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Hello WorldWelcome to the first post of Blogingrace a simple blog built to unveil the potential of what a blogger can do with his/her blog. So not to be as usual this blog though posts articles on blogging tips, inspiring stories of bloggers, Search engine optimization techniques, WordPress, few real life experiences etc it still carries its uniqueness. People do have lot of opinions and expressing them in their own style is what makes their blog unique.

My opinions do stand out to be among those which do contain something to be thought. These opinions are not mere opinions but are an outcome of my experiences. I want you to take them as a flooring and build your ceiling in an extraordinary manner.

To introduce myself I am Vijesh who loves and believes in GOD. I have been blogging more than 4 years with few blogs, some are deleted and some are still running. To be more precise I never took blogging that serious rather I took it as one among my hobbies. Yes I do make few bucks but that is not all for what I blog. I want to create some relationships with my already existing fellow bloggers and learn what I couldn’t have learned all these years along with teaching those who still don’t know what potential a blog does hold.

Now that my blog is new I have a checklist and goals to be established for my blog. I know one day you would definitely visit my first post and it should definitely help you how I figured it out.

To begin my list with some basic and must requirements.

1. Theme and Framework:

I used a free Framework from rtPanel and I am using a default theme provided by the framework.

2. Few Settings:

I modified Permalinks structure, did some basic modifications and additions like General settings adding author bio and all.

3. Design:

I did few CSS modifications to my template to give it a professional look.

4. Basic Plugins

  •   SEO (Yoast): Very useful plugin for SEO benefits.
  •   Comment Luv: To get more comments
  •   Akismet: To stop spam comments very useful and mandatory.

5. About Page:

I wrote an about page for revealing who I am to the world.

6. Contact Us:

A Contact form for users to contact me.
7. Feed burner, Webmaster and Analytics.
8. Social media(Facebook, Google plus, twitter etc)

So that’s it for now and get more insight into blogging success in my next posts.


  1. My first time here – like what I see so far. Thanks for sending me this way through your comment on my blog.

    You’re an inspiring story and you can inspire others through this blog.

  2. Thank You, Ehsan I would definitely help people around to get inspired. You too are a great inspiration for many newbie bloggers, especially your e-Book ‘starting a blog 101’ is a master piece.


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