new, many new inventions are a result of accidents caused in experiments.

3. Expertise:

ExpertiseHow long will you be experimenting? may be till you end up in becoming an expert. After tasting success through your experience with the experiments, behave like an expert. After writing many experimenting posts you could have now know what kind of titles, what kind of key words and what kind of post actually turns big. Now concentrate on such stuff and show off your experience as an expert. Don’t forget an expert should maximize his reach through various means, like having a twitter, Facebook, linkedin accounts. Have your own professionally created email templates to reach your clients. Use paid services where ever needed it actually pays off in your long run.

You can now say learn how I converted contestants of a Blog Contest into my business leads or how I made 1000$ in few days of starting a blog so on and so forth.

People love to listen to experts rather than newbie’s, and expert is the one who actually did and will teach others on how to do.

Summing up these E’s for Blogging Success:

You have now know the three steps to succeed in blogging career. So try to explore all things carefully before you start to experiment and then show of your expertise to make your blogging career a successful and most cherished one.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.


  1. Hello Vijesh,

    I know Michael Dunlop. First time I heard of him is on Linkedin. And on my next post I actually mentioned his name and his link. And so yeah, great kid. For being only 16-year old then retired @ age of 21. Wow…some people just have the talent and the know-how but for us, late bloomers, this doesn’t happen overnight.

    (I’m not saying you’re a “late bloomer.” I am. I’m always the late bloomer even in high school. I didn’t really truly BLOOM till I became an adult. I was one of those who thinks of herself as an “ugly duckling” then.)

    You know I’m not new on the Internet. I’ve used it since the first day it was created. Used to work for Apple and I never have to go to my Illustrator’s office to pick up the arts. Everything was done via modem. I could work in my home in my own convenient. They would create the artwork for me and I have my illustrations ready for my graphics the next morning…via MODEM. But the outlook for graphic designers like me CHANGED all that since they created LIVE JOURNAL. Or what they now called — BLOGGING. I didn’t know I could make money or possibility of “making money online” till I became a member in PSMJ (paid social media jobs). I thought I could make money just like that from being a “social media manager” but you know it’s MORE than just tweeting. You have to KNOW your market. It takes RESEARCH, hard work, dedication, determination, and patience!!!

    All of these professional bloggers who are NOW making money, maybe not millions, but 6-figures of some sort…they’ve all gone thru many MISTAKES before they start SEEING the money. Steve Scott is one good example. I just bought his ebook “Affiliate Marketing Without the Bullsh**t” and there you can HEAR his story in how he did it.

    I just found out that there are 3.9 millions of people blogging on WordPress alone. And so this seems to be the trend of the future. How do you start making money on this? IT TAKES TIME. It doesn’t happen overnight. Those who gave you an upsell of making thousands overnight are nothing but lies…lies…LIES!!! Nothing beats hard work.

    Anyway, this is an EXCELLENT post, Vijesh. Great choice of images and illustrations. Great words. Easy to understand language. Anyhoo, I’m tweeting this. Have a great week!! 🙂


    • Thank you Angela for you thoughts, especially for mentioning about Steve Scott.

      I have previously read an article on Gravatar on your blog and as soon as I saw the comment I thought it couldn’t be you but after reading the comment and checking the email I understand that you have entered a new mail Id. Do attach this mail ID to your Gravatar account.

      Why did you mention that you are a ugly duckling when you were young. I saw your 14th wedding anniversary video you looked so pretty. I was also shocked to see your photo and the title which says 21st wedding anniversary. You and Tim look so young in that photo I thought you posted some old photo of yours.

      In your valentines day post I could get slight difference in Tim he looked different in two photos but you were almost same. BTW Angela I want to see your recent photo.

  2. I don’t think we can add another ‘E’ to the list. This is just enough for anyone. Even non-bloggers can learn a lot from this post. Vijesh, You have really put together what one really needs to be successful. The first thing- ‘Explore’-it never ends; the second thing-‘Experiment’-You keep making and the third one ‘Expertise-It takes some time before you have expertise in blogging.
    Great post!
    And, I like your writing sytle, Vijesh.

  3. Hi vijesh,
    First time i come here and i like your way of writing, I enjoy this article.
    Yeah,To be a successfull blogger it required to explore great, unique and creative ideas, continue experiment and to make them worth, work like as an expertise.

  4. Well written Vijesh!

    I’m totally with you where your three E’s are concerned that each blogger needs for his or her blogging success. 🙂

    Like it’s said you should learn from the masters – in the same way, those who are successful bloggers in their own niches are the ones to learn from. Yes, we can’t really do all that they do, nor should we be disheartened or disturbed by that , but as you mentioned, when you explore the Blogosphere, you will find many such bloggers who are an inspiration in themselves, and going deep and learning about how and what they did – inspires us in more ways than one too.

    Similarly, experimenting and keeping your options open to change is something I truly believe in too. And this we do because we are not perfect, and it only makes sense to keep making yourself better, which happens only when you try out new things, ways, strategies, and make those sincere attempts towards achieving your goal – isn’t it? It’s much later you gather the real expertise or know how of things, though for me, I think I will always prefer to call myself a learner than an expert in anything. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us. Happy weekend as well 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      Thanks for your encouraging comment, I agree that we need to learn a lot in our blogging journey from so called masters. If we explore such people we will get lot of them but we need to be careful in selecting our mentors properly. Too many cooks spoil the disk so better we choose someone perfect and like minded so that we would not mess up things.

      Thanks for your comment Harleena…

  5. Hey vijesh, I’m currently in the first two phases..will take some time to reach the third E. Really an useful post man. Keep up 🙂

  6. Very encouraging stuff,Vijesh.You are really good at making others realizing their potential and lifting their confidence.

    At the end of the article you nicely summed up three E’s with blogging.

    Thanks a lot

  7. things shouldn’t stop with Explore, Experiment & Expertise it should go beyond these E’s, one have to have the real zeal to grab the inspiration rather than feeling envy towards of the success of other people.. remember that things only work better you are smart enough to handle the situations which most of the fellow bloggers I have witnessed in my journey do lack and should concentrate up to correct that..

    • Hi King,
      Thanks for your comment its true that one needs to have the zeal to catch the true pace which many bloggers lack as you have said…

  8. Hi Vijesh,
    I just couldn’t agree with you more. Success is all that we seek and that doesn’t come soo easy.
    Exploring, experimenting, being an expertise and building your own experience are simply paramount.

  9. hi there again vijesh.. i want to comment about this quote. “Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.”

    wow. good thing that before i decide to engage blogging, i already consider writing as my passion. i am a freelance writer by profession by the way and a former college instructor. i love sharing what i know and my opinions..

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you liked the quote. Nice to hear that you were a college instructor previously now what are you working as?

      Thanks for sharing your opinion hope you will come back for sharing more…

      • i am still working as freelance writer. . today, i am searching for more clients that pays higher than my previous one.

        sure, i will still coming back here for more 🙂


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