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3 Months of my Blogging Journey with Blog in Grace

Hope some of you already know me. I have been around since three months with Blog in Grace. Though I have been into blogging from almost 5+ years it is a new experience with WordPress. Still to introduce myself I am Vijesh Cormaty a teacher by profession and a part-time blogger by interest.


Why I started Blog in Grace in WordPress?

Seriously speaking I have been with blogger (blogspot blogs) for all these years (almost 6 years) and it took some time for me to earn few bucks. I would have started a blog in WordPress long back but I wasn’t in a state to afford for monthly hosting, yearly renewal of domain name, along with bearing the electricity cost and internet bill. So to make sure I won’t stop my blogging journey for the lack of resources I did not plan for a WordPress blog then. Yes that was a mistake by not believing in my self and my abilities.

I also know many of my online friends who spent lot of money on hosting and domain, ran out of money after a year and without second thought discontinued blogging as they haven’t earned enough to pay their bills. Even one of my friend out of frustration clicked his own ads till he reached his threshold limit of 100$ and was banned out of Adsense. Now they are all comfortable with their 9 to 5 jobs at MNC’s.

I was persistent in my blogging, I was patient and it took me 4 years to get an approval for Adsense account after being rejected many times. Now I have got enough to pay for one year hosting and buy a domain name. Once Professional blogger Harsh Agarwal also suggested me to move to WordPress.
I was about to start a WordPress blog when Vivek of WPStuffs too insisted me to switch to WordPress. These were some of the reasons why Blog in Grace is now into existence.

Who all I met in this journey?

The very first person (now friend) I met was Vivek of WPStuffs. Though I don’t have the habit of chatting much, I started chatting with this guy. He is really an awesome guy though not many posts in his blog yet my first WordPress lessons were from his blog. He is also the very first person to comment in my new blog.
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Next was Angela McCall a designer by profession, honestly I just commented in her blog to get back comments from her, mean while one of my comments has created bit misunderstanding between us. It almost took 13 to 14 mails to settle the issue and you know what we are friends now. Now I visit her blog not to get a comment back but as a friend who looks to see how everything is going on.

Next person is an inspiring person Rafi Brother of inspiring citizen. He was the first person to contact me via my contact form. Because of my hectic schedule I wasn’t able to go with one of his suggestions but one day I will definitely work with him in near future. Though I don’t know Sareena (Rafi’s Wife) much I still find her encouraging Rafi through her valuable comments.

I also met few people like MBN Achari, Harleena Singh (I like her articles don’t know why), Adrienne (She doesn’t leave small comments), Rupali, Hiten, Robert Goss, Jijin Mohan, Mukesh, Emmanuel Cudjoe, Karthik (Vivek’s friend), Marilyn Cada, Jignesh Rathod, Sarvesh, Enstine Muki, Arun, Ashish Mittal  and very recently Theodre, Amal Rafeeq, Suhas,etc. These are some of them whom I remember.

Blog in Grace Statistics for these three months?

Though stats are not so impressive I am happy with whatever I have, below are the numbers collected at the time of writing this post.

Alexa Rank: 179,251
Total Visitor: 2653
Total Page Views: 12,348
Highest No of Unique visitors in a day: 183 (May 10th)
Total Subscribers: 5 (Not a bad number at all)
Total No of posts: 11
Most Read Post: 7 Things you should never focus in the initial stages of blogging
Most Comments: Income Reports of Indian bloggers to get inspiration
Total Comments: 219
Facebook Fans: 16
Twitter followers: 70+ (Few people are smart enough after I follow them they are unfollowing me but let it be)

Top 5 Commentator’s in Blog in Grace?

1. Angela – 13 Comments
2. Vivek R – 11 Comments
3. Rupali – 7 Comments
4. Rafi – 5 Comments
5. Karthik – 5 Comments

List of Guest Posts Written for other Blogs

I also had good time writing some guest posts as a promotion for my new blog and below are few of my guest posts which I have written.

Top 3 Benefits of Writing a List Post (ShoutMeLoud)
Four Fantastic people to check your Entrepreneur Journey (ShoutMeLoud)
Feedly Adds 3 Million New Users in Just 14 Days! (Devils Workshop)

Comments of few people which made me happy

I never expected some of top bloggers would comment in my blog and to my surprise they did comment. Some of them were Rohit Langde, Rahul Kuntala, Siddarth, Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal, Radha Krishna, Rakesh, Ehsan, Ammar Ali and not to forget Adrienne.


This might be a conclusion for this article but this is the beginning of my blogging journey. I may meet new people in coming days and I can’t mention all the names like I have mentioned above. I have written this post just as my experience with WordPress and Best is yet to come. Stay Tuned…


Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. Thanks for the mention bro,I am very happy to meet someone like you.Usually I dont mingle with others online but you are the one whom I exchanged many messages without knowing personally.

    I like to meet you someday,very soon.

    216 comments with just 11 post is an awesome job bro,..Your writing influenced me a lot and will be learning a lot from you as much as I can.Honestly more than any other blog I like to read yours because of your presentation and blogging niche needs someone like you.

    Glad you switched to WordPress. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support and encouragement from the beginning of my blog. Glad to hear that you like my style of presentation, hope we will meet one day.

      Keep blogging Bro you too have the nerve to make two ends meet. See you soon at your success meet.

  2. I have seen a lot of bloggers give up when they do not make money or lose interest. Really good to see a blogger who is continuing and sticking it out. Keep writing and best wishes for the future.

    1. Wow! Amazing
      Aditya I never expected a comment from you and it did surprise me a bit. Thanks for your wishes hope I could contribute something more valuable to the blogging community in coming days.

    1. Thanks Radha,
      Your comments just encourage me to write more and more. Thanks a lot for your wishes bro, if everything goes well soon to follow your foot steps to become a 9 to 5 Blogger.

  3. Vijesh

    Welcome to the WordPress blogging club!
    I was playing with WP since day one, and I’ve never looked back since then!
    By the way, the link pointing to Wpstuffs is broken, you might want to double check that.


  4. Did you said that your site has total unique visitors 2653 and total page views 2348 in 3 months but still you have 179,251,Alexa rank???

  5. Hi Vijesh,
    I covered my 99 days of this blogging thing somewhere in late April and you are with your 90 day journey.
    With those quality articles you’re channeling out each and every now and then, there is no doubt you’re going to stay for long.
    Hey Mr. Vijesh, lest I forget, thanks for the mention.

  6. Hi Vijesh,

    I feel honoured to be a part of this heart touching post , Thanks a lot. Make every single day count
    Success is just within ur reach.

    1. Thanks Rupali,
      Good days ahead for everyone of us, only thing we need to care is about staying connected and helping each other…

  7. Wow Vijesh,

    I am very honored for the mention of my name! *surprised*

    I am so glad that we are now friends. I see you more than just a blogger but a FRIEND. I didn’t know that you are a teacher by profession. WOW…this is very impressive! And that’s why you write English pretty well.

    And double wow…I am number one commenter in your blog! *impressed*

    BTW, I don’t know if you are in my Newsletter subscription but I am mentioning your name next Email Newsletter. I don’t send the same post in my blog on Newsletter. I get very personal more on this one. I tell my subscriber how my week went, what went on that weekend, etc. etc…then I mentioned what my post will be about. And so on NEXT newsletter I mentioned you…thanking you for all the coding you did for my “subscription box.”

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a great week my friend.


    1. Hey Angela,

      There is nothing to be surprised, I never thought I would meet you. Honestly speaking I came to your blog through some link, read your article gave a comment as any other blogger expecting you to come back, But story went some thing else and what ever happens it happens for our good.
      God already planned what should happen at what time and it happened. Though we live very far we became friends.

      I am happy you are the top commenter in my blog and I believe you would continue to be number one.

      I am already in your newsletter.

      Have a great week ahead too…

  8. Vijesh, I forgot to tell you CONGRATULATIONS on 3 months blogging. You are doing a great job and Kudos to all of your writing. You are one of my favorites that I consistently follow everytime you have a new post.

    BTW, I want to ask about the Adsense. I’ve applied on this since December 2012 and nothing happens and so I just ignore this now. However, with that new YouTube channel, I enabled my stuff there for monetization. On this Adsense thingy for my blog, they have things there like the Learn More button. This confused me quite a bit and so now I am just ignoring this. I don’t even care about the Adsense anymore.

    So which one are the Adsense on your blog?

    Guess reason why I kinda ignore this now for my blog is, I don’t want the Adsense to bombard me with too many advertisement. I want my blog to have less advertisement. But it’s okay to put Adsense on my Tutorial Videos youtube channel. So what do you think about this?


    1. Thanks a lot Angela, Glad that you like my articles and constantly follow them.

      Its ok if you have monetized your YouTube videos with adsense and for your blog I think it not the right time. If your tutorial videos go viral I believe you could earn pretty good amount out of that.

      Regarding Adsense for blog I have written an article may be it helps you a bit. There is nothing to be confused just you need to apply through the adsense website. You can use only a single ad unit for your blog but it is not the right time for your blog as you have low traffic. But still if you want to have an account try applying, if you get it approved I would suggest you further.

      Regarding your adsense application which you have applied on Dec 2012, I think you need to check your mails properly because they will definitely send a reply. Check in your trash too may be you might have deleted without your knowledge. If you really did not get a response you could reapply. Adsense is one of the major passive sources of income for many bloggers but you need to have tons of traffic coming from various countries.

  9. Vijesh Bhayya,

    Sorry, I was a bit held up with my full time work and was not able to catch up with your recent posts..

    I was thoroughly surprised to see you mentioning my name in this blog and this is the first time someone is mentioning about me in their blog post, I guess..I am honored to be part of your blog, Vijesh..

    And I admire your willingness to share your analytics with the entire world..

    I wish you all success from the bottom of my heart and always willing to help you in all the best possible ways, I can..

    And we will join hands soon with our project..!

    1. Rafi bhai,

      What is there to be surprised I have shared what happened these 3 months and it is true that I met all the people whom I have mentioned. I am so happy that the people I met were all of real value to me I treat them as a treasure. You are also so valuable to me.

      Harleena of Aha-share to writes so well, I like such people who write about life and things happening around even you. Adrienne also gives nice comments I appreciate her comments If at all I want to learn anything from Adrienne is to learn how to comment.

      I also wish you also a great success and when everything goes on well we will definitely work with your idea. Time decides so lets wait for the perfect time…

  10. Vijesh,
    Congratulations on having your Google Adsense account back. I can understand the stress you went through during that process.
    You are doing very well, don’t give up. I see things working out much better for you.
    Keep it up.

  11. hello vijesh,
    it seems that you do have a very high level of patience indeed! Having disapproved for adsense so many times and being a blogger still for a long span of 5-6 years is really a lot to give.
    All congrats to you!

    1. Thanks Yogesh,
      Its patience and smart work that pays off, so if you are determined to do something never just quit until you have accomplished what you have planned before you actually took up the job.

  12. Hi Vijesh,
    I came to know about you by the comment I got on my post. You and your blog are really great.

    And I’m happy to see you in WordPress.

    And getting 167,302 Alexa rank by a 3 months blog is incredible and great. And I like your honest share of your analytics.

    I subscribed to your newsletter and hoping to get some great posts from you in future!

    1. Thanks for your visit and valuable comment Sriram.
      Hope you are having a great time blogging.
      Stay tuned I will not let you down I will surely bring out great posts…

      Have a nice time… 🙂

  13. Thanks a million for the mention, Vijesh. Yours is one of those rare blogs where I find sincere opinion and authentic information. Actually, I should have been the first to comment on this post. But I missed it. And I don’t want to miss it from now on.

    Now, I am subscribing to your newsletter.

    What more…

    It’s really nice of you to have mentioned every other blogger that helped you or those you got the help or inspiration from. You know ‘Gratitude’ is a good thing. Even if the other blogger says ‘interesting post!’, that motivates us in some way. And you have shown that gratitude in a perfect way, which means that you are going to get even more support from all of us.

    Coming back to your writing style…I like it very much. I have already told you that your posts take me through them easily.

    Your four-year experience in blogging will certainly help you. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS, Vijesh!

    And…All the very best!

    1. Thanks a ton Achari,
      Glad that you like my blog and my writing style.
      Still there is lot to learn and lot to teach what I have learned.
      You too write great I have read your posts in Shoutmeloud too but Harsh is not approving comments, there are many pending comments in his blog.
      I am waiting for your next post in new blog book it has been so long that you have posted in this blog. I think you are concentrating more on your tech blog.

      Thanks a lot for your support…
      Lets help each other in building a better blogging community…

  14. I’ve been blogging about 3 months myself, so it was interesting to read this post. It’s all about consistency and persistence. As long as you keep clicking publish you’ll eventually become one of those top bloggers! 🙂

  15. Going the WordPress self hosting route was definitely the best move for you. If you made any money on Blogger you’ll possibly make more here. And that’s a fantastic rank after only 3 months; astounding! Good luck on your new journey.

  16. Hey Vijesh,

    Well thank you for sharing that with us and I didn’t know you were a teacher. I hope you enjoy your job, I know it can be very rewarding.

    I think you made a wise decision and I’m thrilled that you have enough for hosting for a year. I agree with Mitch actually. If you made money on Blogger you should do a lot better here. Your ranking after only three months is incredible and we all know that Google loves WordPress. I find that surprising since I thought they would really like their own platform better. Glad they don’t though.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for that mention. I’m so flattered and you’re right. I seldom leave short comments. 😉


  17. This is an amazaing and informative story I must tell, meaning we should not be carried away by the blog traffic and concentrate mainly on what the laater end will offer if we endure the unbearable blogging condition… Am indeed inspired

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