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7 Sure-fire ways to get Comments to your Blog posts

Recently when I was chatting with one of my regular visitors in gtalk he asked me if I were an internet celebrity. I paused a bit, leaned back in my chair and with a smile I replied “No” and I asked him why he felt so. In reply he said “I could see that your blog has very fewer posts yet there are many comments so I felt if you were already having a popular blog to promote your articles or an internet celebrity of sort”. Even Vivek one of my first visitors too said that I am becoming popular seeing the amount of comments I receive.

I also have some good news which was shared by my friend Achari who informed me that my blog has been featured in Famousbloggers a famous blog run by Hesham Zebida. John Gibb an affiliate marketer has written a guest post on Famousbloggers about 69 Most Popular Blogging Blogs to Comment on or Guest Post for and has mentioned BloginGrace (BIG) in that list. Very recently one more blogger by name Marilyn Cada has made a list of 110+ Commentluv Enabled Blogs and included BloginGrace in that list.

ways to get comments

Sorry for bragging for so long, now I want to share few facts or give some tips on how to get comments exactly as I do. For your kind information I am not an established blogger and I get 10 comments on an average to every post but fact is that it is far less compared to some established bloggers who get more than 100 comments. I want to confess that I haven’t replied to many comments which were posted in most of my previous articles as I had a hectic schedule at my job during those days.

Angela one of my friend has mailed me asking why I haven’t replied to some of her comments and as soon as I received her mail I replied to almost all comments including hers and others which were unattended previously. I have been busy past two days as I have been answering all my pending comments in all my previous articles.

I want to share few sure-fire tips to get at least ten comments and if you are good at mastering these tips I am sure you would reach 100+ comments in no time. I got 60+ comments for one of my article by title Income Reports of Indian bloggers to get inspiration. I have also targeted to reach 100+ comment count in my future articles. So below are the points which I think would work for getting some comments to your new blog or already existing blog.

1. Comment in other blogs:

In Bible there is a beautiful verse saying

“Do to others as you would like them to do to you.”

This simple verse works like a miracle if you want comments to your post. Always do comment in other blogs of your niche or even those which are not of your niche. Most of the people who got your comment would return back to your blog and comment. This is a simple tip yet one of the most effective ones to get comments and traffic to your blog. This tip also helps you in building back links even though you wont get comments back.

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2. Add Value to your Comment:

If you are following the above mentioned tip then you need to do little more. Instead of just saying “Hi” or “nice article” or “good article” try to post at least 3 or 4 sentences about the article on which you are commenting. So in order to add value to the comment you simply can’t write some vague or irrelevant words or copy paste others comments as it can be marked as spam by the blog owner. Just take some time in reading the article and capture the points wherever you felt are necessary and mention them in the comment so that the blog owner would feel happy that you have given a true value to the comment. You can also ask any doubts so that the author might interact with you and in turn visit your blog and do the same to you.

3. Reply to every comment:

After you get comments to your post the very next business you should be doing is to attend each and every comment. These replies to the post can be enhanced by a simple plugin called Replyme which sends an email to your commenter as soon as you have replied them. So if you are replying they would comment more and more and if you are dumb then they won’t comment as you would not reply. One more benefit of replying to your commenter is it increases your comment count. If you got 50 comments and if you reply to each and every comment then your actual comment number would be 100 and when new people visit your blog they too would feel like commenting seeing the user engagement.

4. Let your comment form be simple:

You are sick of spam even I too am, I will get nearly 100 spam comments a day. In order to escape spam most of the people would install intense debate or disqus comment forms to their blogs. Amit Agarwal to uses it, its ok and there is no need for you to use as he is using. Amit Agarwal is an established blogger people would comment even if he installs any kind of comment system. For a newbie blogger such comment systems wont work and don’t even try to install captcha forms and make it more complicated. Its better to use two simple plugins Akismet and GASP to stop your spam and let comments flow freely through your comment form.

Read: Four Bullet Proof Methods to build a Spam free WordPress blog
Angela McCalls opinion on SPAM

5.How about adding some love with CommentLuv:

CommentLuv is a simple plugin which gives a back link to the most recent article posted by the commenter in their blog. It is just asking the blog owner to show the same love of coming back and to post a valuable comment in their blog too. This is one of the good plugins for newbie bloggers to get more comments.

6. Do write about others:

This is one of the most effective tips I can say that draws more comments to BIG (Blog in Grace). Whenever I write a post it is definitely going to be my experience but I will also mention the names of other people who have helped me or inspired me or what ever interaction I had with them giving a back link to their blog. Even in this article you can find many names in the starting paragraphs. These people would love to read about themselves and will express their gratitude through their comments. They would also come to see the next post and in this is way you can bring users back again and again to your blog. You can also give links to some of the articles of others bloggers if you find it valuable an effective tip which I learned from Rahul Kuntala of LBT (Learn Blog Tips).

7. Identify Pro Commenter’s:

I am introducing a new group of bloggers called Pro Commenter’s, people who would not turn you down. I mean when you have commented in their blog they will not only give a reply there but they visit your blog and give a comment not just seeing your post title or sub headings but reading the entire article. Identify those people who would definitely come to your blog. I have a small list try to comment in their blogs and see for yourself the response you get from them.

There are many of such people but I am sharing only two of my favorites as you also would learn something from their articles.
Adrienne Smith: I bet you won’t get a small comment and she is awesome internet marketer. I feel very happy whenever I get her comment, I guess you too will.
Harleena Singh: She is a wonderful counselor and my favorite blogger. It takes a lot of time to read her articles but her articles will be very close to our life.

There are more of such wonderful people but I won’t share as it takes my whole time in preparing this list. I think as a newbie blogger you are sure to get ten comments for sure if you follow all my tips mentioned above. There are more tips to get comments but I have shared only those which I have experienced with my blog. I also got some comments from Guest articles I have wrote in other blogs. You too can build your own commenter’s list like I have built and also start to guest blog as these methods too help in growing your comments.

Below are links of few more articles which would help you in increasing your comment count.

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Hello, This is Vijesh, a part time blogger with passion for coding and learning new horizons of blogging. I'm also interested in designing and Internet Marketing.

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  1. FamousBlogger is how I found out about your blog! 🙂

    I have found that my comment count dropped like a stone in a pond when I turned it from dofollow to nofollow, I’ve managed to get the count up a little by turning comments off after 30 days.

    1. Hi Dean,

      Glad to know that you found my blog through FamousBloggers,

      People are smart these days as they look forth blogs with do follow links rather than no follow links and so they simply avoid commenting if a blog has no follow feature. Thanks for sharing your opinion,,,

  2. Hi, this was so weird. In your post you refer to the guest post on famousbloggers about the 69 most popular blogging blogs. Guess what? That isd exactly how I came across your blog. It really is a good blog with lots of informative posts. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks Jessie for taking some time in visiting my blog and writing an encouraging comment. Glad to know that you came to my blog through famous bloggers.

  3. Hey Vijesh,

    I love Adrienne’s blog too, she’s one of the people I faithfully follow. However, before her I actually met Rob Goss which is another blogger that I follow mostly but I haven’t seen him updated his blog in ages! He must be real busy with his business or trying to build his “consulting” business online. Adrienne’s name have been mentioned in Google+ community a few times under “WordPress Let’s Build It Together” run by Rob Goss also. And in fact, that is the FIRST community I’ve ever got myself engage and that’s where I met Joy Healey, Susan O’Dea, and Rob Goss…we were actually engaging ourselves in conversations…corresponding back & forth in Google+.

    Anyway, again…you are on TARGET. All the 7 things you’ve mentioned here have been put to the test. Adrienne Smith was among the very FIRST people in WordPress blogging and I have subscribed to her newsletter and followed her on Facebook. Left my number on FB and the next day she called me!!! Wow, I was thrilled. I have talk to the REAL Adrienne Smith, Engagement Superstar (although at the time I really didn’t know the real meaning of “engagement” in marketing).

    Adrienne told me when she started blogging she didn’t get traffic at all until she learned one day that the only way she can build traffic is to engage herself with other bloggers, read their blogs and leave comments. She said her goal was to read 5 blogs a day, leave intelligent comments, and it was like this for like 9 months. She faithfully did it that long. And after that she said that’s when her blog took off. And now, I’m doing the SAME thing…trying to follow her footsteps.

    But men…it’s NOT that easy. With a baby in the house, I am always distracted. It’s hard to write in the morning and I don’t have a regular schedule like Rob who gets up @ 6:00AM and finish maybe @ 3:00. Can’t do. I write whenever I have the TIME to write. And sometimes when the juice is flowing is during the time I’m relaxed or I just woke up in the morning and a light bulb will light up and I have to write…

    Anyway Vijesh, thank you so much for mentioning my posts and my name! You are so GOOD to me. And I feel indebted to you. I will never forget what you’ve done to me. When you emailed me that “paint brush” subscription box re-coded. WOW…you are AMAZING!!! And a million thanks to you for mentioning me. You always made my day!!


    1. Hey Angela,
      You always make my day with your valuable comments, it not me who make it. Rob Goss is a cool blogger but he hasn’t updated his blog from very long might be he is busy. Initially I had visited his blog many times but now I visit now and then to see if he has updated any thing but the same old posts.

      Glad to know that you have already put these things to test and also glad to know that the engagement superstar Adrienne Smith has talked to you. She is a wonderful lady I saw one of her tutorial video on deleting DM’s in twitter in a go and her voice is like a small girl. Thanks for sharing the secrets of Adrienne Smith as I too will keep a focused number of blogs a day to comment on,

      I know its very difficult for you to write having a baby around, but still you can bring in one quality article a week. I am always there to read your stuff…
      Also plan for guest bloggers who can bring in some posts on your behalf…

      Thanks for your Valuable comment and have a great day ahead…

  4. Very very well said Vijesh if any one follows these tips that you mentioned,one could get success.

    1. Hi Siddhartha,
      If you follow these you are sure to get good comments and recognition I used the same methods which I have posted above so I am sharing with you.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. First of all your Bio is cool like you, the point to recognize pro commenter is awesome I liked it…!

    1. Hi Amit,
      Thanks for your visit and dropping by a cool comment, If you recognize some of the pro commenters you would never run out of comments in your blog posts. Try and see for yourself…

  6. Hi, Vijesh.
    I Love the tips. You have really mastered the art of showing gratitude and it pays off. I have recently learnt from you the importance and the need to link back to some great articles in our posts. One of the reasons I don’t have many comments on my posts is I comment on only a few blogs for want of time. But this is something that should be taken care of.

    I like the quote you mentioned from the Bible.

    And…thanks a lot for mentioning me in this post.

    1. Hi Achari,

      Glad to know you like the tips, showing gratitude is one of the major area where one could succeed easily. I know it costs link juice and page rank but I think my visitors and people who care about me are more valuable than the PR stuff and all. Even if I get penalized I believe people who were with me wont penalize my blog.

      Its honor to mention you in my post at least I can drive one visitor to your blog.

      Thanks for your valuable comment…

  7. Wonderful points here, Vijesh!
    Commenting on other blogs to get comments works many times. And I came to know about Blog in Grace by that. I learnt this method from you!
    Having CommentLuv will attract lots to comment.
    Awesome post indeed!

    1. Hi Sriram,
      Glad to get your comment and happy to know you are learning something from me. Commenting in others blogs do build relationship and in course we will get acquitted to the commenters blog. We keep questioning “What could be the latest post in that blog?” and out of curiosity we visit so staying alive in others blogs through comments will help us in retaining a stable traffic.

      BTW your guest bloggers at revealing the stuffs are awesome.

  8. Hi Vijesh,

    Congratulations firstly on the wonderful achievements because I know how good it must be feeling to be recognized and getting the comments coming in 🙂

    Your post reminded me of the time when I used to hardly get any comments on my blog when I was a newbie – where was this post then!! I wish I knew the tricks of the trade and had some blogging friends way back then, which I didn’t, and it was only with time that I started picking up how to build relationships with fellow bloggers and start on a good commenting system.

    Thanks so much for mentioning me here – I feel honored to be mentioned along with Adrienne, who is one of my favorite bloggers and a wonderful friend too – someone I learn a lot from, just as I do from each blog I visit. It’s so nice to know that you like the posts I share at my blog, and I know we all need to take out the time to visit each others blogs and it all becomes overwhelming at times, yet we all do it somehow. That’s what keeps us all connected too – isn’t it?

    Coming to the post, I think you mentioned it all so well through these ways that there’s nothing much left to say. Yes, always comment from your heart – and make it a heartfelt comment, a kind of a mini chit-chat you are having with the blog owner as that adds more meaning to your comment, and makes the blog owner feel good too that his or her is appreciated and valued.

    I do believe in reading the entire post and leaving meaningful comments, which often turn out to be like mini-posts in themselves as I’m told because I like to say it all, rather than stop after a few lines – I guess that’s just being me. Not to mention, I’ve also seen that most of your comments are also long and meaningful ones and you too read through the entire post for sure – so like minds think alike 😉

    Replying to every comment is a must I feel, though I’ve often seen that most popular bloggers stop doing that once they achieve their ranks due to lack of time as they say, which I don’t think is right. But each on to his/her own, and we are no one to judge. I guess I couldn’t do that ever, and yes, some of my comments lie pending for a few days, but I ensure I take them up as soon as I can once my writing projects are over. I think that’s the least we can do – to thank those who have taken out their precious time to stop by and read your post and commented or shared it too.

    CommentLuv is wonderful I think, and other than just being a tool to leave your links as most people think, it’s a great way to connect and meet new bloggers and that’s how relationships are build online. Ah…I do like the way you mention so many bloggers and friends in your posts, which is commendable indeed, though I wonder whether you should have so many DoFollow links as that would harm your rank. I know I’m another one who doesn’t care much for that, but just thought to ask or let you know if you didn’t know of it.

    I think to sum it all up – if you want more comments on your blog, you too need to comment on other blogs – and this is especially for newbies or those who don’t get as many comments – and I think it makes sense. Once you start this chain – it does carry on, provided you go along with it and don’t break it in the middle as the other person might think that if you aren’t visiting their blogs, why should they visit yours. Sadly, most people think this ways, and again – that’s their wish. More so, no harm if you can spare a few minutes and leave a good comment, whenever you can find time – you only get to learn something new 🙂

    Thanks so much for the mention, and for sharing these great ways with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I always reply late to your comments because I read them couple of times before I actually end up in giving a reply. As you have said as a newbie blogger if at all we know the trade tricks it would be so cool to start it well in the initial days, but it is not late. I leaned this commenting trade from you and Adrienne because whenever I see such big comments I feel like there is some one who is reading my posts and I dont care in numbers even it is one I am happy.

      You said I too read full posts but most of the time I read full posts of those who spend their valuable time in my blog and some even though they do not comment or visit my blog if I like the article I read else I just go through subheadings and if I feel informative I will read else I omit.

      Your blog is different as it has lengthy articles I take two or three days, if at all there is some bookmarking tool to indicate that we have read it till here for today it would have been so good.
      About dofollow I wrote an article and Achari said he was waiting to see my reply for this comment and he got it in my next post. And do read the comment I gave to Achari as I am also not the one who cares much about nofollow and do follow.

      Thanks again for your valuable comment.

  9. This post should get above 10 comments without replies according to names you mentioned Vijesh.

    Is a pleasure to find your website listed to the top bloggers let’s face it.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hi Daniel,

      You are the 9th One to comment without taking replies into consideration dont you think I will get one more comment? Thank God I did not mention 100 comments else you would have asked me to show 100 comments. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment buddy. 😉

      1. You’ll get more don’t worry my man. Not gained by this blogging niche, is tough, I’m reading posts every day about this blogging business because I’m subscribed to couple of them, around 30 blogs.

        I’m playing with this niche for couple of bucks 😀 called “Farming Simulator 2013”, it’s a simulation game, free to share and I had some other small sites but due to inactivity Google stop sending traffic to them so I stop too.

        My future plan is a forum with multi niche, including internet marketing, blogging, games, movies, music, etc, when I’ll launch I’ll ask you for an review if you kind, maybe you get too popular for having time for guys like me :D.

        So self blogging is not on plan but if I get gained I’ll invest couple of bucks to stand out from the crowd, otherwise is just waste of time in my opinion.

        Man was nice talking with you, see you next time. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

        1. Hey Daniel,

          Before blogging I used to run a forum and I also was a moderator for couple of forums. It is good idea to run a forum if you have some dedicated people like mods and some regular visitors else it becomes very difficult to maintain the hosting bills. to create a forum for free you have some good websites like or self hosted there are some free scripts like phpp3, if you want to go bit professional then can go with some paid scripts like vBulletin or IP.Board.

          But I felt blogging more comfortable than maintaining a forum. Its up to you but either of them to succeed you need patience and dedication. I had shown so much dedication towards Forums that one day I sat at home leaving my college and next day I got severe scolding from my HOD(Head of the department) but still I was not able to reach success with forums.

          Thanks again for your comment Buddy.

          1. I’m planning a nice forum with Xenforo software (in my opinion that’s the best forum software) not some free script man. Come on… you kidding me 😀

            Total cost is around 500 bucks including 20% VAT fees coz I’m from Europe (software cost only 140 + brand removal 250 bucks + VAT fees = 500, that’s outrageous 😀 in my opinion but I have to pay it to get rid of powered by link, I’m trying to build my own brand).

            Monthly cost for an Economy VPS (1 GB RAM, Storage 40 GB, bandwidth 1000 GB per month is 30 bucks, when forum will have some good traffic I’ll upgrade the hosting if needs.

            I’m not worry about this monthly cost, I’m still planning how to bring 10k people to my forum but with small budget. I’m thinking to use some paid to signup services, these guys wants 50 bucks for every 300 signups, I can ask each one of them to complete their profile and to post in forum a certain number of posts. It’s like a microjob to them.

            Those 10 k members cost me 1600 bucks if I make the deal with a well know site. I’m not saying is too much 1600 but I’m the kind of guys called “stingy” 😀 so I’ll wait some other opportunities. I’m hope this year I’ll launch it but my parents come from Spain in vacation and I cannot work when they stay at home because I have to help them with home jobs.

            Do you understand now what I’m planning Vijesh?

            Wow, this comment is long. Not my type 😀 Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  10. Hi Vijesh,

    Great share. Whenever people get into a new blog, they estimate its popularity from two things. Social network followers and post comments. A blog without much comments really look dry and dull. The points you mentioned here are solid ways for increasing comment counts and I follow them already. Thanks for another good read!

    1. Hi Karthik,

      Its true that people see social network followers and post comments apart from these they also see Alexa rank and page Rank. I too am one among them who see alexa rank as it gives a vague idea of how much traffic a site receives.

      glad that you already follow the methods mentioned in the post.

      Thanks for your comment buddy… I think this 7th your blog is going to turn 6 months!

  11. Hey Vijesh,

    What a pleasant surprise to find me mentioned in your post. Thank you so much and I’m so flattered that you’ll be including me on that list. Harleena is another one that really loves to comment and they aren’t skimpy.

    I read Angela’s comment as well and she’s spot on with what I shared but it didn’t take me nine months to get results. It only took me four months to start getting some great results but I was consistent five days a week every week and I still am to this day and that’s been about two years ago now.

    Once I learned how to get out there so that people will notice you then it was all uphill from there. That’s the think most people get frustrated with. They want everything to happen today and that’s not how it works. I mean we have to take action every single day. We have to get out of bed and do something each day so just make sure you visit at least three to five blogs a day consistently, share their content, interact with them if possible and pretty soon you’ll start to get noticed.

    Always write in your own voice because people will be able to relate to you and that’s how the relationships are formed.

    It really is that simple and I was pleasantly surprised to learn this myself. We all just have to be patient my friend and it will come.

    Thank you again for the mention and you’re doing beautifully with your blog. I hope I can keep up the pace with my product creation in the works. I’ll do my best.

    Enjoy your weekend Vijesh!


    1. Is that right Adrienne? 4 months! See, my memory failed me. That’s awesome!! Took only 4 months. Well, I’ve been here 4 months and my traffic has been pretty good.

      Although…sometimes I notice it drops down when I stopped visiting other bloggers. I feel behind with my writing. I have 4 Drafts sitting in my WordPress but still I’m in the process of re-writing and re-editing some. Sometimes I hate myself for being a perfectionist. And I have to keep saying, “Just post it and do it.” LOL!! Oh well. Till later…


  12. I agree with you , to get something we need to give something and its really hard to stary in touch with all bloggers but thats to notification feature that keep reminding us about any new blog and comment reply

    1. Hi Vishnu,
      Thanks for your opinion when we are determined to have some connections with our fellow bloggers then we need to dedicate some time for our regular followers even though there are many and even though it is hard.

  13. Hello Vijesh
    I found you first time in my friends blog.I was catching in almost all the posts. Then I came to your blog and read few wonderful articles including “Nocturnal Blogger”. It is really interesting to read you. Normally I comment to all blogs of my interest but These days I am quite busy in my engineering exams,as these are going on. Thats why I was not here.
    By the way nice tips for increasing comments on once blog. Thanks for it. And I like your style of crediting right people through mentioning there names in your articles.

    1. Hi Mahendra,

      Good to see you and glad to know you liked my “nocturnal blogger” post. Crediting people is a good idea but it costs a lot in terms of Page Rank. It is like playing with your link juice which might have negative impact on the page rank. But I still want traffic and regular readers not page rank. So hopefully I am more concerned about crediting people who really help me.

      All the best for your exams…

  14. Nice post!

    Ha, I wanted to start like that because personally I HATE people who just say that in a comment, so I was trying to be funny 😛

    Congrats on being seen as a famous blogger!

    When I comment on blogs I try and make sure that I add some value or ask a question. I also take the time to reply to all the comments that are posted on my blog – I value everyone who comments on my blog and I want to let them know that I do (so that they know they are valued and hopefully come back and become regular readers!


    1. Hi Carlie,

      Welcome to my blog hope you like my articles. Glad to know that you take some time in answering to all the questions and replying to your comments it is away to bring visitors again and again to our site and comment more.

      Thanks for your valuable comment Carlie…

  15. Amit Agarwal doesn’t uses any comment system,he used to have years ago i remember until 2011,later he started using Facebook comment system and then but now he doesn’t uses any comment system on his blog.
    Commentluv is an good option but i don’t like the free version and really don’t want to spend money on it.

    1. Hi Prathap,

      Amit Agarwal used Disqus comment system, previously he used to have Facebook comments but now he uses Disqus comment system.
      Dropping free version of commentLuv is a good idea as you have less control over its options.

      Thanks for the opinion and check Amit’s site once.

  16. Hi Vijesh,
    You have shared awesome tips to get more comments for blog post and I thikn it would be pretty useful for new bloggers. There are two interesting points I like most in our post and its about writing about others and value added comments. Writing about others is a cool way to attract more comments that I have to agree and value added comments are always appreciated by blog owners, after all people love to see good things kinda human psychology. Cheers 🙂

  17. Hi Vijesh,

    Great tips on how to get more comments on your blog. I think the one about replying to each and every comment that you receive is the key. It makes people feel good, we all want to be acknowledged and commenting is such a great way to build relationships with others.

    I think that the power of blog commenting is really underrated. If you’ve done any type of affiliate marketing courses, alot of those guys tell you to hit up a few blogs and leave a comment just for a backlink – what a waste! I’d rather get to know the people who’s blogs I’m commenting on and build a network of people not links!

    Anyway, just wanted to add one more thing that was missing from your list and that is: always. always. always share that blog post with your social networks after commenting. When people see that you like to share, they’ll stop on by and do the same for you.

    1. Hi Hermine,

      Thanks for your visit and dropping by your valuable comment. As you have said it is true that more than affiliate marketing building relationship is more important. when you have loyal readers and visitors who trust you then when you recommend a product they would buy without a second thought provided if you can assure them that what ever you have recommended have never been a waste.

      I also agree about tweeting and sharing your articles in social networks as this brings in more traffic and user engagement. I have learned this sharing articles recently and i am loving doing it.

      Thanks again for your comment…

  18. Very nice and useful post.
    I also have a question for you: looking at Alexa ranking you are not classified.
    Is there any relation between being a “famous blogger” and having a high ranking, or those are two different thing relating one to content, the other to SEO operations?
    Thanks for your kind explanations
    Blogger at http:///

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