Strategies to turn your Blog into the Next Campus Craze


Hey folks are you serious about blogging? Then I want to share few strategies which can help you to turn your blog into next Campus Craze. Nowadays blogging has become so popular just because of a simple reason that people make six figures income by writing some crap. Sorry to say crap but that’s what people think seeing your articles when you just started a new blog. So let’s think you have written a mind blowing article but an established blogger or a blogger who is into blogging for at least 10 months sees few things like Alexa rank, number of posts, Facebook followers, twitter followers and comments you get to your blog. If the numbers are low he simply omits reading your stuff and leaves your page with just a vague comment or no comment at all. There are few lovely people who read your stuff and encourage but they won’t turn up when you write your next article.

Campus-CrazeThere are many reasons which I said like your stats that make people not to turn up the second time to your blog. How to make them visit your blog again? How to make people go crazy about your blog? Below are some proven strategies along with the case studies which can make people visit your blog again and again.

Note some of the Strategies shared here are not applicable for new blogs but they work out for blogs which have more than 50 posts but struggling to retain their traffic.

1. Blog Contests:

Ha! Blog contest is a great concept to start off my topic. A properly planned blog contest can simply make your visitors come again and again. They just glue to your blog at least during the days you run the contest till you announce the results.
Case Study:
Recently Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage has conducted a guest blogging contest. His strategy was so simple he invited guest authors to post their articles for a month. He asked his contestants to post about the contest in their blogs and to promote their articles in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and G+. The winner would be decided based on the user engagement like comments, likes, shares, G+ and tweets. This contest has really boosted the traffic and user engagement in Blogging Cage. Before the contest Alexa rank of Blogging cage was 18K and it decreased to 13K after the contest. This contest is still due for its results. You can see the rise of traffic in the screenshot below. If you can also start a good contest then you too can boost your traffic like Kulwant.

Alexa Rank of Bloggingcage 2. Giveaways:

This is seen a lot these days in many blogs both tech and non tech. Bloggers have found out a new way to draw social network followers and subscribers. Thanks to sponsors and Punch tab to get this process go on very effectively. So plan some giveaways now and then to increase your social network followers.
Case Study: There are many blogs which are holding these giveaways. I just want to share a giveaway run by Amal Rafeeq of Bloggerdoc. He is turning his giveaway into a gold mine. Apart from the likes, tweets and G+ he also asked the users to comment on his post at Blogging Cage which has turned good for him till now. His giveaway is aimed at increasing his social followers in his blog along with winning a contest in an other blog isn’t this cool. You can also participate in the giveaway and win a Sony Xperia U at Bloggerdoc.

3. Guest Posting:

Hey are you tired of knowing the ways to direct quality and engaging traffic to your blog then I think it time for you to start guest posting or Guest blogging. When you write guest posts in other blogs you would be fortunate enough to draw some traffic and if your blog has the meat then be assured your blog is just about to blow off I mean it’s going to be the next campus craze. Sometimes guest blogging don’t work out the way we expect because we write one or two posts for other blogs. If you are with some hundred plus guest posts then surely you get a decent amount of traffic from them.
Case Study: Jane Sheeba of Problogging Success is a great inspiration especially for freelance writers and guest bloggers. She has written more than 290+ guest articles in many top blogs like problogger, we blog better, Basic blog tips etc. This paid really well, she now has clients who stand in queue and wait for her strategies to build a successful blog.

4. Revenue Sharing:

You have a great blog and you have also invited bloggers for guest blogging but still people aren’t interested in writing a guest post. Even if some write they are not writing quality stuff. Then start using revenue sharing feature where the user has the facility to place his own Adsense ads for his article. Next time when somebody posts a guest article, in order to utilize the revenue sharing feature they try to write quality stuff so that it would gain more traffic.
Case Study: ShoutMeloud is one of the top Indian blogs with revenue sharing feature even if it doesn’t have this feature it surely draws many guest bloggers but due to this feature the number of people posting guest articles are increasing day by day. Even I too wrote 2 articles for ShoutMeLoud may be for the sake of Adsense or traffic you can thing either way.

Read my Guest post at SML: Four Fantastic people to check your Entrepreneur Journey

5. Income Reports:

Posting Income reports is bit dangerous for newbie’s and also for established bloggers. But posting Income reports on a regular basis will draw good amount of traffic to your blog. Only thing you should be careful is you should not try adsense ads in that blog as people who are jealous of your income would start clicking them to ban you completely from adsense. But this blog which posts income reports on a regular basis will be a sure campus craze for an affiliate marketer.
Case Study: Pat Flynn is one of the most successful blogger who posts his income reports on a monthly basis. He does this because it is the income report page which draws him most of the income from his affiliates. He gives links to various affiliate products through which he earned so much money and you know what, users just try the product from the link posted in the income report page thinking it might be really a useful product if not it wouldn’t have made Pat so many bucks. Simple strategy yet effective, he earns 50K dollars on an average through his SmartPassiveIncome.

6. Interview Series:

This feature is loved by many of the bloggers and it is also being widely employed in many blogs these days. If you need people coming back then interview series helps to maintain the momentum going.
Case Study: I have many case studies but I want to share about my friend’s blog inspiring citizen. Rafi is very good at posting some of the inspiring stuff and he gets good response for most of his articles. He also posts some interviews of eminent bloggers and you know what those posts really convert well. His interview with Neil Patel is a must read interview at his blog. This post got many comments and even I am one among them. Even in Rahul’s blog (Learn blog tips) the most number of comments were for an interview post. He got 130+ comments on the interview post he did with Ileane Smith. Even Kulwant Nagi of Blogging Cage too uses this strategy, he posts interviews every Saturday in his blog and people just wait when Saturday would come.

7. Personal Success Stories:

Sometimes you can tell your own story to the visitors provided you have achieved some extraordinary stats or achievements. You can tell them how you struggled hard in the initial days of your blogging journey and how was the level of preparation for some of your blogs or posts to go viral. Don’t forget that your story should not contain everything about yourself but see that your story has something to learn and implement.
Case Study: Amit Bhawani one of the top tech bloggers of Hyderabad India, once posted how he was successful with his Amazon affiliate account. He said he was able to sell 581 products in the very first month of joining Amazon affiliates. At that time he already had tons of people following him and so that was easily achieved by him. People who never heard about affiliate marketing then, started to experiment on Amazon affiliates and were successful.

8. Videos & Podcasts:

Posting tutorial videos and podcasts on a regular basis draws regular traffic. As a viewer waits for some famous reality TV show like American Idol every week so is with your podcast and tutorial videos. When you have tons of followers, most of them don’t like to read your 2500+ articles one by one so if you could make a podcast of your posts every week people can download and listen with less effort and little time consumption. Only thing is give some useful strategies that work in your podcast and leave an abrupt question at the end saying in my next episode I will teach on how to draw traffic in 5 days of your new blog. This question at the end might bring the visitor back to listen to your next podcast.
Case Study: Ms. Ileane of Basic Blog tips had started doing podcasts these days and she got a good response. Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome is already a podcaster and now adding to the list is Ileane. Her new podcast series had made her blog go crazy these days. Many bloggers don’t do podcasts as they have enough reasons with them.

9. List Posts:

This is rocking tip for newbie’s too. A list post is a post containing a list of top 10 items, blogs, websites etc. People love reading such stuff. Recently I had written a guest post on List posts at ShoutMeLoud which gives you the benefits of writing a list post. Read: Top 3 Benefits of Writing a List Post
Case Study: I had written few list posts in one of my blogspot blogs and you know those are the only posts which still bring in traffic to my blog. Interesting thing is my post used to appear in the first position  in search results even leaving huffingtonpost in the second position few days back. Now as Google changes its algorithms every few days the results vary but still my post is alive in the first page of the search results. See the screen shot below which I have recently took.


10. Killer Content:

If you have the ability and stuff to write killer content then your blog is sure to take the success route very soon. Keep some of killer content coming every week and see how people keep following you like a daily serial. Even though you don’t write regularly people keep reading your previous articles and in this way your previously written articles would also gain exposure.
Case Study: Rahul Kuntala of Learn Blog Tips is a promising blogger from India who writes some good stuff, actually we can say killer content. He has a unique and different approach behind every article he writes. Recently his blog was dormant for nearly 2 months and you know what I started reading his previous articles now and then. His articles may not have been read in the initial stages of his blogging career but now every article of his is a master piece. So I suggest even if it takes time write killer content at least once in a week.

11. Latest Buzz:

This method will surely increase your traffic rate but at the same time increases your bounce rate too. If you want to earn some bucks and you need huge traffic then start a blog on latest news, job notification and results or an entertainment blog. If you write some of the trending articles you are sure to gain huge traffic at the same time if you write the post in a unique way you can make the traffic to stay and come regularly. But most of the traffic will bounce away but still you will have handful of regular followers.
Case Study: Sarkari Naukiri a blog on latest job notifications was started by Manisha Sharma way back in 2006. It is a blogspot blog which posts articles on latest job notifications even till date. Though her traffic is just a come and go ones still there are many visitors who regularly visit just inorder to know the latest notifications. So if you are good at covering all latest jobs, results news, news happening around, movie reviews etc then you will be surely in a win win situation.

12. Timeless Articles:

You are a web designer or you know some nice CCS3 or Photoshop tricks or you have the skill to design a template then your services are most needed. You can give some of the common designing tips or tricks to your users and if your tricks are good people make a visit again and again. These tips are read over and over by many people and these articles are called timeless articles.
Case Study: In this case I want to point out a blog by name Way2blogging run by Harish. This blog is dormant from few days but it still gets lot of traffic only reason is the designing tips he posted. His blog hardly contains not more than 100 posts but it is has an alexa rank of 27K. Another blog called bloggerbuster authored by Amanda Fazani which is also dormant from few days also draws some good traffic because of the timeless articles which she wrote. CSS-Tricks of Chris Coyier too can be given example in this case.

Are you ready to turn your blog into Next Campus Craze?

So what do you think? I have given some of the best proven strategies to make people visit your blog again and again. I believe your blog will be the next campus craze if you implement any of the above discussed strategies. Do you have any more strategies then why don’t you use the comment form below to share your views and opinions.


  1. Awesome stuff Vijesh!

    Just a small tip: Show your sharing buttons in prominent places, it could bring more social shares. Use the plugins like Share bar or Digg Digg, but make sure to display less social sharing buttons (2 to 3 are enough).

    And thanks for the multiple shouts 🙂

    • Wow! Rahul its great to see you in my blog.

      Regarding social sharing I dint concentrate on it much as my blog is new and people rarely share the stuff in initial stages. So I don’t like those zero’s to be shown up. I will look to it in near future when user engagement increases. For now I have placed those buttons under the post once I get good traffic I will move them to top.

      Regarding multiple shouts you deserve it bro…

      Still unbelievable that you are the first to comment!

      • Just another friendly suggestion along with Rahul’s – do add your Twitter handle to the twitter button so that you know who shares your post and sharing becomes easier too 🙂

  2. Great article VIjesh,Guest blogging contest is a lethal weapon to get readers and Traffic.Kulwant has done a great work.

    Your blog is getting popular as I can see comments from many popular bloggers…Congrats and keep working.

  3. This was seriously a great and enormous share. I loved the way of explaining the things and then showing case studies so that people can learn from others.

    Keep doing this great stuff and contributing in blogging.

    Best wishes.

  4. Nice work on this post Vijesh,

    Certainly this works. Thanks for sharing this piece of information which is very valued. See you next time.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    I’ve got a quick question: Why you don’t enable the feature that allows us to choose the prefered anchor (a certain post) like some others bloggers?. You know sharing that article to get access at more posts.

  5. Hi Vijesh,

    What an awesome post – in-fact we can call it a guide to turn your blog into the next campus craze 🙂

    I liked the way you covered every aspect so well and not to mention the case studies you put up so well, which I know must have taken you a lot of time to gather – so a job well done!

    Oh yes…I’ve seen Kulwant’s, Rahul, Ileane’s and all the other bloggers you mentioned, and yes, they do know the trick of the trade. Contests and giveaways seem to be the hottest selling things I see on most blogs. I agree, they do boost up your traffic and perhaps your social media presence too, though I wonder if your traffic remains the same once you end it, or does it fall as fast as it rises. Or perhaps to maintain the rise, you need to regularly have such contests and giveaways. Hm…haven’t tried either as yet, though I just might one fine day. I guess am pretty content and happy with the gradual rise in traffic and growth of my blog 🙂

    Interview series and guest posts are the next big traffic pullers on the list I think, and yes – I’ve been seeing Neil Patel ALL over…:) I guess he was interviews by a lot many people the past one month. I need to start interviews at my blog too, but I strongly believe in moderation and not having too many interviews too often or they lose their charm. Calling selective few people works better 🙂

    I do believe that if your content is good, you will get traffic on your own without really rushing it up with all that you mentioned above. However, there’s no harm in giving your blog a boost once in a while by trying these tactics too.

    Thanks for sharing this nice post with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Hey Harleena,

      Thanks for your opinion you have a good style of writing, actually not style I can say something very close to our lives. Relationship, health sort of topics have the charm to draw people. I love reading your articles especially the stories you post. I think your blog is also an example for one of the craziest blogs online.

  6. Thanks for sharing another so detailed and great post. All tips you mentioned are essential to reach our blog at another level. Most of the posts of mine are based on point method like top 10,top 5 and I have also started Guest posting.

    I learn too much from this post,Thanks for sharing !!!!

    • Thanks Rupali for your comment.

      Great that you write list posts and also all the best for your Guest Posts. i have read your guest post in one blog and you wrote simply superb. Keep going Rupali many achievements to attain ahead.

  7. Hello,

    Excellent post! I love this huge list of strategies of Campus Craze. All the mentioned strategies are very powerful only thing is it needs a person to work hard and it get awesome outcome.


    • Yeah the mentioned strategies have already been tested by those bloggers whom I have mentioned in the case studies.
      Thanks for the comment Jordan.

  8. Wow Vijesh, what a killer post. My goodness, you have not left anything out.

    You know I’ve run into some bloggers as I’ve continue my journey who look down on people who have no comments on their posts, not many followers on Twitter or any other type of online presence. I often times wonder if they don’t remember when they were there as well. It’s so hard sometimes to get noticed among the crowd but if you have awesome content and you put yourself out there enough, people will begin to notice you.

    You’ve really given us some killer suggestions and you know I’ve thought about running a contest. I’ve seen them being done so well online and it’s really something I should consider doing myself. I want to thank you for this reminder here on your post.

    Now you’ve shared so many others ways to get noticed too so I am not ignoring them at all. I don’t particularly care for giveaways myself but they will definitely really explode your list so they work.

    Thanks again for sharing all these cool tips along with the case study as an example. That’s going above and beyond.

    Have a wonderful week and please do get that Twitter ID in your social sharing button. Content like this has to be shared.


    • Glad you liked the article Adrienne,
      You are one among those few bloggers who encourage people genuinely by reading the article.
      I think you believe in the statement which says “Do to others what you want others do for you”
      If at all I need to learn something from you, is to give a comment which touches the heart of the blogger both content wise, quality wise and quantity wise.
      BTW I have the social sharing buttons at the end of the post you can share it in twitter and thanks for following me.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.

      • Thank you Vijesh and I appreciate that.

        You do have your social sharing button at the end of your post but you don’t have your Twitter ID in the button. That means you aren’t seeing who tweets your post so most people won’t tweet it for that reason. So if you want more tweets, be sure to fill that part in. 🙂

  9. Hi Vijesh,

    All great advice for next campus craze! Except if I start the contest now people will expect this from me all the time and I’m not sure I can keep up with it.

    Like Harleena said, I’m pretty happy with the way my blog is growing day after day, I can see the increased unique visitors each day. Slowly but surely.

    Giveaways, guest postings, revenue sharing, income reports…are all nice that adds sparks in your blog. People always love to see revenues! However, some people might get jealous on this when they see how much you make and will try to hack your site. So be careful.

    Interview Series is one of the things I have in mind I like to start doing. Not on podcast, yet. Although my site is spearheading towards this direction as well…But something people can just read on my blog for now. I’ve done it before when my site was only personal then and found it very interesting.

    Personal success stories are always fun to read. You can really draw people into reading this coz not everyone starts at the top and more people can relate to this type of stories!

    Videos & Podcasts are nice to have. I’m starting to do this. I have created a video regarding Photoshop but haven’t announce this in my newsletter yet. So far I’m studying how to do podcast; there’s a lot to be done. Can’t learn them all in one day.

    Including numbers in your list are always a good way to draw people in. Like “Top 10 Bloggers Worldwide” or something like “15 Clues How To Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating On You.” Something like that.

    11th…12th…and on that 12th list you mentioned, it’s very encouraging! Web designers always have a good opportunity to share tricks on Photoshop, how to tweak CSS or script, or how to transfer your Photoshop template to WordPress…that kinda thing.

    Anyway, my friend…looks like you’ve done your research very well. Kudos to your writing! Loved it.


    • Hi Angela,

      I think you have enjoyed my post every bit, I could see clearly that you have mentioned each and every point I have mentioned in my post. I am happy that you liked the 11th and 12th point as it touches to graphic designers,

      So now when are you turning your blog into next campus craze?

  10. Hi Vijesh,

    Wow…this could be a hand book of how to Rock your blog! I like the way you have listed everything and put in case studies. If this was an ebook, I would purchase it!!!!

    I have used some methods above, like guest posting, and lists of bloggers. Of course some good content that got people really interested. I also think that putting a video in a blog post boosts your rankings…Google just loves that!

    The Blog contest sounds like a lot of fun! I do have to keep that one in mind. As for give-aways, I know they are popular, but I don’t feel comfortable to do one yet.

    All these tips are wonderful and I thank you for teaching me!


    • Hi Donna,
      I feel it a honor as you have said that if this post is an eBook you would have bought it, your comment is worth buying it. I am happy that these tips have taught you something.

      Once again thanks for your encouraging comment.

  11. I know some bloggers may not comment on new blogs that don’t have traffic but I’m not one of them. At one time we were all newbies. I am not a newbie blogger but I had to start over so I might look like one. I like reading new blogs and how will you know you like them if you only just go on someone stats. You could really be missing out on the next big blogger. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips!

    • Thanks Maketta,

      Glad to listen that you encourage newbie bloggers by commenting, its true that all are newbie bloggers at a particular stage and we know the struggles and hardships faced by newbies. Thanks a lot for your encouraging comment…


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